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      Faculty Offices: There are four college buildings on the campus: the College of Administrative Sciences and Economics Building, the Social Sciences Building, the Science Building and the College of Engineering Building.

      The English Language Center (ELC) is located in the Social Sciences Building, and the Business School is located in the College of Administrative Sciences and Economics Building.

The deans of each school assign faculty offices. Every faculty office is furnished with the usual office furniture. Computer equipment is provided by the CIT (Computing and Information Technology) office.

In common buildings, heat, air conditioning and electricity are controlled by the central automation system. In order to save energy, office windows should be kept closed both in winter and summer.

You can obtain stationary and office supplies from your department’s faculty secretary.

  • College of Adm. Sci. and Econ. Sedef Çelik Ext. Tel-1302

  • College of Social Sciences Filiz Koca Ext. Tel-1403

  • College of Arts and Sciences Şehnaz Turhan Ext. Tel-1401

  • College of Engineering Nilüfer Köksal Ext. Tel-1552

  • LAW Reyhan Kayabaş Ext. Tel-1237

  • ELC Nihan SelçukDidem Çakmalı Ext. Tel-1624

  • MBA Didem Gürses Ext. Tel-1303

  • Graduate School of Scie&Eng Ece Üçoluk Ext. Tel-1775

  • Graduate School of Social Sciences Ece Üçoluk Tel-1775

      Computing and Information Technology (CIT): The Computing and Information Technology Office (CIT) provides the following main services listed below. To contact CIT, you should first use the Koç University website (“Computer and Information Technology”) or through http://cit.ku.edu.tr. For the service desk, during the working hours, call x1111. For more detailed information, please check the CIT web site. Both services are operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Electronic mail and reliable Internet access for every user

  • Fax and printer services

  • Phone services

  • Organization of introductory and intermediate training of the staff and faculty

  • Website consultancy, development and maintenance

  • Management and supervision of the network system and its account management

  • Academic computing services, Unix server infrastructure

  • Setup and maintenance of computer labs, English learning lab

  • Setup and maintenance of audio/video infrastructure with the campus

  • In-house software development


      To check your e-mail remotely, use the address http://www.fener.ku.edu.tr. Please visit the CIT Office website (http://cit.ku.edu.tr) for more information.

      Track–It: Track-IT (http://trackit.ku.edu.tr) and CIT Service Desk are the primary interfaces for all of your computing related needs. Please feel free to submit a new work order in case of a problem.

      For the CIT Service Desk, during the working hours, you can call Ext. 1111. Emergency requests are relayed to the appropriate parties 24 hours a day.

TechnoTime: TechnoTime is a private company that the University has been working with since November 2003 to serve the needs of both faculty and students who have their own personal computers, printers and scanners on campus. TechnoTime’s many services include virus removal, Internet configuration set-up, and printer/scanner repair. Further information about TechnoTime, as well as a fee schedule for services (in Turkish), can be found by on the CIT homepage under “What’s New?” - “Yurt-Lojman IT Desteğı/ Dormitory-Faculty Residences IT Support.” TechnoTime’s technician, Beyazıt Derman, can be reached at x4455 or 0533 456 9164.


Official Paperwork:

EEvery newcomer should contact his/her faculty secretary to complete the procedures necessary for official paperwork. Official paperwork is processed by the office of Human Resources, located in Room Z-15 (Ext.1506) of the Rektörlük Building. Turkish rules and regulations require ask for different documents from Turkish and non-Turkish citizens and their family members.

Non-Turkish Citizens:
Non-Turkish citizens must obtain both a work visa and a residence permits.

Work Visa:
Work visas are obtained prior to arrival in Turkey through the closest Turkish embassy or consulate.

  1. After the new employee signs his/her work contract, the appropriate department secretary will email a “work visa information request form” to him/her. In this request form, the employee will also indicate to which Turkish embassy/consulate s/he will apply for the work visa.

  1. With the “work visa information request form,” Human Resources will apply to YÖK (Turkish Council for Higher Education) for an approval letter. The approval period is approximately one month.

  1. YÖK will send one copy of the approval letter to the indicated Turkish embassy/consulate and one to the University. The appropriate department secretary will scan a copy and email it to the new employee.

  1. The new employee will apply for hiser/her work visa through the indicated Turkish embassy/consulate with the following:

    • passport, with a validity of at least 1 year

    • approval letter (original copy), obtained from YÖK

    • work contract (original copy), signed by both parties  

    • copies of the HREF="http://www.turkishconsulates.net/vformwork.htm" MACROBUTTON HtmlResAnchor application form with original signature

    • 1 passport sized color photographs affixed on each form 

    • visa fees (subject to change, must be verified)

    • self-addressed prepaid envelope, unless applying in person

(such as UPS, FEDEX, EXPRESS MAIL, registered or certified mail)

Important Note:
As procedures change, always verify this information with the Turkish embassy/consulate. The Turkish Consulate’s website http://www.trconsulate.org/ has work visa application forms that can be downloaded, as well as a list of Turkish embassies and consulates.

  1. The new employee enters Turkey on his/her work visa, but must apply promptly for a residence permit (‘ikamet teskeresi’).

An accompanying spouse or child needs to submit his/her visa application together with the new faculty member’s work visa application in order to obtain an “accompanying visa.” Without this visa, s/he will need to enter with a tourist visa that can be purchased in the Turkish airport.

Resident Permit (ikamet teskeresi):

The following documents must be submitted through the appropriate faculty secretary to the Human Resources Office for the processing of residence permits for the faculty member and the residence permits of his/her family:

  • Copy of driver’s license

  • Official copy of marriage license (if applicable)

  • Birth certificates of children (if any)

  • 6 passport-size color photographs of each family member

  • Copies of diplomas (faculty must submit the original)

  • Copy of residence permit (for renewals)

Fees for Residence Permit (ikamet teskeresi):
Fees are subject to change. For educators employed in higher education, the current fee for the initial ikamet notebook (defter or cuzdan) for a faculty member, his/her spouse, and his/her child is 460 YTL each. Renewals are 66 YTL, unless the notebook needs to be replaced. Fees for accompanying siblings or parents are different.

RenewelsRenewals of Residence Permit (ikamet teskeresi): You should submit your residence permit to the Human Resources Office (Ayhan Şeker Ext. 1209)to renew 15 days prior to the expiration date. Your faculty secretary can help you with this.

Important: You should submit your residence permit to the Human Resources Office to renew 15 days prior to the expiration date. Your faculty secretary can help you with this.

Fees are subject to change. For educators employed in higher education, the current fee for the initial ikamet notebook (defter or cuzdan) for a faculty member, his/her spouse, and his/her child is 60 million YTL each. Renewals are free of charge, unless the notebook needs to be replaced. Fees for accompanying siblings or parents are different.

Turkish Citizens:

Turkish Citizens:

Turkish Citizens: Turkish

                    Turkish citizens must provide the following documents to the Human Resources office (Ayhan Şeker, Ext. 1209) through their faculty secretary. Submission of these documents is required for their official status at Koç University.

  • Muhtardan Nüfus Cüzdan Sureti

  • Muhtardan İkametgah Senedi

  • Nüfus Cüzdan Fotokopisi

  • Adli Sicil Belgesi

  • Verem Savaş Dispanserinden Sağlık Raporu

  • Erkekler için terhis belgesi

  • 10 Fotoğraf

  • Ehliyet Fotokopisi

  • Diploma fotokopisi

  • Kan Grubunu gösterir belge

  • Daha once çalıştığı işyerinde sigortalı olmuş ise, sigortalı sicil kartı fotokopisi.

ID Ccards and Email Accounts:

Each faculty member as well as his/her spouse is can be issued A The KU ID card and an e-mail address. are available for each faculty member, as well as his/her spouses. The KU ID card gives borrowing privileges at the lLibrary, access to the special information on the web, and on the computer network system.

The procedure to obtain an ID card is as follows:

  1. CIT opens an email account for him/her. (The appropriate faculty secretary will facilitate this.)

  1. The appropriate faculty secretary sends Filiz Sert (Ext.ension: 1608) in the Registrar’s Office the following:

Faculty member:

  • name and surname

  • 1 color passport-size photograph

  • if s/he is employed full time or part time

  • if s/he works at another university or company

  • his/her academic title at both YÖK and Koç University

  • Koç University email address


  • name and surname

  • spouse’s name and surname

  • 1 color passport-size photograph

  • Koç University email address

  1. Filiz Sert sends the needed information and picture to the Security Department in order to print the ID Cards.

  1. The ID card holder goes and signs for his/her ID card at the Security Department.

Replacement Fee for ID Cards: If your ID card is lost or stolen, the current replacement cost is 30 YTL.

Help with Customs (Gümrük):
The University will assist the newly arriving faculty in finding a customs broker to help draw their goods from customs. Related expenses and formalities are the responsibility of the individual.

Registering with the Neighborhood Magistrate (Muhtarlık):

Once settled in housing, all family members are registered by Human Resources with the nearest neighborhood magistrate (Muhtarlık). The “muhtar” provides a residence document called “İkametgah Senedi” which is the registration document of the local authorities proving that you live at the specified address.

Health Insurance:

Health insurance can be bought through the University. Monthly premiums will be deducted from your salary. For more information, contact Sevilay Akpınar (Ext.1264) ain t the Human Resources. Resources Office. The Office of Human Resources will help with claims and correspondence with the insurance company.

Note for ELC Faculty: (This does not apply to the ELC faculty. See Section 3.10 Health Care for information on TieCare Insurance.)

    Buying and Registering a Car:

Non-Turkish citizens are entitled to buy a car with a special type of license plate (a “blue plate”) without paying tax. See Section 2.5 of this Guide for more detailed information. All Blue-Plate cars must be registered with office of Human Resources (Ayhan Şeker Ext. 1209).

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