Fundraising Officer

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Fundraising Officer
Zimbabwe Educational Trust (ZET), is looking for dynamic and motivated people to help us organise diverse community fundraising events, conduct research on potential funding opportunities, and participate in developing funding applications. In doing so, fundraising interns will not only support ZET’s valuable development work, they will also generate a highly valued fundraising skill set. The role is based at our Leeds office, but remote home working is also possible. We are looking for a commitment of at least one day per week for a minimum of 3 months.
Who we are

ZET is a small Yorkshire based international charity founded by members of the Zimbabwean diaspora in 1987. Our aim is to help disadvantaged children to access education across Zimbabwe. In 2013 we were awarded funding from the UK Government’s Department for International Development to implement our flagship project in Bulawayo. We work in partnership with grassroots organisations based in Zimbabwe, believing that local people are in the best position to make positive change happen in their communities. We are reliant on enthusiastic and committed volunteers to help sustain and grow our vision to give young people in Zimbabwe the confidence, skills and experience to live happy and fulfilled lives.

Key Objectives of Volunteer Role

To plan and run successful community fundraising events (academic/sport/music/arts); conduct research on charity funders; and to help develop funding proposals to support ZET’s activities.

Role Description

  • Planning and organising regular community events with ZET volunteers (type of events dependent on your interests/skills/background)

  • Ensuring good monitoring, analysis and follow up after each event

  • Helping to organise an annual sports event for ZET and our partners

  • Building relationships with companies to explore sponsored events and funding opportunities

  • Conducting thorough research of the various funding bodies available to small UK based charities, and assessing how viable they are for a funding application from ZET

  • Contributing to development of funding proposals to generate funding for ZET’s activities

  • Close liaison and participation in social media and our other communications

Skills and experience required


  • You will help ZET in it mission to support communities in Zimbabwe keep children in school and out of poverty

  • You will develop a highly valued specific fundraising skill set, both in how charities generate funding through major trusts and funding hubs, and through community events.

  • You will learn about our incredible partner organisations in Zimbabwe and how development works in practice

  • You will learn new skills, have new fulfilling experiences & gain new knowledge

  • ZET will provide you with direct line management support

  • ZET can provide professional references to help you in your career development (after 2 months volunteering)

  • Unfortunately we are currently unable to offer volunteer travel expenses

To apply

Please email a copy of your CV to or contact our team on 0113 3731761.

Zimbabwe Educational Trust (UK Charity No. 327519) Ebor Court, Skinner Street, Leeds, LS1 4ND

Supporting communities to keep children in school and out of poverty

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