First place winning yearbook, in each membership size category. One

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District Yearbook Chairman:
Forms for Evaluation of Yearbooks are on the state website,
You will need the following for the FIRST PLACE WINNING YEARBOOK, in

each membership size category.

*One copy of first place winning yearbook

* Judges Evaluation Sheets, One from each judge, total of Three, (3) copy’s are required

* NGC Awards Application, One (1) copy is required
Paper clip, (DO NOT STAPLE) the three completed Judges Point Scoring sheets with

comments, to each First Place winning yearbook on the inside back cover.

Please remind your judges the ONLY COMMENTS explaining why they deducted
points are to be listed on the back of the POINT SCORING SHEETS.
Remember I only need the Winning Yearbooks (1st Place) from each “Class” (membership size category).
It is suggested that you use sturdy postal mailers when sending the yearbooks to me.

It is essential that I receive ALL yearbook entries by July 1st, 2013.

This will give the Judges ample time to judge the winners and get all the resulting paper

work completed so that I can forward to C.A.R./NGC by my required deadline.

It is helpful to clubs to receive some feed back. Assemble the comments your district judges have made on the 2nd, 3rd and HM Yearbooks and send them on to the clubs.
Good Luck. If you have questions, please feel free to call me. (716) 688-6691
Norma Jeanne Dowd

FGCNYS Yearbook Chairman

48 Carriage Circle

Williamsville, New York 14221-2102

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