GaGa for GaGa

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GaGa for GaGa
You may think this is about the singer. Well, you’re wrong… This is about making clothes in the style of Lady GaGa at Faringdon Community College. This article will follow the progress of Bethan-Mae James-Kaya, and her Lady GaGa t-shirt making experience. We will have an interview with her every few hours to follow her progress.
In our first interview we asked her what she is doing and if she is enjoying it, she replied “we are making a t-shirt inspired by Lady GaGa and Bethan isn’t enjoying it as she has none of her friends with her”. This makes her feel uncomfortable. Also we asked if she would pick this again and she said “I would, if more of my friends did it as well.” She said she would like to achieve an amazing Lady GaGa style t-shirt. Also she would like to give this t-shirt to a close family member. In the first interview she had her idea of what she wants to do and she was starting to create it. In the next interview we will see what progress she has made.
We went back to see her about two hours later, she did not think that she had made much progress. We asked her what she will be doing next. She replied “We are making papier maché outfits.” We asked her if the teachers know what they are doing and if they helped her in anyway. She answered that the teachers do know what they are doing and that they do try and help her. However, there are many people in the class so they cannot help everyone at once. It gets a bit annoying when you are in desperate need of help and then they are helping someone else. This stops you from working as you cannot do anything until the teacher has helped you.
We went back to the last session to see what she had done. She had completed her t-shirt and was very proud of it. We asked if there was anything that she would change about her t-shirt. She said there was nothing she would change as she is very happy with her final product.

By Sophie and Cheryl

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