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Bissette Collection

ATF-8 Box Inventory

Inventory compiled by Natalie Scrimshire-Phelps

Updated 10/24/2007

Artifacts-games, action figures, and other merchandising materials.
ATF-8 / 01 [Added 10/24/2007]

Keanu Reeves as Constantine movie statue, hand painted porcelain statue, numbered 945 of 1000, 2004.

[CONSTANTINE movie merchandise: CONSTANTINE MOVIE STATURE (DC Direct, 2004), numbered #945/1000. Statue of KEANU REEVES at John Constantine with demons, from the film CONSTANTINE, adapted from the character created for SWAMP THING and Vertigo Comics by yours truly, Alan Moore, John Totleben and Rick Veitch; sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios; measures 10 1/4” by 6” by 6” -- suitable for display, and in original packaging.
ATF-8 / 02 [Added 10/24/2007]

Japanese Monster Action Figures, sealed in package, Bandai, 1993.

[JAPANESE MONSTER ACTION FIGURES/TOYS: Very rare! 1993 COMPLETE and IN ORGINAL PACKAGING set of authorized GODZILLA DAISHINGEKI (Bandai, 1993), with nine miniature plastic monster figures (and two tail accessories, for the two KING GHICODORAH, GIGAN MOTHRA (adult), MOTHRA (larvae), BATTRA (adult), BATTRA (larvae), all featured in installments of the Toho 1990s Godzilla and Mothra film series. Note some figures may slide from their places in shipping, and are easily put back into place.—S.B.]

ATF-8 / 03 [Added 10/29/2007]

Tumbler with dinosaur cut outs, made by Stephen R. Bissette’s mother, 1993.

[Plastic Tervis Tumbler (1993) -- with dinosaurs! This was a simple prototype my mother had done in 1993 as I was talking about doing TYRANT. This is a Tervis Tumbler, manufactured in Osprey, Florida, a short drive from my parent’s retirement home in North Port, Florida, and these mugs are themal mugs and all carry lifetime guarantees (see bottom of tumbler!), replacement free if damaged. My mother had this one custom-made with the crude cutout dinosaurs in place, just to show me what could be done; I saw the possibilities. I was indeed planning to offer TYRANT Terivis Tumblers, with a custom-made, custom-fit piece of TYRANT art by yours truly (and planning a TYRANT shot glass, too) sometime later in 1997… but the collapse of the market and my personal circumstances brought me to the decision to end TYRANT before the Tervis merchandizing materialized. Ah, well. This is all that’s left!—S.B.]
ATF-8 / 04 [Added 10/29/2007]

Ceramic mug, Independent Video Stores (IVS), circa 2001.

[Ceramic mug (circa 2001) -- artifact of my work as manager at First Run Video, activist for regional films, and my New England Buying Group participation (1998-2004), one of the many promotional items we prepared. This was to promote both the IVS (Independent Video Stores) concept and New England regionally-made films; the manufacture of this mug was bankrolled by Artisan Studios, who then had STARTUP.COM as their seasonal title (that was shot in New England, hence the promotion). This, in its way, also fed my personal projects on regional filmmaking, which finally bore fruit in November of 2004 with the publication of GREEN MOUNTAIN CINEMA I.—S.B.]
ATF-8 / 05 [Added 10/29/2007]

Rubber stamp of The Creature from the Blue Lagoon, copyright 1977, circa 1994.

[Rubber Stamp -- I used these all the time on my TYRANT mailings to fans, subscribers, retailers, distributors, etc., and there’s lots more to come. This was one of my favorites, The Creature from the Blue Lagoon! Circa 1994 or so.—S.B.]
ATF-8 / 06 [Added 10/29/2007]

Carnage action figure with stand, Tyrannosaurus rex with box (no original inner packaging), ReSaurus Company, Inc., 1997.

[This handsome set of ReSaurus plastic dinosaur figures remain my all-time favorites, and were prominently displayed in both my Main Street, Heritage Building second-floor Wilmington studio (where TYRANT 2-4 and what was done of 5 and 6 were completed) and my home on Sun & Ski Road in Wilmington (atop the wine-glass rack in the kitchen/dining area). In their accuracy, design, detail, and coloration, these dinosaur figures are second to none. I am sending along the following:

(1) In its original box, the CARNAGE Action Figure Dinosaur Tyrannosaurus rex (1997, ReSaurus Company, Inc. of Columbus, Ohio); item was opened and displayed, but I reconstructed the packaging and replaced the figure and stand so you could see/display their original packaging. Note the Columbus connection: At the time, Columbus had become crucial to me, with both Jeff Smith (BONE) and Paul Pope based there.—S.B.]
ATF-8 / 07 [Added 10/29/2007]

Dinosaur action figure with stand, Velociraptor, ReSaurus Company, Inc., 1997.

[(2) Same product line, same manufacturer (1997, ReSaurus Company, Inc.) under a different moniker (this and the next were not sold as “Carnage!”), sans packaging: Here’s the Velociraptor (match with correct stand, note plastic brace to hold figure erect); note the marvelous detailing, meticulous hinged joints, authenticity of anatomical specifics including head/skull, and dig the tongue and flexible jaw action! Love these…--S.B.]
ATF-8 / 08 [Added 10/29/2007]

Dinosaur action figure with stand, Gigantosaurus, ReSaurus Company, Inc., 1997.

[(3) Same as above, only this is the Gigantosaurus figure (1997; again, match with correct stand, note plastic brace to hold figure erect); again, great figure. More to follow!—S.B.]
ATF-8 / 09 [Added 10/29/2007]

QUADROPHENIA promotional pin and tin, 2001.

[QUADROPHENIA tin container with pin (see insided) -- used to promote the 2001 video and DVD re-release of this marvelous British film adapted form the Who rock opera.—S.B.]

ATF-8 / 10 [Added 10/29/2007]

Styrofoam bust, 8x18 inches.

[Styrofoam ‘fashion’ bust -- Used this in my studio to (a) hang mask on for decoration (Creature from the Black Lagoon, the custom-made FRANKENSTEIN’S DAUGHTER mask already shipped to the collections, etc.) and (b) experiment with lighting for drawing faces when I wanted some extreme lighting effect. It was serviceable!—S.B.]
ATF-8 / 10 [Added 10/29/2007]

Two “Bloody Visions” Mass Murderer Trading Card Set t-shirts, 2004.

[NOTORIOUS T-SHIRTS! Two of the “Bloody Visions” Mass Murderer Trading Card Set t-shirts, art by Michael H. Price and Todd Camp - artifacts of the early 1990s comics & trading card scene, these two examples from my good Fort Worth, Texas amigo Michael H. Price. Mike offers the following: “Ah, for those days of manufactured controversy and condemnation from the pulpit!” (Mike Price, 12/04).—S.B.]

(Stored in the t-shirt boxes. NSP)

Closed on 10/29/2007

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