Forum on Disaster Risk Reduction

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Forum on Disaster Risk Reduction

Associated with the Shanghai Expo 2010

“Better Cities, Better Life”

Shanghai, 28-30 July 2010


The theme of the Shanghai Expo 2010 is "Better City, Better Life," - the wish for a better living in present and future urban environments. This theme represents a central concern of the international community for future policy making relative to urban strategies and sustainable development.

A “Forum on Disaster Risk Reduction” will be held in Shanghai at the Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center from 28-30 July 2010. The Forum couples an exhibit of technologies to help in the prevention, recovery and rehabilitation processes related to disasters in cities, with an international Conference of local authorities within the context of the “Making Cities Resilient” Campaign. The Forum is being convened by DEVNET in collaboration with UNISDR, UN-Habitat and ICLEI.


The Shanghai World Expo 2010 provides a timely opportunity for a dialogue of world-wide leaders, policy makers, visionaries and creative thinkers with their Chinese peers. The “Forum on Disaster Risk Reduction” will bring together representatives of local authorities from China and selected cities throughout the world, as well as international and other technical

organizations and networks. It will aim to advance knowledge and information sharing based on innovative practices and experience in disaster risk reduction, with a view to foster partnership development, particularly between local and national governments, civil society and
community-based organizations. It will also help to monitor progress in urban risk reduction, refine guidance documentation and good practice. The demonstrations and exhibits of sample technologies applicable to different aspects of disaster risk reduction will add a concrete context for those in charge of managing disaster prevention and response, allowing them to strengthen their knowledge base and identify potential opportunities for risk reduction.
The main objectives of the Forum will be to:

  1. Promote an exchange of practical knowledge related to disaster risk reduction, including preparedness, rehabilitation and reconstruction of urban areas.

  2. Facilitate knowledge and information exchange between cities and departments in China and their international homologues, in the area of disaster risk reduction.

  3. Foster new multi-stakeholder partnerships - between community groups,
    local and national authorities, and public-private sectors - aimed to
    reduce disaster risk at sub-national levels.


Plenary sessions

The Forum will alternate between plenary sessions and working groups. It will also provide for demonstrations by the exhibitors of technology as well as a study tour in the City of Shanghai on 31st July 2010. The Conference plenary sessions will focus on the practical implications of urban risk reduction, and present concrete examples by cities, local governments and national authorities on:

  • The role and leadership of local governments in addressing the different aspects of risk reduction as part of their service provision and urban development plans.

  • The national plans and instruments that support such initiatives and leadership, and

  • The role of community-based and civil society organizations in this process.

Examples from recent recovery experiences in China, Haiti and other countries will also be presented.

Working groups

The Conference will also consist of the following three working groups.

Working Group 1 - Local HFA progress review and monitoring: This working group will focus on the identification of basic indicators that can help monitor status of implementation of the Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA). It will also contribute to the design of the process and methodology to assess implementation of the HFA at the local and sub-national levels.

Working Group 2 - Capturing Local Governments and partners’ good practices and experiences - Tools and methodologies for reducing vulnerabilities and climate change: This working group will concentrate efforts in mapping existing initiatives and making them available as a tool for local authorities and practitioners to actively reduce vulnerabilities and the impacts of climate change. Outcomes of this working group will aim to support local authorities in the implementation of the “Ten Essentials for Making Cities Resilient”.

Working Group 3 - Operationalizing Disaster Reduction in Post-Disaster Transition to Development: The third working group will focus on recovery, one of the Campaign’s ten essentials. The objective of this working group is to advance knowledge creation on innovative practices and experience in this area, with a view to foster cooperation between local and national governments, civil society organizations and the private sector.

The results of the working group deliberations will be presented and discussed in a final plenary session, which will review and adopt the recommendations of the conference and agree on the way forward. The recommendations and case studies presented in the Conference will be used in assessment reports and awareness raising material produced by UNISDR, and will inform training programmes and guidance documents in the context of the “Making Cities Resilient” Campaign.



All participants are invited to register to the conference as soon as possible by filling out the registration form available at: All registration forms should be sent to Mr. Arsenio Rodriguez, to the following email address:

Conference Venue

The exhibits and conference will take place at the Everbright Convention Centre in Shanghai. There will also be a function on 28th July at the DEVNET Pavilion (Shanghai Expo) and a field study tour in the city of Shanghai on 31st July.


The Meeting will be held in English and Chinese only.

Hotel Accommodation

Accommodation will be arranged for all participants at the Everbright International Hotel. The cost of a “standard room” is 500 RMB (73 USD) per night and the “business room” is 550 RMB (80 USD) per night (breakfast included). Please note that these special rates will only apply from 26th July to 1st August 2010.

For more information on the Hotel please visit:

Hotel Address:

Everbright International Hotel
No.66, Caobao Road, Xuhui Dist.
Shanghai 2000235


You are encouraged to start your visa application as soon as possible by contacting the Chinese embassy/consulate in your country. If you need an official invitation letter to support your visa application, please send the following details to Mr. Zhao Liang (

- Full name (as it appears in your Passport)
- Nationality
- Passport number
- Date of arrival and departure

Airport Transfers

Airport transfers from and to the airport will be provided to all participants by the conference organisers. Please forward your travel itinerary to Mr. Arsenio Rodriguez ( and Mr. Zhao Liang ( as soon as possible.


The organisers will be sponsoring a limited number of participants in the conference. Priority will be given to local government officials from developing countries. Please send your request for financial assistance by 18th June to Mr. Michele Cocchiglia ( with CC to Mr. Arsenio Rodriguez (

Sponsored participants will be entitled to an economy air ticket to Shanghai, hotel lodging from 27-31 July as well as meals during the conference period.
Visit to Shanghai EXPO 2010

Each participant will also receive a pass for the World EXPO 2010 valid for one day. The conference organizers will also arrange for bus transportation to and from the EXPO. Tickets and passes will be distributed on the bus.

For information

For additional information on the logistics of the event, please contact Mr. Arsenio Rodriguez ( or Mr. Zhao Liang (

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