Giant’s Kettle” (binghu) attracts with its well-defined design Finnish pavilion design can be seen at the Expo Exhibition Center

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Nordic Centre Expo Channel Here we update the latest news on Nordic participation in Expo 2010

Press release

Finland at World Expo 2010 Shanghai China

Giant’s Kettle” (binghu) attracts with its well-defined design

Finnish pavilion design can be seen at the Expo Exhibition Center.
A participation agreement between Finland and World Expo 2010 Shanghai China host organization was signed on Wednesday, November 5 at the Expo Exhibition Center. The signing ceremony was honored with their attendance by Mr. Hua Junduo, Commissioner General of the Expo 2010 and Ms. Paula Lehtomäki, Minister of the Environment of Finland. The agreement was signed by Mr. Hong Hao, Director General of the Expo 2010 and Mr. Pertti Huitu, Commissioner General of Finland for Expo 2010.
At the same occasion a promotion month of the Finland pavilion was launched. An exhibition introducing the Finnish pavilion design, the theme and slogan of Finland for Expo 2010 and general information about Finland is open at the Expo Exhibition Center between November 5 and 30. There is a free entrance to the exhibition.
The “Giant’s Kettle” was chosen among 104 entries
The design for the Finnish pavilion at the Expo 2010 was chosen through an open architectural competition organized in Finland between May and August 2008. Entries to the competition amounted to 104 which reflects the great interest in the Expo 2010 existing in Finland. The winning entry “Giant’s Kettle” was selected by a jury representing architectural specialists and representatives of both business circles and the government. The jury described the overall level of the competition being very high and reaching international standard.
“The Giant’s Kettle” was designed by JKMM Architects, an esteemed architect’s office based in the capital of Finland, Helsinki. JKMM Architects has won several important architectural competitions in Finland during the past few years with their innovative designs. This time their contribution was even bigger than normal, they also won the third prize of the competition with another proposal.
One of the main features of “the Giant’s Kettle” is its well-defined design. The Commissioner General of Finland for the Expo 2010, Mr. Pertti Huitu notes that “the Giant’s Kettle” represents high quality and its design creates an extremely attractive concept. According to Mr. Huitu “the Giant’s Kettle” clearly signals Finnish know-how and constitutes a well-functioning entity. The Finnish pavilion will be built on a 3000 square meter –sized site and will be located next to the Lupu bridge close to the underground station to be built on the Expo area.
The Finnish Expo participation theme is based on well-being (youyu), competence (caizhi) and the environment (huanjing) encouraging “Sharing Inspiration” (linggan fenxiang)
The Finnish participation theme takes “the Better Life” brought up by the Expo 2010 main theme as the starting point. The Finnish approach is based on the view that solutions for better life in the cities can be found by seeking for solutions for better life in general. Well-being, competence and the environment are seen as the key elements in this approach and will be introduced from a Finnish perspective on the way to the Expo 2010.
Well-being reflects the Finnish view that better life includes more than economical welfare. It refers to being also able to develop one’s personal competence and having a clean environment. Issues like health are emphasized while keeping in mind that the population in many societies is aging rapidly.
The dimension of competence is extremely important not just for Finland, but all the countries. In Finland the competence is based on education, research, innovation and creativity that are seen as strategic investments by the society. Building information society is one of the main means of building competence and life-long learning is considered vital for the success of both the people and society in large.
The environment is one of the key competence areas of Finland. Finns have learned to use their resources wisely. The environmental issues are seen important both by the government, companies and individuals. Energy-efficient solutions are used in buildings and in the industry regardless of the size of the companies. Environmentally friendly technologies are highly developed in Finland, while clean technology is widely applied by the companies.
The slogan of Finland for Expo 2010 is “Sharing Inspiration” encouraging in exchange of views and interaction. Sharing has become an increasingly popular way of action between individuals and organizations helped by the rapid development of technology. Inspiration is one explanation for the facts that a nation like Finland is able to develop itself and become innovative regardless of its relatively scarce resources.
The Finnish Expo 2010 participation an investment to Finnish-Chinese relations
Finland announced its Expo 2010 participation in the beginning of 2007. The financing will mainly come from the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. Finpro (Fenlan maoyi xiehui) has been designated to plan and implement the project. The Finnish industry has shown interest in the participation which is not diminished by the fact that the Expo is organized in Shanghai, China.
The Finnish Expo 2010 participation can be seen as an investment for Finnish-Chinese relations in the coming years. China is an increasingly important partner for Finland. Finnish companies – some two hundred of them - are well-established in the Chinese markets and Shanghai is a major point of activities for the businesses. The Expo will surely attract even more attention from Finland towards China and Shanghai especially.
Expo 2010 brings about an opportunity for the Finnish cultural circles to showcase themselves in China. So far the culture has been the least known aspect of Finnish society in China. Now the interest in both sides is increasing and more and more Finnish artists and cultural organizations have started to orient themselves in China.
For further information
Mikko Puustinen, Communications Director (xuanmei yu wenhua zongjian) for Finland at World Expo 2010 Shanghai China, tel. 15000551277

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