Hyracoidea Stress Syndrome in rock hyrax (Procavia Capensis) Omar, A. S tamam1 and Magdy. M. El-Mahdy2

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Hyracoidea Stress Syndrome in ROCK HYRAX (Procavia Capensis)

Omar, A.S Tamam1 and Magdy. M. El-Mahdy2

1Dept of Natural Resources., Environmental studies & Research Institute, Minufiya University

Sadat city branch. Egypt. 2Dept of Pathology Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Cairo University

Since May 2005 and during the 37 months of study, thirty seven adult Hyrax (Procavia capensis.ruficeps) were collected from the private zoo, breeding centers and owners, all of these animals were captured from the red sea mountains between N 29 to N 22 but exhibit abnormal symptoms within six months from capturing which summarized as sudden anorexia, respiratory problems and paralytic episode just before death. Gross and microscopical examinations were performed in our respective laboratories. Microscopically the lesions were summarized as acute pneumonia, ulcerative gastritis, edema and congestion of both of the pituitary, thyroid, adrenal, suprarenal glands with thyroid gland Myxoma recorded in one case(2.7%), liver heamangioma recorded in one case(2.7%), Grassenema Procavia (Nematoda: Atractidae) recorded in 7cases (19%). We provide a description of the gross and microscopic pathology associated with this syndrome and give it the name Hyracoidea stress syndrome.


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