Field Ornithology birds to be identified

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Field Ornithology


(192 species)

For most current taxonomy and full classification of each species see:

Order: Anseriformes

__Snow Goose


__Canada Goose

__Trumpeter Swan

__Wood Duck


__American Wigeon


__Cinnamon Teal

__Northern Shoveler

__Northern Pintail

__Green-winged Teal



__Scaup (Either Lesser Or Greater)

__Surf Scoter

__White-winged Scoter


__Common Goldeneye

__Barrow's Goldeneye

__Hooded Merganser

__Common Merganser

__Ruddy Duck
Order: Galliformes

__California Quail


__Ring-necked Pheasant

__Ruffed Grouse

__Sooty (formerly Blue) Grouse

__Greater Sage-Grouse

Order: Gaviiformes

__Pacific Loon

__Common Loon

Order: Podicipediformes

__Pied-billed Grebe

__Horned Grebe

__Western Grebe

Order: Procellariiformes

__Black-footed Albatross

__Sooty Shearwater

__Fork-tailed Storm Petrel

Order: Pelicaniformes

__Brown Pelican

__Double-crested Cormorant

__Pelagic Cormorant

Order: Ciconiformes

__American Bittern

__Snowy Egret

__Great Blue Heron

Order: Falconiformes

__Turkey Vulture


__Bald Eagle

__Northern Harrier

__Sharp-Shinned Hawk

__Cooper's Hawk

__Northern Goshawk

__Red-Tailed Hawk

__Rough-Legged Hawk

__Golden Eagle

__American Kestrel

__Peregrine Falcon

__Prairie Falcon

Order: Gruiformes

__Virginia Rail

__American Coot

__Sandhill Crane

Order: Charadriiformes

Family: Charadriidae

__Black-Bellied Plover

__Semipalmated Plover

Family: Haematopodidae

__Black Oystercatcher

Family: Recurvirostridae

__Black-necked Stilt

__American Avocet
Family: Scolopacidae

__Spotted Sandpiper

__Greater Yellowlegs


__Long-billed Curlew

__Ruddy Turnstone

__Black Turnstone


__Western Sandpiper


__Dowitcher (Short- & Long-billed)

__Wilson’s Snipe

__Wilson's Phalarope

__Red-necked Phalarope

Family: Laridae

__Black-legged Kittiwake

__Bonaparte's Gull

__Heermann's Gull

__Mew Gull

__Ring-billed Gull

__Glaucous-winged Gull

__Caspian Tern

__Black Tern

__Common/Arctic Tern

Family: Stercorariidae

__Parasitic Jaeger

Family: Alcidae

__Common Murre

__Pigeon Guillemot

__Marbled Murrelet

__Rhinoceros Auklet

__Tufted Puffin

Order: Columbiformes

__Rock Pigeon

__Band-tailed Pigeon

__Mourning Dove

Order: Cuculiformes

__Yellow-billed Cuckoo

Order: Strigiformes

__Barn Owl

__Western Screech-Owl

__Great Horned Owl

__Northern Pygmy-Owl

__Burrowing Owl

__Spotted Owl

__Barred Owl

__Short-eared Owl

Order: Caprimulgiformes

__Common Nighthawk
Order: Apodiformes

__Vaux's Swift

__White-Throated Swift

__Anna’s Hummingbird

__Calliope Hummingbird

__Rufous Hummingbird

Order: Coraciformes

__Belted Kingfisher

Order: Piciformes

__Lewis's Woodpecker

__Williamson's Sapsucker

__Red-Breasted Sapsucker

__Downy Woodpecker

__Hairy Woodpecker

__Northern Flicker

__Pileated Woodpecker

Order: Passeriformes

Family: Tyrannidae

__Olive-sided Flycatcher

__Western Wood-Pewee

__Empidonax Flycatcher

__Western Kingbird

__Eastern Kingbird

Family: Laniidae

__Loggerhead Shrike

__Northern Shrike

Family: Vireonidae

__Cassin’s Vireo

__Hutton’s Vireo

__Warbling Vireo

__Red-eyed Vireo
Family: Corvidae

__Gray Jay

__Steller's Jay

__Clark's Nutcracker

__Black-billed Magpie

__American Crow

__Common Raven
Family: Alaudidae

__Horned Lark

Family: Hirundinidae

__Tree Swallow

__Violet-green Swallow

__Cliff Swallow

__Barn Swallow
Family: Paridae

__Black-capped Chickadee

__Mountain Chickadee

__Chestnut-backed Chickadee

Family: Aegithalidae


Family: Sittidae

__Red-breasted Nuthatch

__White-breasted Nuthatch
Family: Certhiidae

__Brown Creeper

Family: Troglodytidae

__Bewick's Wren

__House Wren

__Winter Wren

__Marsh Wren
Family: Cinclidae

__American Dipper

Family: Regulidae

__Golden-crowned Kinglet

__Ruby-crowned Kinglet
Family: Turdidae

__Mountain Bluebird

__Swainson's Thrush

__American Robin

__Varied Thrush
Family: Mimidae

__Gray Catbird

Family: Sturnidae

__European Starling

Family: Motacillidae

__American Pipit

Family: Bombycillidae

__Cedar Waxwing

Family: Parulidae

__Yellow Warbler

__Yellow-rumped Warbler

__Black-Throated Gray Warbler

__Townsend's Warbler

__Hermit Warbler

__Macgillivray's Warbler

__Common Yellowthroat

__Wilson's Warbler

Family: Thraupidae

__Western Tanager

Family: Emberizidae

__Spotted Towhee

__Song Sparrow

__White-crowned Sparrow

__ Golden-crowned Sparrow

__Dark-eyed Junco
Family: Cardinalidae

__Black-headed Grosbeak

__Lazuli Bunting

Family: Icteridae

__Red-winged Blackbird

__Western Meadowlark

__Yellow-headed Blackbird

__Brewer's Blackbird

__Brown-headed Cowbird

__Bullock’s Oriole

Family: Fringillidae

__Purple Finch

__House Finch

__Red Crossbill

__Pine Siskin

__American Goldfinch

__Evening Grosbeak
Family: Passeridae

__House Sparrow

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