Fractured Fairytale

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Fractured Fairytale

***This mini assignment was developed for a WEPO course (“Writing, Editing and Print On-line) but can be used and modified for any course. Mini assignments are normally assignments that align with the rhetorical concepts and strategies that the class is working with at the time. This particular assignment, the fractured fairytale, can be done during class as way to get students to start thinking about themselves as composers and how their composing selves relate and connect to their literate selves. This mini assignment can be given at the beginning of a class and can lead to discussions on critical analysis (ways to do it), literacy practices, and composing in different genres just to name a few.

Mini Assignment:

You will be creating a fractured fairy tale connecting it to your composing and literacy practices. To get started think back to when you first became literate—when was it and how it happen? How has your literacy practices progressed in the digital age? When you think of yourself as a composer what key characteristics do you see? What are your composing practices?

Next, think about some of your favorite fairytales from childhood (or those that you still enjoy!). What were the main themes that resonated in them?
How might the theme(s) connect to your composing and literate practices?
After you have made some connections and have figured out the fairy tale you will be using you need to then figure out a way to “fracture” it (or in other words change some key element(s).

Sample Fractured Fairy Tale:

Here is a sample fractured fairy tale in a very (!) basic form (and also somewhat silly, but you'll get the point):

Guidelines and Tips:

Fractured fairy tales change key elements in the classic fairy tale.

Your goal is to create one while connecting it to (basing it on) your composing and literacy practices. This is not easy but try to step outside of your comfortable composing selves and begin to push your limits as a composer--this means taking risks and trying things that aren't always easy or simple. 

It should be at the minimum one, single-spaced page, and you can just copy and paste it into the thread (you don't need to upload a document).
Have fun with this assignment! It gives you a chance to compose in a new genre, so don’t try and over think it.

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