How to improve the sales of gardening products? Where to find information on the latest trends and appropriate conditions for getting business contracts? When should product and service innovations be effectively promoted?

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Poznań, 6.11.2015

GARDENIA 2016 – top quality trade fair!

How to improve the sales of gardening products? Where to find information on the latest trends and appropriate conditions for getting business contracts? When should product and service innovations be effectively promoted? The answer is: at GARDENIA fair that will be held 25-27 February 2016 in Poznań.

GARDENIA International Garden and Landscape Architecture Fair is the only strictly business event in Poland which allows the promotional message about gardening offer to reach more than 26,000 visitors from Poland and Europe. More than 11,000 of those visitors are professionals and senior decision makers ready to enter into commercial contracts. GARDENIA visitors also include the owners and employees of gardening wholesale businesses, centres ans shops, those responsible for urban green areas, landscape architects, representatives of companies engaged in the development of gardens, owners of gardening farms and horticultural nurseries, as well as fans of gardens, flowery balconies or terraces.

The effect of surprise

GARDENIA fair has one overriding objective. Is is providing exhibitors with appropriate conditions for presenting product novelties just before the season, and visitors with the opportunity to review the dynamically changing market offer. The tenth edition of the event once again will surprise the participants with numerous innovative solutions in the field of horticulture and it will satisfy thrill-seeking aesthetics enthusiasts as well as professionals focused on the development of professional competence who will be able to expand their knowledge.

Exhibition space is quickly shrinking

The exhibition area provided for the jubilee edition of Gardenia is shrinking
at a rapid pace. "The leading manufacturers, distributors and importers of the horticultural industry have already booked 80% of the exhibition space", says Jakub Patelka, Project Director. It is the last chance for the companies that have not registered their participation to do it and take part in the very important industry event. It is worth noting that a 25% increase in the number of exhibitors has been recorded compared to the previous edition of the Fair. "For several years, we've had the trend of early applications. The companies appreciate the effectiveness of promotional tools used by PIF, which allows advertising even as early as a few months before the event", explains Jakub Patelka. More exhibition space at Gardenia will contribute to a more precise thematic division in particular halls, which will provide more comfort for visitors interested in conducting business talks. For horticultural companies, it also means more opportunities for actively seeking new business contacts through meetings with organised groups of people visiting halls of their interest.

More extended offer in the field of municipal services

The upward trend was also recorded in the category of equipment and machinery used in the maintenance and upkeep of green areas. In 2016, the exhibition dedicated to municipal enterprises and horticultural farms will be twice as big as the last year's. A wide range of loaders, tractors, lawn mowers, branch chippers, hand tools, trimmers, petrol and electric saws will be on display on the fairgrounds. For the first time Husqvarna will present its portfolio. The exhibitors will include such companies as: New Holland, Korbanek, Kubota, John Deere, Hitachi, Stiga and Avant.


"We are constantly looking for new markets for Polish manufacturers. The promotional activities undertaken by the GARDENIA team aim to attract as many visitors from the Scandinavian markets (Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark), the Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia) and Western Europe as possible", says Jakub Patelka. This is what the HOSTED BUYERS programme is dedicated to. The idea behind the programme is to invite guests from abroad - sales managers, traders, purchasing managers, owners of horticultural centres, DIY retail chains, horticultural wholesalers and nurseries -
and organising meetings with Polish exhibitors. Under HOSTED BUYERS, the organisers offer the reimbursement of flight, hotel accommodation and meals cost, and invite to the exhibition VIP area. "Our exhibitors have a real impact on people who visit the Fair under HOSTED BUYERS. We just need a suggestion indicating people with whom they would like to start cooperating", he points.


Another novelty is GRAND PRIX GARDENIA competition for plant producers. Deadline for submissions is 31 December. Prizes will be awarded in three categories: GRAND PRIX GARDENIA - competition jury's choice, GRAND PRIX GARDENIA - Internet users' choice and GRAND PRIX GARDENIA - visitors' choice. Each GRAND PRIX GARDENIA prize winner will receive a package of unique benefits and they will be offered extensive promotion of the awarded plant, which will be also presented during the Fair in a dedicated exhibition area.

Programme of accompanying events

GARDENIA is a true parade of accompanying events. Naturally, the basis for business meetings are exhibitors' stands. Lectures, workshops and conferences will also help maintain excellent relationships and learn about new trends. During panel discussions, not only will industry professionals share their knowledge, but also invite to the debate on issues and challenges important for the horticultural industry.

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