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Respected Comrade President, my colleague CHQ office bearers, veteran leaders ------, Circle Secretaries, CWC members, Dist Secretaries, Branch Secretaries, delegates, observers and Dear Comrades,

  1. Introduction:

I cannot hide and do not intend to hide the delight with which I occupy this podium, because I know, for sure, that I stand in the greatest assembly of the leaders and representatives of the greatest fighting force in the country, the strongest Executive Association of the country, the Sanchar Nigam Executives’ Association(India). Yes, comrades, it is from you, that we draw the inspiration, the strength and the power to wage our battles and win our battles. Comrades, my pleasure goes to greater lengths because I am in the midst of the best ever gathering. You are the stalwarts of this great association. You are drawn from the length and breadth of the country representing the courageous comrades of SNEA(I).

And looking back over the shoulders, the picture of the origin of this great Association comes to my view. We are entering into the seventieth year of the birth of the most militant, the most visionary, the most committed, the most productive outfit in India. Yes, Comrades, we have our origin in pre-independent India. We were born and christened the ‘Telecom Engineering Supervisors’ Association (TESA-we still retain a stamp of this legacy- our very own TESA Flash) in 1946. The great freedom fighters of the country led by the most truth seeking and peace loving, yet the most unyielding and the most defying fighter of injustice, the great Mahatma Gandhi, inspired this force. And this force was formed to fight injustice, ask for our genuine rights even during the haughty, arrogant and dictatorial British rule. Yes, born of fire, one summer shall not fade us. The torch that has been lit by our founding comrades continues to glow aflame through ages, through generations. Generation after generation we have ensured that this tradition of militancy against injustice is carried on and on. While we elate in such superb legacy and tradition let us not forget that, along with this, we carry immense responsibility; the responsibility of keeping this fame glowing bright in the face of the greatest storms. Yes, Comrades, we have done this dutifully through the years and through generations. Today we pledge that nothing shall deter us from our bounden duty of, not only, protecting, but also, enriching this glorious tradition, this rich legacy.

We know that today we carry the trophies of great victories. We have covered many milestones; some difficult, some seemingly impossible. And this reporting period, 30.03.2012 to 04.09.2015 had its own share of glories, its own share of accomplishments. In the face of such achievements, I stand humbled because I stand before an audience that provide us the vigour, the enthusiasm, the energy, the power to achieve even better. Comrades, I confess that though we have achieved some insurmountable tasks, we are left with many more. And we know we will fight the last ditch battle till we earn our deserved due. Today, let us together take this pledge that we will carry on with the great legacy, the rich tradition that our predecessors have entrusted us with. We cannot fail them and we will not.

With these brief words of introduction, I seek the permission of this august house to place a brief report of the activities for the period 30.03.2012 to 04.05.2015.

We are once again meeting here at Jaipur after 3 years 5 months. The period, now on review, was agog with developments, the major among them being the ITS issue concerning the top brass of BSNL, BWA spectrum refund, MPLS expansion, Phase VII GSM expansion and add on order, NGN implementation, ERP roll out, Wi-Fi hotspots, rural services and USO subsidy, procurement of MLLN eqpt, procurement of essential stores, pension contribution on actual basic, compensation for telegraph services, membership verification, NCSC related issues, promotions in different cadres, 78.2% IDA merger, rect to JTO cadre in 50% Dept quota and regularization of offtg JTOs, amendments in RRs, enhancing the quota from 50% to 75% in DE promotion ending adhocism, amendments of BSNLMS RR for Civil/Elect and their notional pay, pay anomalies, standard pay scales of E2, E3 etc, Time bound functional promotion or CPSU cadre hierarchy etc. With the active support of all the Circles, we emerged victorious in many and are making great strides in many other long pending issues. A brief report of the activities is submitted for your scrutiny, discussion, guidance and concurrence.

  1. XXVIII AIC at Nanded, Maharashtra.

The last AIC was held at Nanded, Maharashtra from 30th March, 2012 to 01st April, 2012. The following were elected CHQ Office Bearers:

President : Com G L Jogi, ADG, TEC, New Delhi.

General Secretary : Com K. Sebastin, Dy. Manager, BSNL CO.

Treasurer : Com R. Rajan, SDE, Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu.

Vice President : Com. A. R. Manani, SDE, Kalyan, Maharashtra.

Asst General Secretaries: 1. Com. Arvind Pal Dahiya, Dy. Manager, BSNL CO.

2. Com. Sankar Sanyal, SDE (BB), Kolkatta TD.

3. Com. A.Chandrasekar, JTO(Civil), Vijayawada, AP.

4. Com. H. Muthu, JTO, Chennai TD.

5. Com. Panduranga Nayak, JTO, Belgaum, Karnataka.

6. Com. V. M. Wankhede, SDE, Pune, Maharashtra.

Joint Secretary(East) : Com. Ramesh Kumar, SDE, Patna, Bihar.

Joint Secretary(North) : Com. Tilak Raj Thakur, SDOT, Himachal Pradesh.

Joint Secretary(South) : Com. P. Padmanabha Rao, SDE, ITPC, Hyderabad.

Joint Secretary(West) : Com. M. B. Sangle, SDE, Nasik, Maharashtra.

Joint Secretary(Central) : Com. C B Singh, AGM, Gaziabad, UP (West).


The Jaipur CWC decided to hold the All India Conference by November, 2014. Meanwhile membership verification was notified in June 2014. The verification was originally scheduled to be to be held in December, 2014 but later on rescheduled to May, 2015. Accordingly the AIC was rescheduled and notification issued on 09th July, 2015 to hold the next AIC at Jaipur, Rajasthan from 05th September to 07th September, 2015 with the pre AIC CWC on 04th September, 2015. Accordingly we are assembled here presently to carry out the transactions in the current session.


The total membership as reported by the Circles is ------ and the paid up membership is --------. Regular payment of CHQ quota may be ensured by all.

In the intervening period three CWC meetings were held at Chennai, Patna and Jaipur chronologically.

CWC meeting at Chennai on 07th and 08th January, 2013.

The following decisions were taken at the Chennai CWC:

  1. The meeting unanimously decided to continue the ongoing struggle on the issue of ITS repatriation and building a top Management for BSNL. It also decided to enlist the support of other Unions and Associations representing Non Executives and Executives. The SNEA’s legal battle was also decided to be continued side by side.

  2. The CWC expressed concern over the undue delay in the settlement of recent LDCE related cases and unanimously decided to implead in the LDCE case at Hon PCAT, New Delhi for an expeditious resolution of the issue.

  3. The Central Working Committee meeting reviewed the court cases in which the Association was also a party viz. the MT rect case, BSNLMS RR case, JTO roster case, different cases related to seniority (JTO seniority/270 case/147 case/1966 reversion case), NCSC case, 3G roaming case, ITS repatriation case etc and the huge expenditure incurred for the same. Considering the huge legal expenditure, the Central Working Committee unanimously decided to constitute a separate legal fund with a contribution of Rs 200/- per member towards this fund.

  4. Circle conferences are to be held in time. Himachal Pradesh was directed to hold the Circle Conference within three months.

CWC unanimously passed resolutions on the following issues:

1: Repatriation of unabsorbed ITS Officers and building a top Management for BSNL by promotion of absorbed officers and by recruitment process:

2: Finalization of standard pay scales for JTOs of 2007 & 2008 batches and JAOs recruited after 01.01.2007:

3: Centralized payment of EPF contribution by BSNLCO for directly recruited Executives of BSNL:

4: Regular meeting of the Joint Committee to give recommendations on time bound functional promotions or CPSU cadre hierarchy in BSNL and standard pay scales of E2, E3 etc:

5: Regularization of officiating JTOs as a one-time measure:

6: Expedite the recruitment to the cadre of JTOs in 50% dept quota from among the eligible candidates as per JTO R/R:

7: Pay anomalies, antedating etc for the Executives of BSNL:

8: Deduction of monthly subscription from salary and Membership verification among Executives Associations.
Decisions taken on financial revival, growth of the Company, quality of services and arrest of wasteful expenditure are listed below:

  1. Repatriation of unabsorbed ITS and building a top Management for BSNL by promoting absorbed officers and by recruitment.

  2. Discrimination/violation of Policies of the Govt.

  3. Proposal for VRS by borrowing money from the market needs to be abandoned altogether since it will create such a deadly debt trap and market liability for BSNL from which it would be impossible to come out, eventually leading to the crippling of the Company.

  4. Urgent expansion of MPLS to meet the present and future demands.

  5. Immediate purchase of MLLN equipment to provide leased circuits.

  6. Allotment of fund for replacement of life-expired battery and power plant of BTSs, and for diesel filling etc.

  7. Supply of sufficient store materials such as drop wire, EPBT, BB modems, 5 pair cable etc for major Circles for landline maintenance.

  8. Redeployment of staff as per operational and business requirements to generate more revenue and improve service quality.

  9. AMC and turnkey projects have to be reduced. As far as possible installation and mtce work has to be done with the available staff.

  10. Sufficient supply of different capacities of Optical Fibre Cables (Especially low capacity OF cables like 2F/4F/8F/8F/12F etc) may be ensured to all Circles especially for providing FTTH connections.

  11. Physical vouchers (In CM Vertical) are being withdrawn abruptly without giving sufficient time to exhaust the stock in the market.

  12. Allotment of sufficient fund for landline maintenance.

  13. Conversion of electricity bill from commercial to Industrial tariff.

  14. Civil/Electrical wing may be merged with SSAs for better utilization of the staff. Similarly Project Circles (NTP, ETP, NETF, STP & WTP) may be merged with Mtce regions (NTR, ETR, STR & WTR).

  15. Cap on penalty on AMC has to be reconsidered.

  16. Very poor AMC support by ZTE and Huawei in the GSM sector.

  17. Thousands of faulty FWTs remain in store without repair for want of internal battery.

  18. Review of all payments of property Tax paid by BSNL (future payments and payments made till date).

  19. Abnormal delay in receipt of landline bills resulting in non payment and unwarranted huge disconnection in South/West Zones.

  20. Disconnection of state Govt telephone connections because of non payments as per recent instructions from BSNLCO to CDR to disconnect VIP customers on account of non payment.

  21. Electricity bill – conversion to actual connected load and immediate switch-over to online payment of electricity bills.

  22. Complaints regarding VAS by content providers, VAS services are getting activated in the mobile phone simply over SMS without confirmation of the customers.

  23. Revenue sharing issues with MTNL.

  24. Mandatory BSNL connection to our vendors: Condition to be incorporated in the tender terms and conditions.

  25. As part of austerity measures, air travel may be reduced and meeting may be held through video conferencing.

CWC meeting at Patna on 25th & 26th October, 2013.
The CWC meeting held at Patna, Bihar on 25th and 26th October, 2013 was attended by all the Circles except NE II.

The CWC discussed the following issues in detail.

  1. Standard Pay scales of E2, E3, E4 etc for JTO/JAO, SDE/AO and equivalent cadres, b) promotions in different wings from JTO/JAO to SDE/AO, Regular promotion from SDE/Adhoc DE to DE and Adhoc promotion from STS to JAG, c) Time Bound functional promotion or CPSU cadre hierarchy, d) amendment of BSNLMS RRs to fill up 75% posts of STS on regular basis and earmarking the rest for MTs to end Adhocism, e) ITS issue, f) 30% superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited employees, g) EPF centralization and possibility of maximum pension option, h) Membership verification among Executives’ Associations, i) amendment to BSNLMS RR for promotion from SDE(C/E) etc to EE(C/E) etc, j) court cases related to seniority, k) holding of Circle / SSA Conferences, l) first time bound promotion uniformly in 4 years for different cadres, m) implementation of notional pay for JE/AE(C/E/) etc w.e.f 01.10.2000, equivalent to JAO cadre, n) transfer policy etc. All the CWC members participated in the discussions very actively.

The CWC took the following important decisions after extensive deliberations.

  1. Standard Pay scales of E2, E3, E4 etc for JTO/JAO, SDE/AO and equivalent cadres: After detailed discussions the CWC unanimously concluded that the pay scale issue of the 2007 and 2008 batch JTOs has to be resolved at the earliest. Further, the CWC opined that this case cannot be viewed in isolation as it is fully linked to the pay scale of the basic cadres, JTO/JAOs and SDE/AO etc. Accordingly the CWC unanimously decided that the standard pay scale issue has to be resolved at the earliest so that we will not be carrying the burden of an anomalous intermediate payscale to the 3rd PRC. Further, the CWC resolved that the cadre of JTO/JAO and SDE/AO should under no circumstances be allowed to be degraded or demoted by reducing the existing pay scale from E1A to E1 and E2A to E2. The CWC also resolved to go in for trade union actions if the issue is not getting settled through discussions in the Joint Committee already constituted by the BSNL Management nearly 20 months before. CWC resolved that the possibility of struggle to resolve the issue under the banner of UF may be explored fully and if joint struggle is not materializing, SNEA(I) alone should continue to agitate and struggle to settle this issue, the way we struggled years together for the upliftment of these cadres.

  1. Time Bound functional promotion or CPSU cadre hierarchy has to be pursued vigorously in the Joint Committee.

  2. Membership verification among Executives’ Associations to be expedited: The membership verification process is initiated by the BSNL Management as demanded by all the Executives’ Associations. The Rules and regulations governing conduct of membership verification among Executive Associations in BSNL are expected to be notified shortly. The Circle, SSA, Branch level preparation should start immediately to face the membership verifications.

  3. Constitution amendment committee was constituted with Com George Varghese as Chairman, Com Dilip Saha, Com B G Patel and Com R C Tripathi as members. The committee should submit its recommendations in the next CWC meeting.

  4. The CWC unanimously decided to grant Circle status to SNEA(I), A&N Circle.

  5. The possibility of forming separate Circle bodies for CTD and WB to be explored in view of the membership verification.

  6. Circle / SSA conferences have to be held in time.

CWC meeting at Jaipur on 26th & 27th May, 2014 – Important decisions:

1. The CWC resolved to focus fully on the revival of BSNL in the next two years keeping in mind the next pay revision for the BSNL Executives due from 01.01.2017. The Management and all the employees should work in tandem to achieve this goal. Efforts should be made to ensure that “pension revision” also becomes one of the terms of reference of the next PRC.

2. The shortage of materials like OF cable, 5 pair cable, EPBTs, modems and UG cable in Circles and MPLS ports are severely affecting the development and maintenance of the network. BSNLCO should ensure the availability of all essential materials in the field units for operation and maintenance activities.

3. Many Circles reported very poor quality of type II modem supplied by M/s Terracom. The range is hardly 2 to 4 meters in many modems supplied. It shall be taken up with BSNLCO.

4. The standard pay scales of E2, E3, -----, E7 should be implemented from 01.01.2007 without further delay. In case pension contribution issue is not getting resolved in a reasonable time, the possibility of extending relief to the JTO/JAOs recruited after 01.01.2007 especially the 2007 and 2008 batch JTOs may be explored.

5. The CWC demanded full 30% superannuation benefit to BSNL Recruited employees as it is a social security measure. The Management should consider the matter sympathetically. CWC decided that the Association shall have further discussions with the Management to settle the issue at the earliest.

6. The CWC decided to explore the possibility of extending “Full Pension” option to the Executives and employees recruited directly by BSNL as a onetime measure as EPF pension with “Full Pension” option is equivalent to Govt pension. BSNL Corporate Office should take up the matter with EPF authorities at the appropriate level. Further the CWC demands centralized EPF payment.

7. The CWC decided to extend total solidarity and support to the agitating comrades of SNEA(I), Kerala Circle and stand with them wholeheartedly and unitedly for seeking settlement of their issues with the CGMT who works with a pre-determined mindset to destabilize the exemplary work culture existing in the Circle which has taken it to the heights of productivity and profitability.

8. Membership verification among Executives’ Association needs to be expedited. Meanwhile the issues raised by the Association are to be addressed by the Management to have meaningful membership verification. The subscription deduction through check off system to be demanded in case the membership verification is getting delayed further.

9. CWC rejected outright the draft proposal on CPSU cadre hierarchy as it is again linked with the availability of posts and seniority. Further CWC felt that by proposing very stringent attendant conditions, the Management is attempting to rob even the minimum promotional avenues, today, available to the Executives. Time Bound Functional Promotion or CPSU cadre hierarchy is to be pursued in the Joint Committee under the banner of United Forum.

10. For conducting the next All India Conference, 6 Circles namely Andhra Pradesh, Delhi (BSNLCO&NTR), Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan and UP(West) Circles came forward. The CWC directed the concerned Circles to submit the required data by 15th July, 2014. The final decision on the AIC venue will be taken by a Committee comprising of Com GS, Com CHQ Treasurer, Com Arvind Dahiya/AGS(HQ) and Com H Muthu/AGS.

11. CHQ Quota/Building Fund/Legal Fund payment: All defaulting Circles should clear the pending Building fund and Legal fund at the earliest. The CWC discussed the pending CHQ Quota/Building Fund/Legal Fund payment by Gujarat Circle. Circle Secretary, Gujarat Circle assured the CWC that GUJ Circle will pay maximum Building Fund, Legal Fund and all the pending CHQ quota by the first week of July, 2014.

12. Circle Conferences of Punjab, Jharkhand and NE II Circles are to be held within 3 months.

13. The constitution amendment committee submitted its report and the CWC after detailed deliberations approved the proposals. It will be placed before the next AIC for approval.

14. The CWC resolved that the pay anomalies like a) fixation of pay on officiating promotion and pay protection, b) Antedating of increment or implementation of uniform increment date and c) Senior drawing less pay than the Juniors etc are to be settled by BSNL.

15. First TBP after 4 years w.e.f 01.10.2000 to be pursued separately.

16. As per the existing rules, immunity is not applicable for promotions. Accordingly for future promotions, immunity will not be extended. Genuine medical cases like cancer, mentally retarded cases, physically handicapped cases etc for self and family members only should be taken up for retention in the Circle. Association should ensure that long standing Executives in the Circles should not be posted to the non recruiting Circles and nearby Circles to avoid long standing transfers to tenure circles.

17. CWC demands complete uniformity in the BSNLMS RR for promotion to EE cadre in Civil/Electrical/Arch wings like Telecom /Finance wing.

18. CWC decided to further take up the generalization of “notional date of promotion” for the Executives promoted in 2004 in LDCE quota once Hon Supreme Court gives a judgment in this regard.

19. The CWC demands generalization of FR 22(1)(a)(1) fixation benefit to all the officiating JTOs and regularisation of officiating JTOs upto 2007.

20. FR 22(1)(a)(1) fixation benefits and DNI option for the promotions from JTO to SDE made in May, 2000 shall be taken up with BSNL, DoT and DPE.

21. CWC decided to demand “notional date of promotion” for the JTOs who could not join in March, 2011 promotion order due to stay on promotion orders.

22. CWC decided to repair and occupy the building at Dehradun, Uttarakhand. CHQ decided to provide loan to UKD Circle for the same.

23. The President and the GS of SNATTA who became JTOs recently will be an invitee to the CWC. The CWC advised all the Circles to utilise the services of Circle leaders at Circle level at the earliest and to explore the possibility of inducting them at Circle/SSA level in the near future. On specific request from CS, they will be invited to the CWC by the GS.

24. The experience and leadership qualities of NTEA leaders who decided to join and strengthen SNEA(I) for the unity among Executives should be fully utilised at all levels to strengthen the Association.


  1. First meeting of the newly elected CHQ Office bearers was held at “SNEA BHAWAN”, New Delhi on 08.07.2012. The meeting discussed a) ITS repatriation and recruitment at top management level, b) Financial condition of the company and collective efforts for the revival of BSNL, c) status of committee meeting on E2, E3 etc pay scales for JTO, SDE etc and equivalent cadres and time bound functional promotion and CPSU cadre hierarchy etc, d) Agitation on 78.2% IDA merger with basic pay, e) JTO to SDE promotion both seniority as well as LDCE quota in all streams, SDE to DE (Regular/Adhoc), SDE(C/E/TF) to EE(C/E/TF), DE to DGM(Adhoc) promotions, f) EPF issue of directly recruited JTO/JAOs by BSNL, g) Deduction of subscription from salary and membership verification, h) Mandatory training on time bound upgradation, i) payment of quota, building fund and settlement of welfare claims, j) holding of Circle Conferences, k) MT recruitment, etc. Next CHQ office bearers’ meeting was held at SNEA Bhavan, New Delhi on 04.05.2013.

  2. CS, CP and CHQ Office bearers’ meeting was held at YMCA Hall, New Delhi on 02.08.2013. Discussions were taken on a) Issues related to E2, E3 pay scales, 30% superannuation, EPF related issues, CPSU cadre hierarchy etc, b) Promotions from JTO to SDE, SDE to DE (Adhoc/Regular) and DE to DGM, c) JTO to SDE promotion under seniority quota and LDCE quota, d) Membership verification among Executives' Associations.

  1. .CS/CHQ office bearers’ meeting, was held at New Delhi on 26.02.2015 in connection with Parliament March. The meeting reviewed a) the Parliament March and preparations for the indefinite strike. b) Large scale waival of AMC penalties with BSNL consequently losing crores of rupees. c)  Transfer of Assets and mutation of land. d)  Posting of CGM/SSA Heads to be transparent. Performance alone should be the sole criterion for such postings. e)  Sharing of tower and 2G BTSs/antennas to be encouraged. OF, MPLS, 3G and FTTH network to be expanded. f)  Subsidiary formation and merger of BSNL and MTNL without addressing the contentious issues to be opposed strongly. g)  OF cable shortage to be addressed. Procurement of modem, data card, EPBT etc to be discouraged and direct purchase by the customers from the vendors to be encouraged from the QA empanelled lists. h)  Issues related to TERM cell and payment due from TERM cell for the BSNL staff on deputation.

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