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MAY   JUNE 1981.

The Bi monthly Journal of the Solent Aviation Society
Your Committee:
CHAIRMAN: Andy Chown, Flat 'C', 26 Gordon Avenue, Portswood, Southampton.

SECRETARY: Don Eaves, 84, Carnation Road, Bassett, Southampton.

Telephone: Southampton 582588.

TREASURER: Karen Chown, Flat 'C', 26 Gordon Avenue, Portswood, Southampton.

Other Committee Members: Eric Osborne, Richard Ward and John Hopkins.
Welcome to the Solent Aviation Society and our newsletter OSPREY. Many apologies for the delay in the publication but we have been experiencing a few problems with the assembly and general format of it.
The Society itself has been formed basically because Southampton and the surrounding district has no actual general Aviation enthusiasts Society as such, and we think that perhaps there is room for one. Still it is up to you, our founder members to pass the word around and help us try to provide the type of service you want.
Sections of the Journal will include; Balloon Section, reports of regular flying grounds, livery changes, etc., to Don please, Southampton Airport movements reports to Andy. Aerodrome visits and new residents, Military Spot (volunteer to assemble this please) and airshow reports (once again 1 would welcome any reports for the coming season).
While, on the whole supporting Eric's aerotours, we are aiming to arrange trips of our own, which are shown elsewhere in this publication.
The next meeting of the Society will be on Wednesday, 20th May, providing a suitable venue is found. All members will be informed when a place is found.
An attraction at the first meeting, which was held at 32 Padwell Road on The 6th April, was Don's Scruggs Wunda Balloon G BIOS. This was inflated with the help of Karen's hairdryer! Also thanks to Karen, Diz and Cindy for looking after the tea, etc.
We were going to have photographs in the Journal, but there is just not enough of that paper stuff in, the kitty at, the moment. Still, maybe in time!


Newcastle (Woolsington)   Sunderland (Unsworth)   Teeside
NEWCASTLE:  There are five hangers on the far side of the airport: Newcastle

Aero Club, Gill Aviation, British Airways (3 light aircraft),

Northern Engineering (G ASNU, HS125), and a mixed light aircraft

hanger. Viscount G AOHW is derelect in the hanger area used by

the airport fire section.

For permission to visit the hanger area, see the security Police


Access to the airport (apart from flying in), is by the local

Tyne and Wear PTE express bus from Newcastle Central Station.

The fare is under 5op.

Residents about 20   25 in all, a mixed bag of Pipers and Cessna's

a Rallye and Barretts machines and the 125.

SUNDERLAND:  There are two hangers used housing a variety of light aircraft

(about 40 in all). These include a Turbi, two Currie Wots, Two

Airtourers, and Evans VPI, Tiger Moth, Emeraude, Nipper, Fuji,

P ipers, Cessnas, Jodels, a Terrier and a selection of powered

gliders. Permission to look around can usually be obtained from

the flying club.

Buses to the airport run every twenty mins, and are Northern

General, running from the National bus station. They are

Washington bound and the fare is 30p.

Also here is the Northumberland Aircraft Museum with the following

aircraft on display:  42157 FIOO   54439 T33   7718M(WAS77)

Sycamore, E419 Hunter, ~WZ518 Vampire,  WG724 Dragonfly,  VX577­

Valletta,  WL405 Meteor, and XP621 a Jet Provost.
TEESIDE:  Three hangers, Dan Air's which hosts a batch of small Cessna's as

well as the inevitable 748's, Casair's, which houses mainly twin's

two noticable exceptions:  DJB's Citation and Meta Sokol G ARSP.

The third hanger has among its varied residents, Anvil/Rothmans

Pitts and a newly built Evans VP2 G BIAO.

British Rail serve the airport fairly frequently with trains from

Stockton, Darlington and Middlesborough. These are met by a little

battery bus which takes you free of charge to the terminal building.

National buses also serve the airport from Darlington. For

permission to visit the hangers, once again see the airport security.

Visits to Kidlington are rare, so it is my pleasure to thank the airport manager Mr. Hill for his co operation in letting me visit and assemble a small article for this magazine. He has asked me to stress that spotters are unfortunately not welcome on the airfields, and that a..E400 fine could be imposed on unauthorised visitors. However the lane passing the airfield gives ample opportunity to view about 60% of the aircraft here.
C.S.E. Aviation, who run the airport, is split into three sections   Sales, who import and sell Piper, Bell and Embraer aircraft. Maintenance section, dealing with repairs, resprays and the overhauling of aircraft. The third section is the Oxford Air Training School, with its fleet of Tomahtawks, Seneca's, Warriers,
Continued overleaf....
VISIT TO KIDLINGTON Continued Page Three
Twin Comanche, Fujo's and Enstrom helicopters. If your brain is working overtime working out why a Piper dealer should use Fuji aircraft, this my host informs me is because of their aerobatic qualities.
There are about 20 non C.S.E. residents based at Kidlington including G BHRD, a Chipmunk, in its military markings as WP977 and G BWKS the ill-fated Lake Buccaneerf which has just finished repairs. Loan to London aeroclub, resulted in a slight mishap in the Thames Estuary!
In the paintshops the two Saudia Bandeirantes were present along with the company demonstrator, (G BGCR/S and G BHYT.). Also, outside was a new silly reg'd aircraft Navajo G INMO, and N8318X, a new Archer. The maintenanc@ hangers produces amongst other things   Cubs 18 819306/7, Warriors 28 8116128/9 (one of which is reported to be an addition to the OATS fleet. The unregistered Tomahawks are still in one of the hangers:  79A0915/994/997/1075/1076/1077/1091 and 80 0064/5. Who wants to buy a new (well nearly new), Tomahawk!!!!
Other aircraft around the airfield were Citation G BEIZ, Learjet G ZEIZ (presumably to replace the Citation), Irish Jet Ranger EI AWA, visiting Bell G~BGID, new Rockwell G BIFD, Cessna 206 G SKYE and Enstrom G BIBJ (new resident).
OATS train pilots mainly for third world airlines and military transportings, although some european airlines have been on the books at some time or another. Asking about the rumour that they were getting EMB312 trainers in the near future, 1 was told that it all depended on a certain contract being obtained. If it was it would be around in 1983ish.
Members are reminded that Airfields visited, and other articles of general interest are welcome for publication as are airshow reports.
This is your magazine so use it .....
S.A. Soc. Trip to Middle Wallop
on Wednesday the 15th April our first trip took place. Although only eight of us made it, I think it can be described as a success. A guided tour in the care of the Staff Sergeant Turner showing us three out of the five main hangers and the AETW hanger. The film they showed us was very definitely aimed at brain washing us into joining the AAC, without much success! Anyway for those interested a checklist:
Gate Guardians: XT108 Souix, WZ670 (alias WZ724) AOP9, XL769 Skeeter.

Musel.un: BAPC80 Horsa, XL813 Skeeter, WZ721 AOP9, and a Cody Kite.

AETW Hanger: XW865 Gazelle, XZ215 Lynx, XP847/848/856/888/909, XR635 and

XT640, al scouts, and the following airframes: TAD007/009 LyiLx,

TAD043(ex XP854) Scout, and Gazelles TADOI/02 and TAD900(ex XW900'

Other Hangers: Beaver XP778.

And outside: Lynx XZ175/176/178/205/210

Scout XP852/884/885/890/900, XR600, XT624, XW280/284/613.

Gazelle XW848, XX450, XZ308/315/317/318/319/333/341.

Chipmunk WB565/615/647/693/754, WD325F WG323/321/403/432, WK613,



A0P9 XP242 and WZ711 (G AVHT).
Continued overleaf .....
S.A. Soc. Trip to middle Wallop continued Page four
Cessna 172 C AVJI, Stampe F BADG (to be G BIMO), and Flycatcher G BEYB. The Flycatcher was on the far side of the airfield visable as we approached middle Wallop.
Then on to Thruxton, where as usual the natives of "A Certain Helicopter Firm" were most definitely hostile! Still a list of what was there:

N5595 Dakota

G ATYV Bell 47



VR BEV-Bell212


G AXZO C.180

G BGYN Super Cub

BGA1719 Glider

G AVTP C.172

G BCDY C.150


G AJIU Autocrat

G AWBX C.150


G BPAM Jodel

G APNR Hiller

G AWFN Condor

G BDBH Citabria

G ENIE Nipper

G-ARZX C.150

G AWFX Musketeer

G BDMB Robin

G FOXY C.172

G ASLR Bell 47

G AWYX Rallye


G LIFT Bell 47

For anyone interested N5595T is ex G BGCG.

- - - - -
S.A. Soc. Trips for 1981
SA.02 June 28th (Sunday) GREENHAM COMMON (Air Tattoo) £2.50
SA.03 August 1st (Saturday) YEOVILTON (International Air Day) £3.50
SA.04 October llth DUXFOP D (Air Day) via (hopefully)

Stapleford, Stanstead and Audley End. ?????

Proposed trips (dates to be arranged) are:

SA.05 Kemble and Wroughton

SA.06 St. Athen, via Bristol (Luls:7ate) and Cardiff (Rhoose).
Also if enough interest is generated, a trip to include Reymerston Hall, Shipdax­and Sibson will run.
Anyone interested in the above trips, please let me know as soon as possible.
- - - - -
AT35 39 June 4th   llth PARIS Air Show From £30.00
AT40 Sat. May 16th BIGGIN HILL (Air Fair) D.07.30

Gatwick and Heathrow R.20.30 £3.50

AT41 Sat. June 27th GREENHAM COMMON D.07.30

R.19.30 £2.80

AT42 Sat. July 4th LEICESTER (PFA Rally) D.07.00

Coventry R.20.30 £4.50

AT43 Sun. July 26th OLD WARDEN D.07.30

Luton and Heathrow R.21.oo £4.50

AT44 Wed. July 29th G:V2WICK HEATHROW D.07.30

Luton and Northolt R.21.oo £4.50

For further information on these and other AeroPrints tours contact:

AEROPRINTS, 14 Kebilworth Drive, Boyett Wood, EASTLEIGH, SOS 4PT.

NOTE: All trips depart from Eastleigh Airport and Eastleigh Rail Station.
Don't forget Eric has Films, Prints and slides all available at competitive prices.

This society is based at "The Knoll Gardens", Stapehill Road, Stapehill near Wimborne. They have a magnificent collection of "odds and sods" which include the following:

WA829 Meteor. This is all but complete and incorporates the rear fusealage of W530.

WM571 Sea Venom. This is stored on the premises.

G ADWO Tiger Moth. Being restored as BB807.

Also under restoration is a SHELDUCK, using parts of XW578 and XV383. Another two projects under way are a Rotorbuggy (a flying jeep), and a Wight Quadruplane. Parts of Moths G AOW and G A0CV are also at Knoll Gardens.
John May, who seems to be in charge here, tells me, visitors are welcome at most times. Also required are volunteers to help work on the aircraft.
Anybody who missed the BristowS Hillers when they were at Redhill may be interested to know that eleven of them are at Redburn Farm in Thornicombe. This village is on the main Blandford Forum to Dorchester Road. At the bottom of a hill, in the Bland ford Plant Hire yard can be found the following Hillers: G AMDN/PJN/PMR/PSH. G PTM/STM/STR/SVI/SW/SVL/TZL.
Despite extreme winds and showers a fly in did take place on Easter Monday, here's a list of what was there. G AXOR/ARHN/ANW (T7.404)/HMN (N6985) /YYO /XIG /TNV /ZRA /XIR /ZYA /XXA /YZE /PXU /YIB /YEV/ YCF /SWW /TVL /BABB /BACM /BAIB /BBKF /BBXT /BBOA /BBEB /BBEV /BBNK /BBTB /BCFP /BCCY /BCXJ/ (USAF 413048) /BDEW /BDEX /BECD /BETS /BERW /BFOD /BFPH /BFRU /BFMM /BGXC /BGSA /BGPD /BGVK / BHRP /BHIM /BHNO /BIHI /CLUX /EGGS /DIMA /BPAM /KERR /BRUX /MICK /MOCG /VIZZ /KCIG /BUMP /BLEW
- - -    
JODEL FLY IN At Popham 12/4/81



G BHEZ Jodel D150A

G APZS Cessna 175A

G AYY0 Jodel DR1050


G ARWM Cessna 175A


G BHUE Jodel DRI051

G ASOI Terrier

G AZFF Jodel D112

G BHMR Stinson 108

G ASSS Cessna 172E

G AZCA Jodel D120

G BHW jodel D120

G ATHV Cessna 150F


G BHOL Jodel DR1050

G ATIB Jodel DT1051

G BABY Taylor Titch

G BHSS Pitts S.I.C.

G ATLB PA28 140

G BAEE Jodel DT1051

G BHSY Jodel DR1050

G ATZL Jodel, DT250


G BHRC Jodel DR1050

G AVEF Jodel D150

G BAKR Jodel D117

G BHXJ Nord Norecrin

G AVGZ-Jodel DR1051

G BAWA PA28R 200

G BHYD Cessna R172K


G BCFY Luton LA4A Minor

G BICP Robin DR360

G AVJK Jodel DR1051

G BCOG Jodel D112

G BICR Jodel D120A

G AVOM Jodel DR221

G BCVB PA17 Vagabond

G BIDP PA28 181

G AVUA Cessna F172H

G BDKH CP301A Emeraude

G BIGK Taylorcraft BC12D



G BIOS Scruggs

G AWDX Jodel D112

G BWD Cessna F172N

G BIPF Scruggs (in BGPH)

G AWWN Jodel DR1051

G BEYO PA28 140


JODEL FLY IN continued Page Six


G BFBA Jodel DR100A

G BPAM~Jodel D150A

G AXXA PA28 180E

G BFMR PA20 135 Paxer

G BPYN 13C 65 Cub

G AYCF Cessna FA150K

G BFVU Cessna. 1SOL

G FOXY Cessna F172M



G I0SI Jodel DR1051

G AYEH Jodel DR1050

G BGWV Aeronca Champion

G UIDE Jodel D120

G AYEV Jodel DR1050

G BGZY Jodel D120


G AYGG Jodel D120

G BHCE Jodel D112

F BRHX Bo Junior (G BITT)

G AYLL Jodel DR1050

G BHEG Jodel D150

N850OC Pa24 Comanche

G AYMU Jodel D112

G BIVB Jodel

- - - - -

Compiled by Jim Rose, Richard Ward and Don Eaves.

- - - - - -

APRIL 1981
1st G FTTA Pa31, WSSC Pa31 BEUZ Beech 200, BREWPa31, PLUS Pa34

2nd G JRMM AC690B, AUTO C44l, BDUO C150, BRWG Maule, BBRJ Pa23, REAT Couger

N4422P Geronimo, PH ILG Beech 200

3rd G~BEEK Enstrom, BMAF C180, D IANO Citation, OY ARN Aerostar.

4th G AWTA C.310, MAGI AS350B, BMCL Citation, NORX c421, BKCL Pa30, MADI C31o


5th G BBBX C310, A~ Pa23, APXU Pa22, BGXT TB10, BGRK Pa38, SE GNA Pa31

6th G EURO C310, AVTK Pa32, BAGG Pa32, AYMW Jetranger, BGRE Beech 200, BHWZ Pa28,


7th G BGSL AA5A, BIDI Pa28RT, BESG Islander, F GCLD and F GBPB Beech 90's

As from the 8th onwards the A. T. A. is shown in brackets
8th G BHKS Beech 90 (0705), BBWM Pa23 (0749), BGAN Islander (0932), BHWS C152

(0940), BIAK TBIO (1057), BCAT Pa31 (1112), BRUX Pa44 (1316), BASS C421 (1545)

00 LFL C441 (0816, F GBVB Robin (1502)

9th G BAMI Beech 90 (0705), BGAJ C182 (1619), BARR Hs125 (2030), BOAT C310 (0900)

G OMHC Pa28RT (0915), I SFRA Falcon 10 (0817), F~BUUF Pa23 (0954)

loth G BBEW Pa23 (0909), BFYE Robin (0921), BAJE C177 (1138), AZIJ Robin (1209),

G AWRL C172 (1216), AWXW Pa23 (1353), AXTK Pa28 (1433), F GBGZ C210 (0714)

EI AWW C414 (0904)

llth G BCXH Pa28 (1237), BEEU Pa28 (1325), AXRO Pa30 (1359), AWTA C310 (1421)

12th G VRES Beech 200 (0836), BCZF Pa28 (0841), BHLX AA5B (0935), AXAU Pa30

(1040), G HIFI Pa28 (1104), BAKZ Islander (1349), 00 NIK C172 (0923)

13th G BECJ P68B (0743), HIGH C337 (0829), BBUJ C421 (0904), ARRH C175 (0912),

G AZSZ Pa23 (1019), BALC Jetranger (1025), BHIC C182 (1245), BBIF Pa23 (1245)

14th G BRTF Enstrom (1445), BHTZ AA5A (1705), BHBZ P68B (1806)

15th G BFFR Pa31 (1006), OY DZZ Pa23 (0700), N71AF Aero Commander (1208)

16th G BCWW Jetstream (0845), SEJW Pa28 (0846) BFGH C337 (0952), AYER Hs125 (1022),

G OATS C421 (1126), BGTT C310 (1139), BHAZ C152 (1140), BIBA TB9 (1206),

G ARJS Pa23 (1306), AZIZ C150 (1329), BDMD Pa31 (1436), AMCA DC3 (1536),

G BFOM Pa31 (1642), F BTDS C340 (1247)

17th G ATAA Pa28 (0856), BCBX Pa28 (1118), TACE Hs125 (1818), D ECK0 C206 (1008)

18th G BCGT Pa28 (1047), BBRZ AAS (1056), VIKE Viking (1638), ASFJ Bonanza (1658),

G BFLC C210 (1713), AWBA Pa28 (1754), AZOG Pa28 (1757)

19th G ARJW Pa23 (1133), TIME Aerostar (1408), F GBMT Pa30 (0704)

20th G AWGU Jetranger (1108), BHVM C152 (1124), BDZM Pa28 (1746), ARJW Pa23 (1800),

N81EG C414 (0830)
Continued overleaf ……………


21st G BAEC Robin (1600), OSHH C404 (1624), BIAC Robin (1757)

22nd G BBYM Jetstream (0730), PALS Enstrom (0912), OFRI, C414 (0941), PLUS Pa34 (1137),

G AVYO Pa28 (1443), OH WH C421 (0808), P BRLG Rallye (1133)

23rd G BREF C421 (1655)

24th G AOTI Heron (0802), BIEW C206 (0940), BFPB AA5B (1017), BBGC Rallye (1049),

G BIIN Islander (1342)

25th G BHLX AA59 (1720), BHVP C812 (1056), F BOSY Beech 90 (0733), HB VGH Lear Jet


26th G BGNU Beech 90 (1039), BBGH AA5 (1124), BHRP Pa44 (1141), BHKU AA5A (1143),

G BFKF C152 (1145), BEW AA5A (1146), BGNO AA5A (1153), BHTZ AASA (1154),

G BHW AA5A (1155), BGSL AASA (1158), BHSF AA5A (1159), BGPG AASA (1201),

G BHNZ AASA (1202)

27th G IPRA Beech 200 (0819), AYFT Pa39 (0911), BFNC As350 (1231), N121WT Falcon 20


28th 18025 U21 (0611), OY CBP Beech 200 (1417), LN PAD Beech 200 (1423), G SALA

Pa32 (1547), N4422P Geronimo (1457)

29th WTVB C404 (0911), BFSP Hs125 (1612), 00 LFF, C421 (0803), 00 VIP Pa32RT (1520).

30th G BAAZ Pa28R, BFSO/P Hs125's, MAYO Pa28.

Just out of interest movements for 1/5/81.

PH ILR Falcon 50, F GBRM Emb110 (Britair), F GCTG Pa32RT.

Movements compiled by J. Hopkins.


In the blue hanger are new G BIND/BIRA/BITD/BITE/BTIE. Express Aviation have two new Moonies N6972V and N9923S. Also lurking in the back of the hanger is N8385X a new Saratoga.
Dutch Cub PH PSW is in the "vintage" hanger being done up for U.K. registry. Based here for the season is American Mustang N6340T, which also carries the USAF serial 463221.
French Rallye F BPSR is also in the A.T.S. Hangar, presumably for a new British owner.
Here for the past week or so, on the far side of the airfield, has been N2874N an Arrow, destination unknown.
Visitors on the day of the visit 2/5/81, were D EDRR Cessna, D EOGO Cessna 172, HB PEL Pa28RT??, F BULN Rallye and F GBQU a Cessna 172 (I think).


As you all know the theme for this year's Tattoo is "Sea Search" and participants from all over the world have been invited. Some of those promised so far are:
BELGIUM: 2 Sea Kings and a Sikorsky H34.

GREECE: A7 Corsair and a RF 4E Phantom and a Hercules.

CANADA: Cil i40 Aurora, Buffalo, Dash 7, Hercules and CF104 Starfighters.

BRAZIL: Bandeirante.

SAUDI: Hercules.

AUSTRALIA: Hercules.

ITALY: Tkico1ori Aerobatics team (either Fiat G91's of Macchi MB339's).
Continued overleaf .......

GREENHAM COMMON 1981 Continued Page Eight
U.S.A. National Guard:  HC130P, C110H, WC13o and EC130

Coast Guard HC130, two USAF reserve HC130's. Galaxy, Starfighter, C9A,

C130, and the rescue versions of the HH53's and C130.

FRANCE: France with their new Alpha Jets.

etc. etc. etc.
80200      ­

80201      ­

80202      ­

80203 G BIHB BL2 D. Morris

80204 G-BIHC BL2 P. Kiddel "Lethal Dose"

80205      ­

80206      ­

80207 G BIFW BL2 D. Morris "Nuns Delight"

80208 G BIIC BL2A S. Hodder & D. Cockerill

80209 G BIJA BL2A P. Edwards

80210 G BIIH BL2T B. Scott.

80211 G BIIM BL2A K. Head

80212      ­

80213 G BINE BL2A M. Gilbey

80214      ­

80215      ­

81216 G BINL BL2B P. Ridout "Bin Lima"

81217 G BINM BL2B P. Ridout "Snowflake"

81218 G BINW BL2B P. Macklin

81219 G BINX BL2B P. Ridout

81220 G BIOS BL2B IOS D. Eaves "The Ripper"

81221      ­

81222 G BINI BL2C S. Woolfries

81223      ­

81224 G BIPH BL2B C. Dewsnap

81225 G BIPF BL2C D. Morris

81226      ­

81227      ­

81228 G BIUT BL2C N. Ball

81229 G BIOP BL2D J. Donnellan

81230      ­

Update to follow.

NHP 1 G BGNP SA330 "Adam Hine" N. H. Ponsford

NHP 2 G BHAL S20OSS "Anneky Panky" Miss A. M. Lindsay

NHP 3 G BHFU S33o "iennie Togbill" N. H. Ponsford

NHP 4 G BHFV S20OSS N. H. Ponsford

NHP 5 G BHFW NA1000 N. H. Ponsford

AL 6 G BHMB NA6 "Daedelus" A. M. Lindsay

NHP 7 G BHON NA6 "Rosmund HinC N. H. Ponsford

NHP 8 G BHTN S33o "Monyo Santamaria" N. H. Ponsford

AL 9 G BIAL NA8 "Tristophane" A. M. Lindsay

NHP 10 G BIIW NA10 N. H. Ponsford

NHP 11 G BIIX NA12 N. H. Ponsford

NHP 12 G BINP NA9 "Gandalf" N. H. Ponsford

Continued overleaf ......
RANGO BALLOONS Continued Page. Nine
---13 ------

SDG 14 G BINZ NA8 T. Sweeting & Partner

VIRH 15 G BINJ NA12 M. Haslam
1 G BGXU WMB 1 C. J. Dodd & Partner

2 G BHCF WMB 2 "Wendy" C. J. Dodd & Partner

3 G BHME WMB 2 "Stormbringer" J. S. Edwards

4 C BHGU WMB 2 "Rainbow" 1. D. Bamber & Partner

5 G BGZN WMB 2 "Mr Blue Sky" S. R. Woolfries

6 G BI IIIN WMB 3 200 C. J. Dodd & Partner

7 G BHWO WNB 4 11 C. J. Dodd & Partner

8 G BIAI WMB 2 "Amanda One" 1. Chadwick

9 G BIBX WMB 2 200 "Bumble" C. J. Dodd

10 G BIBV WMB 3 200 "Brocken WinW P. B. Street

11 G BICH WMB 2 D. F. Moth

12 G PDON WMB 2 P. J. Donallan

13 G BIDY WMB 2 D. M. Chapion

14 C BILB WMB 2 A. Langheldt

15 C BISK WMB 4 "Scorpion" P. B. Street

16 G BIEL WMB 4 A. T. Walden

17 G BIHR WMB 2 A. Langheldt

18 G BINB WMB 2A S. R. Woolfries

19 G BIHV WMB 2 T. Bradley


(01) G BEJO S250 W/0 Cupro Saphire Ltd

1 G BGHD Helios Blister H. C. Saffery

2 G EGLE S330 "Elizabeth" C. J. Dodd & Partner

3 G­

4 G BERN S330 "Beeze V' B. Martin

5 C BHVE S330 P. M. Rondles

6 G­

'7 G BFBM S330 "Beeze IV' B. Martin

8 G BGAL SA330 "The English Lady" A. M. Lindsay

9 G BNHP SA330 "Alpha T' N. H. Ponsford

10 G TREV SA330 T. W. Gurd

11 G BHJR S200 P. N. Bussey

12 G CDGL SA330 11Percy" C. J. Dodd & Partner

13 G BGHC Firefly H. C. Saffery

14 G.  

15 G­

16 G­

17 G~BIGG S20OF A. Langheldt

18 G BHFZ S200 "Duchess of Passion" D. Morris

19 G BHFM S200 M. Murphy

20 G BHRI S200 Cupro Saphire Ltd

21 G BHRE S200 Cupro Saphire Ltd

22 G­

23 G BHWG S200SR H. W. Gandy

24 G­

25 G BIHU S200 A. Langheldt

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SAFFERY BALLCONS Continued Page 10
26 G BIPK S200 P. Kelsey

27 G_

28 G­

29 G­

30 G 


2nd Little Snoring (Aerobatics)

Bagby (PFA)

3rd Finmere (Vintage A/c Gemini Patrol)

Barton (PFA Fly In)

Stapleford (Airshow)'

Duxford (Flying Day)

ist   3rd Jersey Air Rally

2nd   4th Lasham (Gliding Championships)

Keevil (Glider Rally)

4th Stapleford*(Airshow inc. Red Arrows)

Sth   14th Greenham Common (Inter Service Gliding)

9th Shanklin (Red Arrows)

9th   10th Middle Wallop (PFA Fly In)

Holbeach St. Johns (Fenland Fly In)

10th Popham (British Fly In)

Staverton (Air display inc. Red Arrows)

Rhoose (Fly In)

16th Groningen (Dutch Fly In, Homebuilt, etc.)

16th   17th Biggin Hill (Air Fair)

16th   25th Greenham Common (UK Gliding Championships)

17th Snobdon (Fly In)

Tollerton (Fly In)

17th   19th East Fortune (Museum Open days)

21st Brawdy (open day)

23rd Lympne (PFA Fly out)

Hilversum/Tessel (Air rally)

23rd   24th Mildenhall (USAF Open day and Air display)

23rd   25th Boston (vintage Alc Spring camp)

Husbands Bosworth (Spring Gliding Rally)

24th Denham (Garden Party & Air display) Invitation only.

24th   25th Chatham (RN Navy days)

Long Marston (Air show)

25th Henlow (RAF Open day inc. Red Arrows)

Bulstrode Park, Gerards Cross (Tiger Club display)

28th Portland (RN Families Day)

30th Waddington (RAF Open~day inc. Red Arrows)

28th   30th Leystadt, Holland (EAA European Fly In)

31st Old Walden (Shuttleworth Flying day)

Blackpool Air Fair (inc. Red Arrows)

Barton (Air show)

Calais (RSA Homebuilt Meeting)

28th   31st Bristol (German Fly In to Lulsgate)

4th   14th Paris (Air show and New York   Paris race)
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JUNE Continued
5th   7th Gamston (Air Fair)

6th Old Warden (Flying Evening)

Prestwick (Airshow and Fly In)

6th   7th Rosyth (RN Navy days)

7th Finmere (Vintage A/C)

Seething (Air Show and Fly In)

Le Ferte Alais, France (Air show)

6th   7th Southend (Out of sequence Fly In)

Henstridge (PFA weekend)

llth   14th Stauning, Denmark (K.Z. Rally)

12th   14th Newcastle (Northumbria International Rally)

13th Fleetlands (open day)

Halton (Open day RAF)

Bithurg (USAF Open day)

13th   15th Cognac (International Air Rally)

13th   21st Nympsfield (UK Regional Gliding Championships)

14th East Fortune (Open day)

Church Fenton (SSAFA Air display)

Shotteswell (Vintage A/c Picnic)

Duxford (Vintage Flying Day)

Sunderland (Air Show)

Belton House Lincs. (Air day)

17th   18th Baginton Police Air Display

20th Sleap (Fly In)

21st Tollerton (International Air Display)

Liverpool Air day (inc. Red Arrows)

Sembach (USAF Open day)

24th Calne (Helicopter Air sea Rescue Competition)

St. Just (Air day)

27th Woodford Air day (Inc. Red Arrows)

27th   28th Greenham Common (International Air Tattoo)

Sleap (G.B. Aerobatics Trophy)

27th   5th July Shobdon (Competition Enterprise '81 Gliders)

28th Halton (RAF Halton)

Old Warden (Flying Day)

Shepton Mallet (Festival of Transport)

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