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Hilltop Medical Practice

Dr. N Ghosh-Chowdhury

Hillside Primary Care Centre

150 Hilltop Avenue

London NW10 8RY

Tel: 020 3188 7250 Fax: 020 8963 1349


Tuesday 17th March 2015


Patient present at meeting:








Dr Neeta Ghosh-Chowdhury

Clare Bowden

Ms Vanita Patel
Welcomes to the group and apologies

  1. Minutes from last PPG meeting were circulated to all patients present.

  1. Previous Minutes

EMIS Access

a) From 31st March 2015 patients using EMIS access will be able to also view their medical records on line. This is a government scheme and will tie with patients already being able to view medications, allergies and booking/cancelling appointments.

EPS – Electronic Prescribing Service

a) Local pharmacies have been using the service and patients are finding it very useful. Dr NGC explained how the service works to the members of the PPG and some are very keen to start using. Dr NGC explained it does not necessarily have to be a pharmacy close to patients home address, it can be any pharmacy of choice, some patients like using one close to work etc.

Phlebotomy Services

  1. The walk in centres at Wembley and Willesden centre’s for health and care are now closed. Practices are using more local phlebotomy services, Patients of the practice are now using 1 of 2 practices located on the first floor of the Hillside Primary Care Centre Building. These are not walk in services but appointments can be booked.

Friends and Family Questionnaire

a) Dr NGC explained these questionnaires must be completed by the practice. These are different from the surveys, patients receive in the post. They will be given to every patient after every appointment and it consists of 2 main questions. These questionnaires will be used to identify the opinions of all patients as and when they see a doctor/nurse.

Cardiology and Ophthalmology services

  1. Cardiology services are now more community based for common cardiology issues e.g. hypertension, Heart Failure, ECG’s, Echo’s, these clinics are run by consultants from the Royal Free Hospital, they are based at Willesden Centre for care and Wembley Centre for Health and Care. Patients can still be seen at the heart hospital and can still be referred.

  2. Ophthalmology clinics are running well and have no further changes.

  1. Harness Locality Hub

a) The locality hub is a service which offers patients of the Harness practice appointments with a GP outside of their normal GP practice. This is for urgent medical issues when an appointment at their GP may not be available. The service is available 7 days a week in 3 different locations covering the Harness area. Hilltop Medical practice patients can be seen on the 1st floor of the building in Harness Harlesden.
b) Harness Carnival – As suggested in the Harness PPG meeting by our Patient EC – The Harness Carnival looks like it could be taking place in July 2015. The hope for the day will be to have various services on hand to discuss/advise patients e.g Diabetic groups, Age UK, Asthma groups. It will be a day for the patients of all Harness practices and will give patients the opportunity to learn more and discover what help is available.

  1. Action Plan for PPG for 2015/2016

a) Dr NGC, Practice Manager Clare Bowden and the PPG discussed the 3 things the patients wish to be highlighted for action in the upcoming year.
The 3 items are:
1) DNA rates

The DNA policy was changed as per agreed in the last PPG meeting. The Policy has changed to ‘three strikes and out’. This has been implemented and patients have been informed. The DNA rate is still quite high but we are hoping this will reduce as the new policy is fulfilled

2) Access to a GP

Dr NGC explained to the PPG that the practice is currently looking for a new GP to help relieve pressure on waiting times. It is difficult at the moment as not many GP’s are joining the NHS due to the level of work which it now entails. Locums are not happy to do paperwork and prescriptions so this work is still left for Dr Ghosh-Chowdhury to do, which in the long run is not helping with Dr Ghosh-Chowdhury’s work load.

Patient EC – Commented on how the patients are all very happy with Dr Ghosh-Chowdhury and the work she does for the practice.

3) Disabled Parking

This is something the practice has discussed with the estates manager and the situation with disabled parking will be on-going until the building works are completed, the issue lies with the council but as the slip road is in major use for construction traffic this is not something that can be rectified straight away. Patient AF is going to draft a letter to the council and bring in to the practice for other patients to sign. This will also make the council aware of the disabled patients needs.

  • DrNGC thanked all the patients for attending, next meeting will be in June.

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