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WG3 - Protocols


XMPP and oneM2M Requirements


Cisco Systems: Mukesh Taneja





XMPP and oneM2M requirements (PRO-2014-0137-XMPP) for Section 6 of the Protocol Analysis document (TR-0009)

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Protocol Analysis

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M2M Protocol Analysis Technical Report

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Data for “Support of oneM2M requirements” section for XMPP (i.e. section 6.5.12 in TR-0009)

oneM2M Notice

The document to which this cover statement is attached is submitted to oneM2M. Participation in, or attendance at, any activity of oneM2M, constitutes acceptance of and agreement to be bound by terms of the Working Procedures and the Partnership Agreement, including the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Principles Governing oneM2M Work found in Annex 1 of the Partnership Agreement.

We propose addition to Section 6 as highlighted below.

6.5 XMPP Protocol

6.5.12 Support of oneM2M requirements

Support of oneM2M Requirements by XMPP is shown in the following clauses:

Note: Not listing many requirements from TS-0002 here as several of those depend on the architecture of “overall” M2M system and XMPP is only one component of this M2M system. To specifically compare with each requirement, one would need to take several assumptions about other system components and compliance would vary depending on behaviour of those other components. Thus, highlighting only a subset of requirements here. Fully Supported Requirements

OSR-001, OSR-002, OSR-003, OSR-008, OSR-009, OSR-010, OSR-012, OSR-014, OSR-015, OSR-024, OSR-025, OSR-026, OSR-028, OSR-047, OSR-048, OSR-049, OSR-053, OSR-058, SER-002, SER-003, SER-009, NFR-002. Partially Suported Requirements

OSR-005, OSR-006, OSR-007, OSR-009, OSR-011, OSR-013, OSR-016, OSR-017, OSR-018, OSR-019, OSR-020, OSR-021, OSR-022, OSR-023, OSR-027, OSR-029, OSR-030, OSR-031, OSR-032, OSR-033, OSR-034, OSR-035, OSR-036, OSR-037, OSR-038, OSR-039, OSR-040, OSR-041, OSR-042, OSR-043, OSR-044, OSR-045, OSR-054, OSR-057, OSR-060 (depends on other components in an M2M system where XMPP is being used), OSR-061 (depends on other components in an M2M system where XMPP is being used), OSR-063, OSR-064, SER-008. Unsupported Requirements

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