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GLAM – Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums

The GLAM-WIKI project supports GLAMs and other institutions who want to work with Wikimedia to produce open-access, freely-reusable content for the public. Here you can find information about getting started, who to contact, case studies, model projects:

This month in GLAM (newsletter)
Wikipedians in Residence
QRpedia (including barcode generator):

Wikipedia article about QRpedia:

QR Code generator (generic; not QRpedia; Note other generators exist):

Blog post about QRpedia at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis:

Wikipedia/ Herbert GLAM collaboration project:

Primer for editors new to Wikipedia:

Wikipedia page-view stats (change month and/or article title for more):

Guidance for providing Wi-Fi at public events:

Andy Mabbett’s website
Wider -WIKI stuff
HstryQT (Lori Phillips, Wikipedian-in-Residence at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis)

To Wiki or Not to Wiki, and article written by Lori Phillips for the AAM's Museum magazine

Information, case studies, & resources for museum-Wikipedia partnerships

Wikimania recap, GLAM style

When GLAM met Wiki (Wikipedia and smaller museums), a blog from Nick Moyes

About the gender gap in Wikipedia

Embracing Wikipedia? an article from Dana Dorman of the Mid Atlantic Regional Center for the Humanities at Rutgers University

‘Something Wiki this way comes’ – resource list sept.2011


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