Iso/tc 211 n 1957 Replaces n 1920 2006-02-28 Number of pages: 7 iso/tc 211 Geographic information/Geomatics

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ISO/TC 211 N 1957

Replaces N 1920

Number of pages: 7

ISO/TC 211
Geographic information/Geomatics


Revised logistic information, 22nd ISO/TC 211 plenary and associated meetings in Orlando, Florida, USA, 2006-05-22/26


ANSI/INCITS L1 Geographic Information Systems Committee

Expected action:

Please complete the on-line registration for the meeting at no later than 2006-04-20. We would prefer everyone to use the on-line registration. But if you are not able to register on-line, please contact the secretariat by e-mail.

Due date:


Type of document:

Meeting information

Meeting date/location:

2006-05-22/26, Orlando, Florida, USA


The ISO/TC 211 secretariat encourages the delegates who need visas to start the proceedings as soon as possible. Please contact the secretariat if you need a letter of invitation.



Logistic information, 22nd ISO/TC 211 plenary and working group meetings in Orlando, Florida USA 2006-05-22/26

(Please Note – supplemental information and important reminders are shown in Green italics)


Coronado Springs Conference Center

Coronado Springs Resort

1001 West Buena Vista Drive

Lake Buena Vista, FL, 32830-1000, USA
Telephone: (407) 939-1000*
Fax: (407) 939-1001*
Disney's Coronado Springs Resort is themed to regions of Mexico and the American Southwest. Set around a lake, it features a Mayan pyramid in the center of a fun pool area. This moderately priced hotel offers one full-service restaurant, plus other dining options.

USA Memorial Day Holiday 29 May 2006

Please note that the USA celebrates Memorial Day Holiday on 29 May 2006. Memorial Day is a National Holiday with most government offices, banks and businesses closed. While the Holiday is after the TC211 meeting, please be aware that all travel and leisure activities will have increased demand beginning Friday 27 May 2006.


USA TC211 Meeting Points of Contact

Mr. John Moeller:

Mr. Norman Andersen:

USA INCITS L1 Secretariat

Mr. Robert Kuffel:
Meeting Website
The meeting website is at You will find information about the venue, transportation, visa requirements, general information, social events, links to tourist information websites and more at this website.

Meeting and Banquet Registration
All registration for the meeting is made on the meeting website at
Please register for the Banquet at the time of meeting registration. The Banquet will be in the Coronado Springs Resort on Thursday evening 25 May 2006. The cost to Delegates and adult guests will be approximately $50.00 US each. Children 15 years or younger will receive complimentary tickets for the Banquet and will need to be registered for the Banquet in order to attend. Please be prepared to pay in cash (US$) for Banquet tickets at the time you check-in at the TC211 Meeting.
The Opening Reception will be held on Monday 22 May 2006. There will not be any charge for the Reception, but we ask Delegates to register the number of attendees.
Hotel Reservations
We encourage all Delegates to stay at the Coronado Springs Resort. All of the TC211 and related meetings will be held at the Coronado Springs venue. Disney provides complimentary transportation to Coronado Springs Resort for those staying at the Resort via the Disney Magical Express. Once at Coronado Springs Resort Delegates will not need a vehicle to attend meetings. Additionally Delegates and any accompanying persons may use Disney transportation to easily get to any other locations within Disney World.
The Coronado Springs Resort is the hotel and meeting facility for the 22nd Plenary. Registration for the hotel is made directly with the Coronado Springs Resort. Hotel registration may be made online ( through the link to the hotel website or by calling the hotel directly (telephone +1 407-939-1020, FAX +1 407-939-1012).
A block of rooms at the reduced rate of $145.00 plus 11% tax per night is being held for TC211 attendees. The Rooms at the Coronado Springs Resort each contain two double beds or a king bed and the rate of $145 is for either single or double occupancy. There is a charge of $15 per day for additional persons 18years and older. The quoted Room Rate is applicable for three days before Saturday 20 May 2006 and the three days after Friday 26 May 2006 (including the Holiday Weekend). We encourage Delegates to take advantage of these Room Rates for personal or business activities.
You must indicate at the time of registration that you are with the "ISO/TC211" Conference in order to receive the reduced rate at Coronado Springs. We have guaranteed a specific number of hotel rooms with Disney and we need all delegates to register as ISO/TC211 attendees in order to receive credit for your registration. If you stay at another Disney facility, please let that facility know that you are with the "ISO/TC211" Conference.
Meals and Meeting Breaks
In an effort to facilitate the work of the Working Group, Editing Committee, and Plenary Meetings the L1 Conference Committee has arranged to provide the following meeting break and meal services at no charge to Delegates:
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
8:00 AM – 9:30 – Juice, fruit, assorted pastries and muffins, coffee and tea
10:00 – 11:30 Assorted beverages, coffee and tea
12:30 – 1:30 – Box Lunch and soft drinks
2:30 – 4:00 – Assorted beverages, cookies, fruit coffee and tea
7:00 AM – 8:30 – Breakfast Buffet with juice, fruit, pastries, cereal, scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage, coffee and tea
10:00 – 10:30 - Coffee and tea
12:30 – 1:30 - Box Lunch and soft drinks
3:00 – 3:30 - Coffee and tea
8:00 AM – 12:00 - Coffee and tea

Travel information
Passport and Visa

Participants are advised to make their own arrangements with respect to entering the USA. Individuals requiring an official Letter of Invitation in order to obtain a visa and authorization to attend the meeting should contact the TC211 Secretary Ms. Bjørnhild Sæterøy,

The USA has implemented more careful visa review and Border Control than in the past, so please apply early if you need a visa. In addition to a Letter of Invitation from ISO, Letters of Invitation may also be obtained from the US ANSI/INCITS L1 Committee. However, the request for these must be provided to ANSI at least 6 months in advance of the meeting (in Nov 05). Please contact Bjørnhild Sæterøy with any requests.
Specific visa information is available from the US State Department or from the Consular Affairs Officer in your Country. The State Department website at provides comprehensive information about visa programs.


The Coronado Springs Conference Center is located approximately 32 kilometers west of the Orlando International Airport. The Orlando International Airport is a major airport facility served by over 30 airline carriers.

Rail and Auto

Orlando is accessible by the AMTRAK rail system. Please check their website at for more information.

A network of road highway systems makes Orlando easy to reach by car if you are coming to Orlando from other destinations within Florida

Traveling between the Orlando airport and the Coronado Springs Hotel:

Disney Magical Express Service:

Disney's Magical Express Service is a shuttle bus service which is complimentary and available when you stay at a Disney Resort hotel. Buses transport you from the Orlando International Airport to your Disney Resort hotel. This service is also available for return from your Disney Resort hotel to the Orlando International Airport. Travelers are advised to arrive at the airport a minimum of two hours before flight time for domestic flights, and three hours for international flights.
Important: To book Disney's Magical Express, you must reserve this no cost service at the time of your Hotel booking.

Taxis are easily available at the airport. Taxi fares are approximately $60 per person from the airport to the hotel.

Rental Cars:

Rental cars are readily available at the Orlando Airport and at other locations in the Orlando area. All major rental car agencies serve Orlando. It is advisable that rental car reservations be made in advance due to the high demand in the Orlando area. Reservations should be made directly with a rental car agency or through your travel agent. Also, you should confirm if any driver’s license and insurance requirements exist to ensure that you bring the necessary documentation.

For guests clearing US customs in Orlando:
Please follow the US Customs and Border Protection process and claim your luggage upon disembarking the airplane. Once you have completed this process, please proceed to the main airport Terminal building for ground transportation.
If you have made arrangements for the Disney Magical Express Service, a Disney representative will meet you after clearing customs.


For guests clearing US customs in Canada or another US port of entry:

Please proceed to baggage claim and the main airport Terminal building for ground transportation.
If you have made arrangements for the Disney Magical Express Service, you will be met by a Disney representative in the main airport Terminal building.

Traveling Around Walt Disney World

There are several transportation options to get around the Disney World complex. Once you reach the Disney complex, there are enough transportation options, that you do not need other transportation to travel within Walt Disney World.

By Bus: Buses connect all parts of the Walt Disney World Resort. Bus service from Coronado Springs to the Theme Parks is frequent and easy to find. They operate approximately every 30 minutes from one hour prior to opening of the Park until closing.
By Ferryboat/Water launch and Monorail: Several of the Theme Parks areas have the Disney ferryboat or a monorail which connect facilities. The Coronado Springs Resort is not served by the ferryboat or monorail but you may wish to use these services when visiting other parts of the complex. Information is available from visitor services at the hotel.

Other Information
Visiting Disney Theme Parks and Other Attractions:

There are many local attractions in the Orlando area. If you wish to visit any of these attractions, visit the Orlando Visitors website at

or the Disney Website at
Shopping and Business

The Disney World complex and Orlando area offer a wide variety of shopping, recreation and business services and opportunities. The Concierge at the Coronado Springs Resort will be able to provide information about normal hours of businesses.

Time zone

The time zone in Orlando is Eastern United States Time (Washington, DC, New York City). Orlando is on Daylight Savings Time, which is GMT - 4 at the time of the meetings.


The weather in Orlando in May is usually delightful with an average daytime high of 30 degrees Celsius and 19 Celsius at night. May averages about 9 centimeters of rain, so rain showers can be expected during your stay. Springtime weather in Orlando is excellent for outdoor activities such as golf, theme parks, tours and shopping. May is the beginning of the summer season and the use of Sunscreen is recommended if you are outdoors.

Currency / credit cards

The official currency is the US Dollar. It is not possible to pay in non-US currencies.

You should obtain US currency at the Airport prior to arriving at the hotel or plan on using an ATM machine if you need to get cash.
Major credit cards are accepted in hotels, restaurants and shops. It is advisable to carry an identity card or some form of photo identification.
Electricity supply

Electrical current in the US is 110/120 volts, 60 Hz. You will need to bring a converter and/or a plug adapter for appliances designed to operate on other electrical currents. Voltage converters and plug adaptors are not available at the hotel.

First aid and medical assistance

In case of an emergency (Police, Fire, and Ambulance): dial 911.

Mobile cell phones

In the US most digital cell phone service is CDMA, TDMA or GSM 1900 MHz. If you plan on using cell phone service from providers outside of the US, please check before leaving home to determine whether your service will work in Orlando.


Service charge is not normally included in prices in restaurants, taxi fares and bars. Normally 15%-18% is appropriate for good service.

If you are with a larger party, a service charge may then be included in the bill. The percentage of the charge will be indicated on the bill. Normally an additional tip is not expected in these cases.


State and local sales and room taxes will be levied. These will be included on your bill at the time it is presented to you.

ISO/TC 211 Secretariat

Telephone: + 47 67 83 86 71

Telefax: + 47 67 83 86 01

Standards Norway

Strandveien 18

P.O. Box 242

NO-1326 Lysaker, Norway



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