Flower Show Awards

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Flower Show Awards

Having a Flower Show is an excellent way for Garden Clubs to promote their club to the public and realize their goals as a garden club. Flower shows educate both club members and the public in horticulture, floral design and National Garden Club objectives and projects. Flower shows also provide creative artistic outlets for club members.

A successful show is planned well in advance of the show date. The current 2007 Handbook for Flower Shows contains all the information needed to sponsor a successful show. In addition, there is a stimulus package on the NGC website that provides a sample schedule as guidance for a small standard show. A club may apply for one or more of the many flower show awards that Mississippi offers. All state flower show awards are listed in the Fall Miss Gardener (odd numbered years) and on the Garden Clubs of Mississippi website (under FORMS, then click on GCM AWARDS for the list). When your club decides which type of flower show they plan to have, write a schedule. During the club year have workshops or speakers to help educate your members on exhibiting horticulture and teaching design types that suit their abilities. There are Design Study Units ( Jane Borgognoni, chairman jborgognoni@yahoo.com) that may be ordered and copied. If your club is planning to apply for a Flower Show Award, you must send in an application 60 days prior to the show date to the Flower Show Awards Chairman. The application should include club name, address for mailings, show date, location, theme, names of judges who will be judging the show, as well as the name, number and size category you are applying for. An application form is included in your President’s package.

You can send the application by snail mail or e-mail me. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me either by phone or e-mail. I would be delighted to help in any way that I can. I love a FLOWER SHOW!

Amye Kelly

Flower Show Awards Chairman, 2043 Bright Road, Hernando, MS 38632 awkelly@att.net (901-485-3806)

Co-chairman, Sandy Noble, 6926 Sherwood Cove, Southaven, MS 38671 sandy@protectiveflooring.net (901-485-7883)

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