How to make wildlife conservation more compatible with production forestry: a case study from Kalimantan

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Our research has indicated that well-managed selective logging can be compatible with wildlife conservation in Kalimantan. This appears to go against the general opinion among conservationists that logging and conservation are mutually exclusive, which is probably related to the fact that, so far, logging in Kalimantan has not incorporated into its management many of the required measures that would reduce the impact of logging on wildlife. There is therefore much room for improvement. We suggest a number of changes in concession management and legal matters that could significantly improve survival chances of vertebrates in Bornean production forests. Whether my recommendations are implemented primarily depends on the willingness of the Indonesian government to enforce its own conservation laws.


First of all we would like to thank the organizers of the BBEC Second International Conference for inviting me to the conference and for providing financial support. We are also very grateful for the financial support from the Center for International Forestry Research, the European Commission, and the International Tropical Timber Organization that allowed us to conduct the detailed research on Borneo’s vertebrates. Thanks to Elizabeth Bennett, Robert Nasi, Tonny Soehartono, Tim Robert Inger, Muchamad Indrawan, Kuswata Kartawinata, Bas van Balen, and Gabriella Frederiksson for their valuable and extensive contributions to this research.


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