Idd part 1 Interfaces with bsc parties and their Agents

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5.36 CDCA-I051: (output) Report Meter Technical Details

Interface ID:



BSC Party, MOA, Distribution Business, System Operator


Report Meter Technical Details

BSC reference:

CR 78a, CP751, CP1201




On Demand


50 per month

Interface Requirement:

The CDCA shall report the Meter Technical Details (which are received from Meter Operator Agents or Registrants in flow CDCA-I003) to the MOA, Registrant, Distributor (where appropriate) and System Operator, as confirmation of the process of loading the details into the system. This report shall also be provided on demand.

The information sent will be similar to that included in CDCA-I003, and will include the following:
Metering System Details

Metering System Identifier

Effective from Settlement Date

Distribution Business Id

Energisation Status

Metering System Contact Name

Metering System Contact Telephone Number

Metering System Contact Fax Number

Metering System Address Line 1

Metering System Address Line 2

Metering System Address Line 3

Metering System Address Line 4

Metering System Address Line 5

Metering System Address Line 6

Metering System Address Line 7

Metering System Address Line 8

Metering System Address Line 9

Metering System Postcode

Metering System Latitude

Metering System Longitude

Meter Equipment/Service Location

Dispensation Reference

Dispensation Effective From Date

Dispensation Effective To Date

Reason for Dispensation
Outstation Details

Outstation Id

Outstation Type

Outstation Serial Number

Outstation Number of Channels

Outstation Number of Dials

Outstation PIN

Outstation Password A

Outstation Password B

Outstation Password C

Communications Address

Baud Rate

Previous Metering System Identifier

Previous Outstation Id

Outstation Channel

Outstation Id

Outstation Channel Number

Meter Serial Number

Meter Register Id

Outstation Channel Precedence (Primary, Secondary, tertiary etc.)

Pulse Multiplier

Outstation Channel Multiplier

Min MWh Value

Max MWh Value

Physical Meter Details

Meter Serial Number

Manufacturers Make & Type

Meter Current Rating

Meter Code of Practice

VT Ratio

CT Ratio

System Voltage

Number of Phases
Meter Register Details

Meter Serial Number

Meter Register Id (1, 2, 3, or 4)

Meter Register Multiplier

Measurement Quantity Id (AE, AI, RE, RI)

Register type (Main, Check)

Metering Subsystem Id (for Main channels only)

Number of Register Digits

Associated Meter Id (for Check channels pointing to a Main)

Associated Meter Register Id (for Check channels pointing to a Main)

Metering Subsystem Id is an identifier associated with Main channels, for the purpose of referencing filtered measurement quantities within aggregation rules supplied by a BSC Party via CDCA-I001.

Physical Interface Details:

5.37 CDCA-I054:(output) Meter Status Report

Interface ID:



BSC Party


Distribution Business


Meter Status Report.

BSC reference:



Electronic Data Transfer


Daily, reporting on the previous Settlement Day


Approximately 100 per day (2% of 5000)

Interface Requirement:

This data flow will be sent whenever a potential fault is identified with the metering equipment. The CDCA will send meter status reports to:

The Responsible Party for the Metering System

The MOA operating the Metering System

The Distribution Business associated with the Metering System (if any)
For each metering system where a fault is identified the report will include:
Settlement Date

Settlement Date

BSC Party

BSC Party Identifier

Metering System

Metering System Identifier

Meter Equipment Location
Missing Data (note 1)

Outstation ID

Number of days since data was last downloaded successfully from the outstation.

Outstation ID

Channel (optional, omit if alarm applies to all channels)

Alarm Code

First Settlement Period of Alarm

Last Settlement Period of Alarm

Main/Check discrepancies over Settlement Day (note 2)

Outstation ID for Main Meter

Meter Serial Number for Main Meter

Meter Register ID for Main Meter

Channel Number for Main Meter

Outstation ID for Check Meter

Meter Serial Number for Check Meter

Meter Register ID for Check Meter

Channel Number for Check Meter

Metering Subsystem ID

Measurement Quantity

Difference (MWh)

Difference (% of main)
Primary/Secondary discrepancies (note 3)

Primary Outstation ID

Primary Channel Number

Secondary Outstation ID

Secondary Channel Number

Meter Serial Number

Meter Register ID

Metering Subsystem ID

Measurement Quantity

Period Data

Settlement Period

Discrepancy Value

Discrepancy, expressed as a percentage of primary

Data outside limits (note 4)

Outstation ID

Meter Serial Number

Meter Register ID

Channel Number

Metering Subsystem ID

Measurement Quantity

Minimum Threshold

Maximum Threshold

Period Data

Settlement Period

Value Recorded
1. Count of contiguous Settlement Days up to and including the Day being reported on for which no data has been downloaded from any channel for any Settlement Period
2 Main/Check checks using data aggregated over the whole Settlement Day apply the same validation checks that are applied to individual Settlement Periods as defined in CDCA-F007. Note that data will be summed for all periods for which data is available (i.e. missing period data will default to 0)
3. Primary/Secondary checks are those applied in CDCA-F007
4. Data Limits checks are those applied in CDCA-F007

Physical Interface Details:

If there is nothing to report, a null report will not be issued

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