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Incertae sedis near Sylviidae

There is considerable argument as to the true relationships of these species. All are Madagascan endemics and therefore not in BoA or the regional guides (of the references considered here they are only in DFW, CMT, HM, SAM, HBW and IOC). Some have been thought to have relationships with Timaliidae and/or Pycnonotidae. HM considers that all are linked. The references consider the familial relationships to be:

Randia, Cryptosylvicola and Thamnornis: CMT, HBW, IOC place in Sylviidae with Randia and Thamnornis also by DFW and SAM (Cryptosylvicola was first described in 1996 after these were published), HM places all three Incertae sedis near Sylviidae.

Newtonia spp: DFW, CMT, SAM, HBW place in Sylviidae, HM, IOC in Vangidae.

Bernieria and Xanthomixis spp: CMT, SAM have as Phyllastrephus spp in Pycnonotidae, DFW has all as Bernieria spp in Timaliidae, IOC place in Sylviidae, HM has them Incertae sedis near Sylviidae, and they are not yet covered by HBW.

Oxylabes and Crossleyia: DFW, SAM place in Timaliidae, CMT has them Incertae sedis near Timaliidae, HBW, IOC place in Sylviidae, HM has them Incertae sedis near Sylviidae.

Hartertula (Neomixis) flavoviridis: DFW, SAM place in Timaliidae, CMT has them Incertae sedis near Timaliidae, IOC places in Sylviidae, HM has them Incertae sedis near Sylviidae and HBW places in Cisticolidae.

Neomixis tenella, N. viridis and N. striatigula: DFW, SAM place in Timaliidae, CMT has them Incertae sedis near Timaliidae, HBW places in Cisticolidae, HM, IOC have them Incertae sedis near Cisticolidae.

Mystacornis: DFW, SAM place in Timaliidae, CMT has it Incertae sedis near Timaliidae, HM, IOC place in Vangidae and it is not yet covered by HBW.
Randia pseudozosterops Rand’s Warbler Randie malgache

Marvantsetra Warbler Fauvette de Rand

Cryptosylvicola randrianasoloi Cryptic Warbler Fauvette à pattes noires

Thamnornis chloropetoides Thamnornis Nésille kiritika

Thamnornis Warbler; Kiritika Warbler Fauvette chloropétoide

Newtonia brunneicauda Common Newtonia Newtonie commune

brunneicauda; monticola

Newtonia amphichroa Dark Newtonia Newtonie sombre

Newtonia archboldi Archbold’s Newtonia Newtonie d’Archbold

Newtonia fanovanae Red-tailed Newtonia Newtonie de Fanovana

Newtonie à queue rouge

Bernieria madagascariensis Long-billed Tetraka Bernière tétraka

Common Tetraka; Long-billed Greenbul; Bulbul tétraka

Long-billed Bernieria*

madagascariensis; inceleber

Xanthomixis zosterops Short-billed Tetraka Bernière à bec court

Spectacled Greenbul; Spectacled Tetraka* Bulbul à bec court

fulvescens; zosterops; ankafanae; andapae (HBW incl last 2 in zosterops)

Xanthomixis apperti Appert’s Tetraka Bernière d’Appert

Appert’s Greenbul Bulbul d’Appert

Xanthomixis tenebrosa DuskyTetraka Bernière obscur

Dusky Greenbul Bulbul obscure

HM notes often incorrectly spelt X. tenebrosus

Xanthomixis cinereiceps Grey-crowned Tetraka Bernière à couronne grise

Grey-crowned Greenbul Bulbul à tête grise

Oxylabes madagascariensis White-throated Oxylabes Oxylabe à gorge blanche

Crossleyia xanthophrys Madagascar Yellowbrow Oxylabe à sourcils jaunes

Yellow-browed Oxylabes

Mystacornis crossleyi Crossley’s Babbler Mystacorne de Crossley

Neomixis tenella Madagascar Jery Petite Eréonesse

Common Jery* Petite Eroesse

tenella; orientalis; decaryi; debilis

Neomixis viridis Green Jery Eréonesse verte

Eroesse verte

viridis; delacouri

Neomixis striatigula Stripe-throated Jery Grande Eréonesse

Grande Eroesse

striatigula; pallidior; sclateri

Hartertula flavoviridis Wedge-tailed Jery Eréonesse à queue étagée

Eroesse à queue étagée

DFW, SAM Neomixis flavoviridis

REGULIDAE (BoA includes in Sylviidae)

Regulus ignicapilla Firecrest Roitelet triple bandeau

Common Firecrest Roitelet à triple bandeau

balearicus; ignicapilla; madeirensis

HM notes often incorrectly spelt ignicapillus (+ race) (Note: balearicus is correct)

HBW, IOC raise Regulus madeirensis (IOC madeirae) Madeira Firecrest Roitelet de Madère

Regulus regulus Goldcrest Roitelet huppé

regulus; azoricus; sanctaemariae; inermis; (HM, HBW + teneriffae; HBW + ellenthalerae)

CMT raises Regulus teneriffae Tenerife Kinglet Roitelet de Teneriffe

CISTICOLIDAE (BoA, DFW, ZTP, BD include in Sylviidae (DFW as subfamily Cisticolinae))

In much of the older literature the genus Cisticola is considered feminine and hence specific names were …a. However recent works have changed this to masculine and hence most specific names are now …us although a few have remained as …a for grammatical reasons.
Cisticola erythrops Red-faced Cisticola Cisticole à face rousse

erythrops; sylvia; nyasa; lepe; pyrrhomitrus (HM pyrrhomitra); niloticus

SAM, IOC raise Cisticola lepe Lepe Cisticola Cisticole de Lepi

Cisticola cantans Singing Cisticola Cisticole chanteuse

swanzii (not in CMT); concolor; adamauae; belli; cantans; pictipennis; muenzneri

Cisticola lateralis Whistling Cisticola Cisticole siffleuse

lateralis; antinorii; modesta (HM modestus)

Cisticola woosnami Trilling Cisticola Cisticole de Woosnam

woosnami; lufira

Cisticola anonymus Chattering Cisticola Cisticole babillarde

Cisticola bulliens Bubbling Cisticola Cisticole murmure

septentrionalis; bulliens

Cisticola chubbi Chubb’s Cisticola Cisticole de Chubb

chubbi; marungensis; adametzi; discolor

SAM raises Cisticola discolor Brown-backed Cisticola Cisticole à dos brun

Cisticola hunteri Hunter’s Cisticola Cisticole de Hunter

Cisticola nigriloris Black-lored Cisticola Cisticole masquée

Cisticola aberrans Rock-loving Cisticola Cisticole paresseuse

Lazy Cisticola* Cisticole des rochers

petrophilus; admiralis; emini; lurio; nyika; aberrans; minor; bailunduensis; (ZTP + teitensis (BoA, CMT, HM incl in emini))

SAM, IOC (+SS) raise Cisticola emini Rock-loving Cisticola Cisticole pétrophile

Cisticola chiniana Rattling Cisticola Cisticole grinçante

Cisticole à crécerelles

simplex; fricki; humilis; ukamba; victoria; fischeri; keithi; mbeya; heterophrys; emendatus; procerus; chiniana; campestris; smithersi; frater; fortis; bensoni

SAM (+SL) Cisticola chinianus

Cisticola bodessa Boran Cisticola Cisticole des Borans

bodessa; kaffensis

Cisticola njombe Churring Cisticola Cisticole njombé

Cisticole des alpages

njombe; mariae

Cisticola cinereolus Ashy Cisticola Cisticole cendrée

schillingsi; cinereolus

Cisticola restrictus Tana River Cisticola Cisticole du Tana

Cisticola rufilatus Grey Cisticola Cisticole grise

[**Tinkling Cisticola*] Cisticole des taillis

rufilatus; ansorgei; vicinior

Some authors use the name Tinkling Cisticola for this species but as Cisticola tinniens is also known as this it seems best to avoid

this name for either

Cisticola subruficapilla Grey-backed Cisticola Cisticole à dos gris

Red-headed Cisticola

subruficapilla; namaqua; jamesi; karasensis; windhoekensis; newtoni

HM notes often incorrectly spelt C. subruficapillus (+race)

Cisticola lais Wailing Cisticola Cisticole plaintive

semifasciatus; mashona; oreobates; monticola; lais; maculatus; namba; distinctus

SAM, IOC, ZTP raise Cisticola distinctus Lynes’s Cisticola Cisticole de Lynes

Cisticola galactotes Winding Cisticola Cisticole roussâtre

Black-backed Cisticola; Rufous-winged Cisticola*

amphilectus; zalingei; marginatus; lugubris; nyansae; suahelicus; haematocephalus (HM, HBW haematocephala); galactotes; luapula; schoutedeni (HBW incl in lugubris); stagnans (HBW incl in lugubris); (HM, HBW + isodactylus (BoA, CMT incl in suahelicus))

HBW, IOC (+SS) raise Cisticola luapula Luapula Cisticola Cisticole du Luapula (also ROB, SL); Cisticola marginatus Winding Cisticola Cisticole du Nil (races marginatus, amphilectus, zalingei, nyansae, suahelicus), Cisticola haematocephala Coastal Cisticola Cisticole côhère, Cisticola lugubris Ethiopian Cisticola Cisticole d’Ethiopie; (C. galactotes becomes Rufous-winged Cisticola Cisticole roussâtre (races galactotes, isodactylus))

Cisticola pipiens Chirping Cisticola Cisticole pépiante

Cisticole des roseaux

congo; pipiens; arundicola

Cisticola carruthersi Carruthers’s Cisticola Cisticole de Carruthers

Cisticola tinniens Levaillant’s Cisticola Cisticole à sonnette

Lesser Black-backed Cisticola; [Tinkling Cisticola] Petite Cisticole roussâtre

tinniens; shiwae; perpullus; dyleffi; oreophilus; (HM, HBW + brookei (HBW as elegans))

Some authors use the name Tinkling Cisticola for this species but as Cisticola rufilatus is also known as this it seems best to

avoid this name for either

Cisticola robustus Stout Cisticola Cisticole robuste

robustus; schraderi; omo; nuchalis; awemba; angolensis; santae

SAM raises Cisticola angolensis Angola Cisticola Cisticole angolaise (races angolensis, awemba)

Cisticola aberdare Aberdare Cisticola Cisticole des Aberdare

Cisticola natalensis Croaking Cisticola Cisticole striée

Striped Cisticola

strangei; tonga; inexpectatus; argenteus; natalensis; holubi (HM holubii); katanga; huambo (not in CMT); (ZTP + kapitensis (BoA, CMT, HM, HBW incl in strangei)), matengorum (HM, HBW incl in natalensis))

Cisticola ruficeps Red-pate Cisticola Cisticole à tête rousse

guinea (HBW = C. dorsti (see next)); ruficeps; scotopterus (HM, HBW scotoptera); mongalla

SAM raises Cisticola mongalla Mongalla Cisticola Cisticole de Mongalla

Cisticola guinea Dorst’s Cisticola Cisticole de Dorst

HBW notes that there has been a mix up with this. Several authors have this as Cisticola dorsti and with guinea as a subspecies

of Cisticola ruficeps. However the above is correct.

Cisticola nana Tiny Cisticola Cisticole naine

HM notes often incorrectly spelt C. nanus

Cisticola brachypterus Siffling Cisticola Cisticole à ailes courtes

Short-winged Cisticola*

brachypterus; hypoxanthus; zedlitzi; katonae; kericho; reichenowi; ankole; isabellinus; loanda

Cisticola rufus Rufous Cisticola Cisticole rousse

Cisticola troglodytes Foxy Cisticola Cisticole russule

Sandy Cisticola Cisticole grisâtre

troglodytes; ferrugineus

Cisticola fulvicapilla Piping Cisticola Cisticole à couronne rousse


dexter; dispar; muelleri; hallae; ruficapilla; lebombo; fulvicapilla; dumicola; silberbaueri (HBW silberbauer)

HM notes often incorrectly spelt C. fulvicapillus (+ races ruficapillus, fulvicapillus)

Cisticola angusticauda Tabora Cisticola Cisticole à queue fine

Long-tailed Cisticola*

HM notes often incorrectly spelt C. angusticaudus

DFW subsumes into Cisticola fulvicapillus

Cisticola melanurus Slender-tailed Cisticola Cisticole à queue noire

Black- tailed Cisticola*

DFW Cisticola melanura

Cisticola juncidis Zitting Cisticola Cisticole des joncs

Fan-tailed Cisticola

juncidis; uropygialis; terrestris; (CMT, HM, HBW + cisticola (BoA incl in juncidis); HBW + perennius)

Cisticola haesitatus Socotra Cisticola Cisticole de Socotra

Island Cisticola

Cisticola cherina Madagascar Cisticola Cisticole malgache

Cisticola aridulus Desert Cisticola Cisticole du désert

aridulus; lavendulae (CMT lavandulae); tanganyika; perplexus; traylori; eremicus; kalahari; caliginus; lobito
Cisticola textrix Cloud Cisticola Cisticole pinc-pinc

Tink-tink Cisticola Cisticole ponctuée

textrix; major; marleyi; bulubulu; anselli

Cisticola eximius Black-backed Cisticola Cisticole à dos noir

Black-necked Cisticola; Black-backed Cloud Cisticola

eximius; occidens; winneba

Cisticola dambo Dambo Cisticola Cisticole dambo

Black-tailed Cisticola; Cloud-scraping Cisticola Cisticole des dambos

dambo; kasai

Cisticola brunnescens Pectoral-patch Cisticola Cisticole brune

Cisticole brunâtre

brunnescens; wambera; nakuruensis; hindii; lynesi; mbangensis

Cisticola cinnamomeus Pale-crowned Cisticola Cisticole châtain

cinnamomeus; midcongo; egregius (HBW egregia)

SAM, ZTP (+DFW presumed) subsume into Cisticola brunnescens

Cisticola ayresii Wing-snapping Cisticola Cisticole gratte-nuage

Ayres’s Cisticola

ayresii; itombwensis; mauensis; entebbe; gabun; imatong
Note: there are at least two new species of Cisticola waiting to be described from Tanzania. These are noted in SF and SS as White-tailed Cisticola and Kilombero Cisticola
Incana incana Socotra Warbler Cisticole pâle

Socotra Cisticola Fauvette de Socotra

CMT Incana incanus; SAM Cisticola incanus

Scotocerca inquieta Streaked Scrub-Warbler Dromoique vif-argent

Scrub-Warbler* Dromoique du désert

saharae; inquieta; theresae

Phragmacia substriata Namaqua Warbler Prinia du Namaqua

Namaqua Prinia Prinia namaqua

substriata; confinis

CMT Prinia substriata

Prinia subflava Tawny-flanked Prinia Prinia modeste

Prinia commune

affinis; pallescens; subflava; melanorhyncha; tenella; graueri; kasokae; bechuanae (CMT bechulanae); mutatrix; pondoensis

Prinia fluviatilis River Prinia Prinia aquatique

Prinia somalica Pale Prinia Prinia pâle

erlangeri; somalica

Prinia flavicans Black-chested Prinia Prinia à plastron

nubilosa; ansorgei; bihe; flavicans; ortleppi (HBW incl in flavicans)

Prinia maculosa Karoo Prinia Prinia du Karroo

maculosa; exultans; psammophila; (BoA, HM + hypoxantha here considered a separate species)

Prinia hypoxantha Drakensberg Prinia Prinia à poitrine cannelle

Saffron-breasted Prinia Prinia du Drakensberg

BoA, SAM, HM subsume into Prinia maculosa

Prinia molleri São Tomé Prinia Prinia de São Tomé

Prinia bairdii Banded Prinia Prinia rayée

bairdii; obscura; melanops; heinrichi

SAM, IOC raise Prinia melanops Black-faced Prinia

Prinia gracilis Graceful Prinia Prinia gracile

Graceful Warbler

carlo; gracilis; natronensis; deltae

Schistolais leucopogon White-chinned Prinia Prinia à gorge blanche

leucopogon; reichenowi

DFW, CMT, SAM, ZTP (+SF) Prinia leucopogon

Schistolais leontica Sierra Leone Prinia Prinia du Sierra Leone

White-eyed Prinia

DFW, CMT, SAM Prinia leontica

Oreophilais robertsi Briar Warbler Prinia de Roberts

Roberts’s Prinia; Roberts’s Warbler*

DFW, CMT Prinia robertsi

Heliolais erythropterus Red-winged Warbler Prinia à ailes rousses

Red-winged Prinia Fauvette à ailes rousses

erythropterus; jodopterus; major; rhodopterus

HM notes often incorrectly spelt H. erythroptera (+races erythropterus, rhodopterus, jodopterus)

CMT Prinia erythroptera

Urolais epichlorus Green Longtail Prinia verte

epichlorus; cinderella; mariae

HM notes often incorrectly spelt U. epichlora (+race)

Urohipis rufifrons Red-fronted Warbler Apalis à front roux

Red-faced Apalis; Red-fronted Apalis* Fauvette à front roux

rufifrons; smithi; rufidorsalis

DFW, ZTP (+SF) Spiloptila rufifrons; SAM Apalis rufifrons

Spiloptila clamans Cricket Warbler Prinia à front écailleux

Cricket Longtail; Scaly-fronted Warbler

Drymocichla incana Red-winged Grey Warbler Prinia grise

Fauvette grise à ailes rousses

Apalis thoracica Bar-throated Apalis Apalis à collier

Apalis à gorge barré

arnoldi; fuscigularis; griseiceps; pareensis; murina; uluguru; youngi; whitei; flavigularis; lynesi; quarta; rhodesiae; spelonkensis; flaviventris; lebomboensis; drakensbergensis; venusta; thoracica; claudei; capensis; griseopyga; (HBW + darglensis)

HBW, IOC (+SS) raise Apalis fuscigularis (SS fascigularis) Taita Apalis Apalis des Teitas; Apalis lynesi Namuli Apalis Apalis du Namuli; Apalis flavigularis Yellow-throated Apalis Apalis noir et jaune

Apalis pulchra Black-collared Apalis Apalis à col noir

Apalis à collier noir

pulchra; murphyi

Apalis ruwenzorii Ruwenzori Apalis Apalis du Ruwenzori

Collared Apalis

CMT Apalis ruwenzori

DFW subsumes into Apalis pulchra

Apalis ruddi Rudd’s Apalis Apalis de Rudd

ruddi; caniviridis; fumosa

Apalis flavida Yellow-breasted Apalis Apalis à gorge jaune

neglecta (ZTP incl in flavocincta); caniceps; abyssinica; flavocincta; viridiceps; pugnax; golzi; flavida; florisuga

SAM raises Apalis viridiceps Brown-tailed Apalis Apalis à queue brune

Apalis binotata Lowland Masked Apalis Apalis masque

Masked Apalis Apalis masquée

Apalis personata Mountain Masked Apalis Apalis à face noire

Black-faced Apalis Apalis masquée des montagnes

personata; marungensis

Apalis jacksoni Black-throated Apalis Apalis à gorge noire

Apalis à moustaches blanches

jacksoni; bambuluensis; minor; (HBW + albimentalis)

Apalis chariessa White-winged Apalis Apalis à ailes blanches

macphersoni; chariessa

Apalis nigriceps Black-capped Apalis Apalis à calotte noir

[Apalis à tête noire]

nigriceps; collaris

Apalis melanocephala Black-headed Apalis Apalis à tête noire

Apalis mélanocéphale

lightoni; melanocephala; nigrodorsalis; moschi; muhuluensis; tenebricosa; fuliginosa; adjacens; addenda

Apalis chirindensis Chirinda Apalis Apalis de Chirinda

chirindensis; vumbae

Apalis porphyrolaema Chestnut-throated Apalis Apalis à gorge marron

porphyrolaema; affinis (not in HM); kaboboensis

SAM, HBW, IOC (+SS) raise Apalis kaboboensis Kabobo Apalis Apalis du Kabobo

Apalis chapini Chapin’s Apalis Apalis de Chapin

Chestnut-headed Apalis Apalis à tête rousse

strausae; chapini

Apalis sharpii Sharpe’s Apalis Apalis de Sharpe

SAM, IOC Apalis sharpei

Apalis rufogularis Buff-throated Apalis Apalis à gorge rousse

rufogularis; sanderi; angolensis; brauni; nigrescens; kigezi; argentea

SAM, HBW, IOC (+SF, SS) raise Apalis argentea Kungwe Apalis Apalis de Moreau

Apalis karamojae Karamoja Apalis Apalis du Karamoja

karamojae; stronachi

Apalis bamendae Bamenda Apalis Apalis du Bamenda

Apalis goslingi Gosling’s Apalis Apalis de Gosling

Apalis cinerea Grey Apalis Apalis cendrée

Apalis grise

funebris (HBW incl in cinerea); sclateri; grandis; cinerea

Apalis alticola Brown-headed Apalis Apalis à tête brune

alticola; dowsetti

DFW subsumes into Apalis cinerea
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