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Bonsai – North Sound Bonsai Study Group – Carolyn Higgins carolynhiggs1@juno.com
Dahlias - Barb Collins, President of the Skagit Valley Dahlia Society. bcollins@fidalgo.net

360-416-3904. She has raised dahlias for about 30 years.

Dahlias – John Willson, Swede Hill Dahlia and Sunflower Farm, call the WSU-Mount Vernon Northwestern Washington Research and Extension Center for contact information.

Dahlias – Jason Miller, Master Gardener, 360-428-4270
HerbsJoanne Romann, 360-466-3821
Horticulture and botany – Gerry Douglas, Lifetime Master Gardener; former teacher of horticulture, botany and floral arts; Accredited NGC Judge; WSNLA Certified Landscaper; former landscape designer & general contractor. chuckanut@clearwire.net
Lavender: From Garden to Table – Sarah Richards of Lavender Wind Farm, Whidbey Island, Lavender varieties for the Pacific Northwest & favorite lavender recipes for lemonade, cookies, marinade and herb spread.
Organic Gardening, Ron Kulman ronkulman@remax.net 360.371.5560 Whatcom County

Bob Hendricks, Master Composter & Recycler Dag Falck, Organic Program Manager for Nature's Path Foods Inc. Organic Vegetable Gardening, composting and recycling.

What are the organic principles that make a difference? Can I grow my own food for health and taste? How can I feed the soil what it needs? Composting is easy with a few helping hints and some hands on experience. After this you will be able to easily explain why you choose organic, and what difference it can make to your mental, physical and spiritual health.
Organic Gardening Toni Caskey and Diana Wisen, Master Gardeners, Skagit County
Perennial Plant Division – Sharry Stadt, Perennial Design Farms, 8274 F&S Grad Road, Sedro Woolley. 360-856-2004
Perennials from Hummingbird Farm Lee Spear 360-679-5044

2319 Zylstra Rd Oak Harbor WA 98277

Potatoes “gourmet” - Dr. Debra Inglis, Director of WSU Agricultural Research Facility in Mount Vernon, “Gourmet Potatoes from Your Garden to Table”.
Pruning, Diagnosing Plant Diseases Diana Wisen – Master Gardener 360-336-8958 Pruning, Diagnosing Plant Diseases
Rain Gardens - Curtis Hinman, WSU Pierce
Rhododendrons - Komo Kulshan Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society, Website: www.flounder.ca/komokulshan/index.asp. Make contact for speakers on hybridizing and other questions about rhododendrons.

Secret Garden Designs Debra Olber 360-647-7849

2529 Yew St. Bellingham WA 9822 Landscape Designer, Horticulturist, Speaker

Soils and Mulches - Tony Caskey, Mount Vernon, Master Gardener - “Soils and Mulches”,

360-848-9053, tonitulip@comcast.net

Vegetables - Dr. Carol Miles, WSU Vegetable Horticulturalist, “How to Get Tender Vegetables to Thrive in the Pacific Northwest”.

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