Formed: 2000 Hometown: Brighton, East Sussex Personnel: Todd Jordan – Vocals, Guitar Russell Eke – Bass Alex ‘Doogle’ Uren – Drums Selected Discography

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My Device – Biography 2007

Formed: 2000
Hometown: Brighton,

East Sussex

Todd Jordan –

Vocals, Guitar
Russell Eke –

Alex ‘Doogle’ Uren –


Selected Discography:

Eat Lead –

OIB 2007 7”

Shifty Disco 2007 CD

Nervous System –

Shifty Disco 2006 CD
I Was Brave Today –

Shifty Disco 2006 D/L
For Fans of:

Ex Models, Devo,

Primus, The Fall,

The Futureheads

Arriving just in time to save your weekend, My Device are a frantic and energetic power-trio out of Brighton. Although not looking a day over 16 the band are true veterans of the Brighton music scene. Going criminally unnoticed for over 5 years My Device make controlled chaos full of grinding guitars, frenzied drums and thick pounding bass that gets you dancing as much as it gets you rocking. Live the band is a wonder to behold and was recently hailed as “Brighton’s best kept secret” by the cities ‘Source Magazine’. Then in 2006 the world finally caught up and My Device where named the NME’s Walkmen Breaking Bands winner.

Battling past 6000 other new artists My Device were hand selected to the win the competition by a prestigious panel that included James Jam (NME New Bands Editor), Alan McGee (A&R legend and the man who discovered Oasis), Whiskas (Forward Russia guitarist and Dance To The Radio label boss), Kele (vocalist with Bloc Party) and album chart-toppers Kasabian. Not only were the band consequently featured extensively across the magazine and website, but they were also invited to open for Kasabian at’s 10th anniversary bash at Koko.
As a formidable 2006 drew to a close My Device released their anthemic download single ‘I was Brave Today’, as well as nationally releasing their debut album ‘Nervous System’, a frantic half-hour of beautiful racket with a rock hard nutty centre.
2007 is quickly lining up to be the year of ‘the ‘Device’. With no time to detox My Device are heading straight-out on the road with the equally incredible ‘The Race’ for a week of shindigs to celebrate ten phenomenal years of the illustrious Shifty Disco label. And as it that isn’t enough the NME recently invited My Device to play their infamous NME Shockwave Awards Show at the Brixton Academy with none-other than Babyshambles.
But it doesn’t stop there! Oh no. On February 19th 2007 My Device are unleashing their highly anticipated and Radio 1 endorsed new single ‘Eat Lead’, their first record since Nervous System. ‘Eat Lead’ is 3 minutes of pure disjointed pop magic. It’s a true indie disco anthem full of yelps, hooks and infectious beats that will never fail to lift you up and get you moving.
MY DEVICE would like to leave you, for now, with this: Centuries ago, the Emperor of China set all of his wise men a challenge: he ordered them to come up with one phrase that could be truly applicable to any conceivable situation. They thought long and hard, knowing that failure would result in their execution. Finally, after countless hours of deliberation, the wise men presented their solution to the Emperor: “And This Too, Will One Day End”. Now, many hundreds of years later, MY DEVICE would like to add a quick addendum to this legend, as there is one other phrase that is true in all situations. That phrase is: YOU SHOULD BE DANCING.
For images and photos please go to:

OIB Records, Unit 5, 17 Lansdowne Place, Hove, East Sussex, BN3 1HB

Telephone: +44(0)7976304460



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