Freedos alpha 5 release (August 10th, 1996) freedos file index listing enclosed is the Freedos alpha-5 Index listings of the files which are included with the Freedos os

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FreeDOS Alpha 5 release (August 10th, 1996) FREEDOS FILE INDEX LISTING ------------------------------------------------------ Enclosed is the FreeDOS alpha-5 Index listings of the files which are included with the FreeDOS OS. Please keep this fine handy, since no matter if you are a first time user, wanting the know the commands, or a expert programmer that wants to know what services each source file has, you will find this an extreamly helpful reference. []> FDOS\ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTES : Your FDOS\ directory is the root directory in which all of the rest of your freedos files will be contained : FDOS\BIN - All FreeDOS Binaries including DOS-C Kernel, the Command Shell, and the FreeDOS Utilities (included with disk B) FDOS\DOC - FreeDOS GNU GPL License, Project Status, FAQ, FreeDOS Introduction, Project Index, and other reference material (included with disk A) FDOS\HELP - Utility and general purpose FreeDOS help files, used for viewing via plain text, or with the included MAN utility (included with disk B) FDOS\SOURCE - Contains source code to all of the FreeDOS utilities, as well as the command shell, and the kernel (included with disk C) []> FDOS\DOC ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTES : In this directory, you will find the latest copies of the FreeDOS documentation, including the FreeDOS introduction, the GPL License agreement, current project status reports, and indexes, and more : ALPHA.DOC - Notes about Alpha Testing, and requirments FAQ.DOC - (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions about FreeDOS GNU-GPL.DOC - Version 1 of FSF's General Public License INDEX.DOC - THIS FILE! Tells what FreeDOS files are for INTRO.DOC - Contains a brief into to FreeDOS STATUS.DOC - Lists the current status on all FreeDOS activities []> FDOS\BIN ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTES : The BIN directory contains all of the executables, device drivers, and other FreeDOS binaries that are required for the normal operation of FreeDOS. ASSIGN.COM - Replace a drive letter by another ATTRIB.COM - Displays or changes file attributes BIN2C.EXE - convert a binary file into an unstructured C array. BOOT.BIN - Primary DOS boot binary (don't touch) BOOT1440.BIN - Boot primary specific for HD floppy drives BOOT360.BIN - Boot primary security for 360k floopy BOOT720.BIN - Boot primary drvioyu gpt 83-l g;p[[ord BUFFERP.COM - similar to PRINT.COM, allows background printing BWBASIC.EXE - Simple, but effective basic language CHKDSK.EXE - Allows you to check HD size, and other stats CLS.COM - Clear the Screen CLSX.EXE - Clear the screen COMMAND.COM - This is the command shell, and provides the C:\> COMP.COM - Compare differences between 2 files COPY.EXE - Copy a file for one location to another C_LOCK.COM - Simple Keyboard lock security routine DATE.COM - View or change the current system date DB.COM - DEBUG - allows you to work with ASM registers DELTREE.EXE - Delete a DIR, and all of it's sub directories DUALMON.SYS - Allows the use of two monitors for viewing computer EMACS.EXE - A power macro-based IDE editor EMU86.EXE - EMS Memory Manage EXE2BIN.EXE - Allows you to change EXE files in to COM files FD.COM - FreeDOS diagnostics - get system and disk info FDFORMAT.COM - Formats your floppy disks FDISK.EXE - changes partision tables, and low-level format's HD FDXMS.SYS - the FreeDOS XMS memory manager FFF.COM - Fast File Find FIN.COM - File Information Utility FIND.COM - Prints all lines of a file that contains a string FIPS.EXE - Alternate Partition table changing utility FORMAT.COM - Another Floppy DIsk formatting utility FREE.COM - shows total and avalible (Free) memory FREEDOS.ICO - A FreeDOS icon for windows FREEDOS.GIF - The official FreeDOS .GIF IPL.SYS - Used by the kernel KERNEL.EXE - used in booting your PC under FreeDOS LABEL.EXE - Creates, deletes or changes drive volume labels LOADHI.COM - load a program into high memory MAN.COM - view help on FreeDOS commands, type MAN for info MODE.COM - Mode setting and general utility MORE.COM - Displays file(s) one screen at a time MOVE.EXE - move a file from one location to another NRO.COM - text file processor PAUSE.COM - pauses until key is pressed by user PG.COM - a simple file view utility REBOOT.COM - warm boots your computer RMDIR.EXE - removes a directory from a disk RUNDOWN.EXE - * UNKNOWN * SHAREEXT.COM - Share File System extended services SORT.EXE - sorts a file in assending or desending order SPOOL.DEV - used to print/spool printer jobs SUBST.EXE - assigns a vertual drive to any drive\path SYS.EXE - used to create FreeDOS system disks TDSK.EXE - FreeDOS's own 'faster' Ram Drive TEE.COM - saves input to a file TIME.COM - show and sets the current system time TOUCH.COM - changes the date and time stamps on files TREE.COM - shows a directory listing of all sub-directories TYPE.COM - display a test file to standard output (screen) UNIX2DOS.COM - converts a file from the UNIX newline format to DOS UNZIP.EXE - unzip's files in .ZIP format VERIFY.COM - turns file write verification on and off VERSION.COM - shows the current FreeDOS version ZIP.EXE - used to compress files into .ZIP format archives ZIP386.EXE - same as ZIP.EXE but optimized for 386+ systems ZIPNOTE.EXE - adds unarchive notes to .ZIP format files ZIPSPLIT.EXE - splits a zip file into 2 or more sub-files []> FAKE\HELP ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTES : The HELP directory contains several files that can be viewed using a standard text editor, or that are displayed when you use the MAN command that comes with FreeDOS. ASSIGN - Help for the assign command ATTRIB - Help for the attrib command BWBASIC - Help for bwbasic CLS - Help for the cls command CLSX - Help for the clsx command COMMAND - Help for using the command shell COMP - Help for the comp command COPY - Help for the copy command C_LOCK - Help for the c_lock command DATE - Help for the date command DEL - Help for the del command DUALMON - Help for the dualmon driver EMACS - Help for the emacs editor EMU86 - Help for the emu86 driver FD - Help for the fd diagnostics utility FDFORMAT - Help for the fdformat command FDISK - Help for the fdisk command FFF - Help for the fff command FIN - Help for the fin command FIND - Help for the find command FIPS - Help for the fips command FORMAT - Help for the format command FREE - Help for the free command JZCHKDSK - Help for the jzchkdsk command KERNEL - Help for the kernel command LABEL - Help for the label command LICENSE - The FreeDOS software license LOADHI - Help for the loadhi command MAN - Help for the man command MANIFSTO - The FreeDOS Manifesto MODE - Help for the mode command MORE - Help for the more command NRO - Help for the nro command PAUSE - Help for the pause command PG - Help for the pg command REBOOT - Help for the reboot command SHAREEXT - Help for the shareext command SORT - Help for the sort command SPOOL - Help for the spool command STATUS - Help for the status command SWSUBST - Help for the swsubst command TDSK - Help for the tdsk command TEE - Help for the tee command TIME - Help for the time command TOUCH - Help for the touch command TYPE - Help for the type command UNIX2DOS - Help for the unix2dos command UNZIP - Help for the unzip command VAL - Help for the val command VERIFY - Help for the verify command VERSION - Help for the version command XBOOT - Help for the xboot command ZIP - Help for the zip command []> FDOS\SOURCE\ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTES : This directory contains sub-directories for each of the utilities and OS components that are shipped with FreeDOS. Since there is no specific standard that all utilities are written in, you will need to check each individual directory for more information. The remainder of this file will be devoted to giving you a better idea as to how each project is set up. Please note that as of the alpha-5 FreeDOS release of August-96, this file is not completed, and is simply an example as to how it will most likely look in the future. The completed version will be shipped with the next FreeDOS release, or should be able to be picked up at one of the FreeDOS support WWW or FTP sites in the near future. []> FDOS\SOURC\ASSIGN ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- COMPILER : Borland C ELVIS.RC - ??? UNKNOWN YERROR.H - Template for local message declaration file for msgComp MAKEFILE - The Borland C makefile ENGLISH.MSG - locale Definision file for english messages DEUTSCH.MSG - locale Definision file for dutch messages ASSIGN.1 - ??? UNKONWN ASSIGN.C - main ASSIGN C source code ASGN_TSR.ASM - TSR portion of the ASSIGN command ASM source code

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