Justin C. Sherrill 230 Browncroft Blvd. Rochester, ny 14609

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Justin C. Sherrill

230 Browncroft Blvd.

Rochester, NY 14609


H 585-461-2322 C 585-298-6826

More than 15 years of experience in large-scale system administration and automation.

  • Significant experience administering multiple different systems

  • Broad and deep background in different disciplines (phones, networks, desktop applications).

  • Rebuilt, expanded or replaced multiple legacy IT systems.

  • Enjoy work in a fast-paced, demanding environment.

  • Passion and aptitude for technology.

  • Experienced in both service and manufacturing industries

Professional reference insight:
“ Justin is an extremely well-rounded and gifted technologist that has mastered several aspects of his craft. He is very down-to-earth, works well with his peers, is driven, self-motivated, technically astute and an all-around great guy. I have had the pleasure of working with Justin for several years. He has become a trusted friend and technical resource who is capable of overcoming most any challenge he encounters. I highly recommend Justin!” - Bryan Adelman, V.P., of Information Technology – InfoDirections
Work Experience
American Rock Salt, LLC

Rochester, NY, 2009 to present

IT Manager

  • Managed IT contracts, budgets, software evaluation and purchasing for the company.

  • Led cross-team planning for expense reporting, CRM and other new products, including moves to external cloud-based services to replace internal programs.

  • Part of planning group for new production processes including inventory management, logistics, and contract management, for creation of new enterprise resource processes.

  • Implemented a network monitoring plan for guiding network expansion and maintenance.

  • Standardized print and copier procedures and hardware across all departments.

  • Reduced yearly network and telephone costs by 25% through new contracts and procedures.

  • Set up hardware and software as part of a truck and train loading system that automated salt loading for over 1,000 trucks a day.

  • Built a VoIP telephone system encompassing 2 surface locations, a mine, and a call center taking thousands of daily calls at season peak.

  • Planned and built failover/backup systems for the company network and phone system.

  • Launched separate documentation and ticketing systems for IT. Created policies and procedures for hardware changes and for new equipment.

  • Managed three internal data centers of physical and virtual machines, including a VMWare ESXi 5.5 installation, running a mix of Unix/Linux and Windows Server.

  • Coordinated all wiring, network access, phone connections, computer, printers, and copiers during construction of a new building for the 13-person Traffic group.

  • Maintained a network spanning an operational mine, above and below ground, a separate office location with multiple buildings, and 25 stockpiles. Responsible for 75+ workstations.

  • Hired and supervised a staff of 4 IT employees.

Nukote International

Rochester, NY, 2008 to 2009

Senior Systems Engineer

  • Created a customized system that printed customer-specific labels for over 100 different laser cartridge products.

  • Coordinated with Product Management and Warehouse staff to implement new labeling and processes in multiple production centers in several states.

  • Effectively managed over 50 servers (Linux, Windows, Apache, IIS, etc) co-located in Rochester and Franklin, TN.

  • Managed a phone system with PBX locations in New York, Tennessee, Kentucky, China, and Mexico, with call centers in New York and Kentucky.

  • Migrated multiple physical systems to a virtual strategy using VMWare ESX.

  • Led multiple groups to create an online e-commerce system, integrated with the company's legacy ERP system.

  • Implemented a new ticketing system to handle internal Help Desk requests and external Customer Service interactions

  • Created an internal documentation system for legacy systems and for new procedures.

  • Maintained a legacy system of PHP3 and PHP4-based web applications

  • Worked with Marketing to create a new company website, www.nukote.com.

  • Supervised a junior staff member.

Current Communications

Rochester, NY, 2004-2008

System Engineer, 2006-2008

Lab Manager, 2004-2006

  • Built and managed multiple power line networking lab environments, including network devices, servers, and proprietary power line networking equipment, for use by Engineering, QA, and IT departments.

  • Developed multiple web applications for system maintenance. This encompassed many creating scripts to manage a diverse network of over 10,000 'smart' systems, including traffic analysis, system management, and automation of power system quality measurement.

  • Charted usage patterns of over 50,000 broadband over power line customers using data from Sybase and MySQL databases connected to Cisco SCE traffic shaping devices.

  • Built and managed multiple MySQL servers running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux as a back end for web applications, and for a number of high volume data storage applications.

  • Managed Voice over IP call quality information across multiple customer regions, and generated trouble reports and quality statistics from this raw data.

  • Evaluated and recommended trouble ticketing systems, address information, software upgrades, and installations of in-house customized software.

  • Configured and maintained lab and field devices including Cisco routers, switches, PIX, SCEs, and approximately 20 servers running Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

  • Tested and reported on a variety of customer premise equipment for use in a networked power line environment.

Time Warner Communications

Rochester, NY, 1998-2004

System Engineer 2001-2004

Online Editor 1998-2001

  • Launched, managed and produced all local websites for Time Warner, including www.rochester.rr.com, www.twrochester.com, www.discoverrochester.com, and www.rnews.com.

  • Administered a number of Linux and Windows servers, including multiple servers for business web site hosting.

  • Created tracking and evaluation system with Call Monitoring Group to track individual Customer Service Professional performance on phone calls.

  • Created TV listings website showing program schedules for over 700 channels for multiple cable regions, based on set-top data from Tribune Media Services.

  • Built content management system for the 50-person 'R News' 24-hour news channel.

  • Built abuse tracking system, allowing the Rochester Time Warner division to handle customer spamming/hacking attempts at 4 times the rate of other, similarly-sized divisions.

  • Worked with local organizations such as City Newspaper, Landmark Society, The George Eastman House, InnovaTV, StudioOne, and The Car Place to add new content.

  • Created and maintained a feedback relationship with Rochester users in local newsgroups and user group meetings.

Rochester Institute of Technology – Information Technology

Rochester, NY, 1996-1997

Multimedia/C++ Tutor

  • Assisted students taking core requirements for IT bachelor and master's program.

  • Taught at least one normal or distance-learning introductory C++ class to other students, per academic quarter, while taking a full-time graduate program.

Internet Headquarters

Rochester, NY, 1996-1997

Web Developer

  • Performed web site construction and maintenance for a variety of clients.

  • Created or maintained web sites for clients such as Transcat, the Greater Rochester Association of Realtors, Citibank Student Loans Corporation, and a number of local businesses, in 'plain HTML' or generated dynamically.

PMP: Project Management Professional certification, 2012

Rochester Institute of Technology - M.S., in Information Technology, 2002

Rochester Institute of Technology - B.S., (Cum Laude), Industrial Design, 1997

Related Experience:
Member of DragonFly BSD Project

Rochester, NY, 2003-present

The DragonFly BSD Project is an open-source project creating a BSD-based operating system taking advantage of modern multiprocessing capabilities, with a distributed filesystem.

    • Commit-level access to the Project code.

    • Created and maintained project web site, wiki, mailing list archives, and install media.

    • Wrote software to create and update web pages from project mailing lists

    • Release manager for current and previous major releases of DragonFly BSD

    • Set up and maintained regular test builds of software on DragonFly using pkgsrc, a collection of over 11,000 third-party software packages.

    • Wrote daily (since 2003) work digest for project via blog at http:// dragonflydigest.com/

    • Coordinated mentors and students in Google Summer of Code yearly, 2008 to 2013.

    • Coordinated mentors and students in Google Code-In for 2011.

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