In Your Shoes – Glossary of Terms Beetle- crushers – a large boot or shoe Bootee

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In Your Shoes – Glossary of Terms
Beetle- crushers – a large boot or shoe

Bootee – a baby’s soft shoe

Brogue – a heavy outdoor shoe with patterns incised in the leather upper

Buckle – a frame with a hinged pin for fastening

Clog – a shoe with a thick wooden sole

Cloggersomeone who makes clogs

Cobbler – someone whose job is to mend shoes

Court shoe- a woman’s plain, lightweight shoe with no fastening and a low cut upper

Espadrille - light canvas shoe with a plaited fibre sole

Eyelet – a small hole in leather or fabric used to thread laces through

Heel – the part of a shoe or boot that supports the heel

Insole, Instep or Sock – a fixed inner sole inside a boot or shoe

Last – a shoemaker’s model for shaping a shoe or boot

Loafer – a leather shoe shaped like a moccasin with a flat heel

Moccasin – soft leather shoe with the sole turned up and sewn to the upper,

worn originally by North Americans

Mock- croc – leather made to look like crocodile skin

Mule – a slipper or light shoe with no back

Nubuck – leather from a cowhide rubbed to make it velvety like suede

Patent leather – glossy varnished leather

Patten – historic shoe or clog with a raised sole or set on an iron ring to raise feet above wet ground

Platform – very thick sole on a shoe

Plimsoll – a light rubber soled canvas sports shoe

Sandal – a shoe with an open upper or straps

Scuff – to scrape shoes against something and make a mark

Shoeblack – someone who polishes the shoes of passers-by

Shoehorn – a curved piece of equipment used for easing feet into shoes

Shoelace – cord passed through eyelets then pulled tight to fasten shoes

Shoemaker – someone who makes shoes

Shoeshine – to polish someone’s shoes

Shoetree – a block put inside a shoe to keep shape when not being worn

Sneaker – a soft shoe for casual or sports wear

Sole – the underside of a shoe

Stiletto – a thin, high heel on a ladies’ shoe

Straights – type of shoe last which is straight, not left or right

Suede – leather made from goatskin rubbed on one side to make it velvety

Tanning – soaking animal skins in tannic acid to make leather

Tanner – someone who treats animal skins to make leather

Toecap – a piece of leather or steel on the front part of a shoe or boot

Upper –the part of a shoe above the sole

Vamp – the upper front part of a shoe

Wedge – a high blocked heel sloping to a thin edge at the toe


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