Imaging Science Graduate Program

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Imaging Science Graduate Program
Program Coordinator’s Comments

Anthony Vodacek

The 2007-2008 academic year was significant for the large number of degrees granted. The May 2008 graduation saw a record number of Ph.D. graduates (14) from the Center for Imaging Science. There were also 10 M.S. degrees granted.
The Center for Imaging Science Graduate Faculty continues to grow, with new additions in tenure-track and non tenure-track positions. There are now 42 members of the CIS Graduate Faculty. The Center now has twenty-one tenure track Faculty, fourteen Graduate Program Faculty (previously known as Extended Faculty), three Affiliate Faculty, six Research Professors (at various ranks), and One CIS Fellow. All of these faculty positions give these individuals direct means for participating in CIS research projects and graduate student committees.
Curriculum Changes
With the new core courses largely in place, the focus for graduate level courses shifted to approving new and revised courses in the concentration tracks. The College of Science Curriculum Committee approved courses in Geometrical Optics and Lens Design (1051-736, Pattern Recognition (1051-784), The Human Visual System (1051-720), Photogrammetry (1051-759), Remote Sensing: Systems, Sensors and Radiometric Image Analysis (1051-762), and Remote Sensing: Spectral Image Analysis (1051-763).
An important curriculum change to the Ph.D. program credit distribution was approved and implemented immediately during the 2007-2008 school year. The minimum number of course credits was reduced from 72 to 60. The minimum number of research credits remains 27 and the minimum number of total credits remains 99. The effect of the change is that the student and their advisor can define a plan of study that has a range of 60 to 72 course credits and a range of 27 to 39 research credits to meet the 99 credit total. This change allows more flexibility in defining study plans and provides the student and advisor the opportunity to put more emphasis on research.
The faculty also approved an early admission program for exceptionally qualified RIT students interested in obtaining an Imaging Science M.S. in as little as five years. Exceptional students (minimum GPA of 3.4 in the appropriate calculus and physics courses) may apply for admission to the M.S. program in the spring quarter of their junior year. If a positive admission decision is made, it becomes effective the fall quarter after their senior year. During their senior year the students may take up to 12 credits of graduate coursework that will count toward the M.S. The remaining 24 course credits and 9 research credits can be earned in the first year (and summer) of their graduate program, allowing them to defend their M.S. thesis as soon as the end of summer quarter in their first year. These students would typically not be eligible for tuition remission because their tight schedules would preclude them serving as a teaching assistant.
Graduate Student Body
There are 91 continuing graduate students pursuing advanced degrees in Imaging Science. These students are come from at least nine countries. There were 44 M.S. students and 47 Ph.D. students enrolled during the 2007-2008 academic year.
Incoming Class Profile (Fall 2008)
There have been 27 students admitted to the Imaging Science graduate program for the 2008-2009 academic year. There are 14 Ph.D. students, 8 M.S. students, including both full and part time, and 5 online M.S. students. Seventeen of the incoming students are fully funding with tuition and stipend in their first year. The remainder are partially funded or funded by their employers. Industry or government funded graduate students are from the US Air Force, Canadian National Forces, Onyx Graphics, Xerox, Sensor Technologies, and ITT. The new international graduate student body is from Canada, China, India, Iran, and Taiwan.
Student Publications and Presentations
Publication and presentation is a critical aspect of any graduate research program. Imaging Science graduate students published journal articles, conference papers, and attended a wide variety of conferences, gaining valuable communications and networking experiences. The following is a partial list of publications and conference proceedings authored or co-authored by our graduates in the 2007-2008 year.
Selected Journal Articles with Student Authors (student author underlined)

  • Arney, J.S., Ye, L., Maggard, E., Renstrom, B. Gloss granularity of electrophotographic prints J. Imag. Sci. & Technol, 51:4,293 (2007)

  • Baum, K.G., Helguera, M., Krol, A. Development of a Tool for Multimodality Fusion Visualization and Dynamic Range Adjustment J. Digital Imaging, In Press. (2008)

  • Wang, Z., A. Vodacek, and J. Coen. Generation of synthetic infrared remote sensing scenes. Int. Journal of Wildland Fire, Accepted for publication. (2008)

  • Kastner, Joel H., Montez, Rodolfo, Jr., Balick, B., De Marco, O. Serendipitous Chandra X-Ray Detection of a Hot Bubble within the Planetary Nebula NGC 5315 Astrophys. J., 672, 957 (2008)

  • Kerekes, J.P., and Strackerjan, K.-E. Spectral Reflectance and emissivity of man-made surfaces contaminated with environmental effects. Accepted for publication. Opt. Eng. (2008)

  • Privon, G. C., O'Dea, C. P., Baum, S. A., Axon, D. J., Kharb, P., Buchanan, C. L., Sparks, W., Chiaberge, M. WFPC2 LRF Imaging of Emission-Line Nebulae in 3CR Radio Galaxies. Astrophys. J. Supplement Ser., 175:423-461. (2008)

  • Stefanou, M.S., and Kerekes, J.P. Image-derived Spectral Image Utility. Accepted for publication, IEEE Trans. Geoscience and Remote Sensing. (2008)

  • Walvoord, D.J. and Easton, Jr., R.L. Digital Transcription of Archimedes Palimpest.  Accepted for publication in IEEE Signal Processing (2008)

  • West, J., Messinger, D.W., Schott, J. A Comparative Evaluation of Background Characterization Techniques for Hyperspectral Unstructured Matched Filter Target Detection J. Applied Remote Sensing, Vol 1, 013520, 13 July (2007)

Selected Conference Papers with Student Authors (student author underlined)

  • Fan, X., Rhody, H., Saber, E. An algorithm for automated registration of maps and images based on feature detection and mutual information Electronic Imaging 2008, (San Jose), IS&T/SPIE, January (2008)

  • Gurram, P., Lach, S.; Saber, E.; Rhody, H.E.; Kerekes, J. 3D scene reconstruction through a fusion of passive video and lidar imagery Proc. AIPR-2007, IEEE Applied Imagery Pattern Recognition Workshop, October (2007)

  • Montanaro,M., Salvaggio, C., Messinger, D.W., Brown, S.D., Garrett, A.J. Apparent temperature dependence on localized atmospheric water vapor Proc. SPIE, Sensor Data Exploitation and Target Recognition, Algorithms and Technologies for Multispectral, Hyperspectral, and Ultraspectral Imagery XIV, Vol. 6966 (2008)

  • Panandiker, R. P., Helguera, M., Varela, B., Rao, N. A. H. K., Phillips, D., Arney, J. Ultrasonic Characterization of the Curing of Powder Coating Films Based on their tan(d) Ultrasonics Symposium, Proc. IEEE, pp. 42-45. (2007)

  • Weith-Glushko, S.A., Salvaggio, C. Quantitative analysis of infrared contrast enhancement algorithms Proc. SPIE, Infrared Imaging Systems: Design, Analysis, Modeling and Testing XVIII, Vol. 6543, 65430S, doi: 10.1117/12.720092, Orlando, FL, April (2007)

In May 2008, the following students graduated with a Ph.D. in Imaging Science.

  • Andrew J. Adams, Multispectral Persistent Surveillance, Advisor: John R. Schott

  • Brent D. Bartlett, Improved Retrieved Reflectance in the Presence of Clouds, Adviser: John R. Schott

  • Karl G. Baum, Multimodal Breast Imaging: Registration, Visualization, and Image Synthesis, Adviser: Maria Helguera

  • Marvin Boonmee, Land Surface Temperature and Emissivity Retrieval from Thermal Infrared Hyperspectral Imagery, Adviser: John R. Schott

  • Michael S. Foster, Using Lidar to Geometrically-Constrain Signature Spaces for Physics-Based Target Detection, Adviser: John R. Schott

  • Adam A. Goodenough, In-Water Radiative Transfer Modeling Using Photon Mapping, Adviser: John R. Schott

  • Stephen R. Lach, Semi-Automated DIRSIG Scene Modeling from 3D Lidar and Passive Imagery, Adviser: John P. Kerekes

  • Yan Li, An Integrated Water Quality Modeling System with Dynamic Remote Sensing Feedback, Adviser: Anthony Vodacek

  • Mahdi Nezamabadi, The Effect of Image Size on the Color Appearance of Image Reproductions, Adviser: Roy S. Berns

  • Derek J. Walvoord, Advanced Correlation-Based Character Recognition Applied to the Archimedes Palimpsest, Adviser: Roger L. Easton, Jr.

  • Zhen Wang, Modeling Wildland Fire Radiance in Synthetic Remote Sensing Scenes, Adviser: Anthony Vodacek

  • Jason T. Ward, Realistic Texture in Simulated Thermal Infrared Imagery, Adviser: John R. Schott

  • Hongqin Zhang, Color in Scientific Visualization: Perception and Image-Based Data Display, Adviser: Mark D. Fairchild

  • Yonghui Zhao, Image Segmentation and Pigment Mapping of Cultural Heritage Based on Spectral Imaging, Adviser: Roy S. Berns

In May 2008, the following students graduated with an M.S. in Imaging Science.

  • Farouk H. Bonilla-Mendoza, Adviser: Roger Easton

  • Jason T. Casey, A Comparative Analysis of Hyperspectral Target Detection Algorithms in the Presence of Misregistered Data, Adviser: John Kerekes

  • Manuel Ferdinandus, Selection of Optimal Background Estimation Methods from Unstructured Detectors, Adviser: John R. Schott

  • Gregory J. Gosian, A Survey of Image Compression Techniques Utilized for Image Acquisition on Various Solar System Probes, Adviser: Carl Salvaggio

  • Joseph Handfield, High Resolution Source Localization in Near-Field Sensor Arrays by MVDR Technique, Adviser: Raghuveer Rao

  • Laurie A. Hill, Wavefront Sensing in Optical Metrology, Adviser: Zoran Ninkov

  • Francisco J. López, Adviser: Roger Easton

  • Shari McNamara, Using Multispectral Sensor Wasp-Lite to Analyze Harmful Algae Blooms, Adviser: Anthony Vodacek

  • Dean A. Pulsifer, Adviser: John Kerekes

  • Megan K. Thompson, Adviser: Harvey Rhody

The following are the post-graduation plans for the students who graduated in May 2008.

  • Andrew Adams, USAF, Virginia

  • Brent Bartlett, Confero Solutions, Philadelphia

  • Karl Baum, CIS postdoc

  • Farouk Bonilla-Mendoza, Xerox, Rochester

  • Marvin Boonmee, EFILM, California

  • Michael Foster, USAF, Virginia

  • Adam Goodenough, CIS research staff

  • Jason Casey, Logos Technology, Virginia

  • Manuel Ferdinandus, USAF, Virginia

  • Gregory Gosian, ITT, Rochester

  • Laurie Hill, ITT, Rochester

  • Stephen Lach, USAF, Virginia

  • Yan Li, Rapiscan, California

  • Francisco López, Xerox, Rochester

  • Shari McNamara, ITT, Rochester

  • Mahdi Nezamabadi, Dolby, Pennsylvania

  • Dean Pulsifer, Lexmark, Kentucky

  • Megan Thompson, Xerox, Rochester

  • Derek Walvoord, ITT, Rochester

  • Zhen Wang, undecided

  • Jason Ward, USAF, Virginia

  • Hongqin Zhang, KLA-Tencor, California

  • Yonghui Zhao, Xerox, Rochester

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