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Hypsipetes borbonicus Olivaceous Bulbul Bulbul de Bourbon

Réunion Black Bulbul; Réunion Bulbul*

(HM +borbonicus; olivaceus here considered separate species)

Hypsipetes olivaceus Mauritius Bulbul Bulbul de Maurice

Mauritius Black Bulbul

SAM, HM subsume into Hypsipetes borbonicus

Hypsipetes madagascariensis Madagascar Black Bulbul Bulbul de Madagascar

Madagascar Bulbul; Malagasy Bulbul* Bulbul malgache

madagascariensis; grotei (HBW incl in madagascariensis); rostratus

Hypsipetes parvirostris Comoro Bulbul Bulbul des Comores

Comoro Black Bulbul; Comoros Bulbul*

(HM, HBW + parvirostris; moheliensis)

Bleda syndactylus Red-tailed Bristlebill Bulbul moustac

Common Bristlebill; Bristlebill Bulbul moustac à queue rousse

woosnami; syndactylus; nandensis (HBW incl in woosnami)

HM notes often incorrectly spelt B. syndactyla (and race)

Bleda eximius Green-tailed Bristlebill Bulbul à queue verte

Bulbul moustac à queue verte

monotypic; (BoA, HM + ugandae; notatus; eximius here considered as 2 species)

HM notes often incorrectly spelt B. eximia (+race)

(SS raises Bleda ugandae Yellow-eyed Bristebill)

Bleda notatus Lesser Bristlebill Bulbul jaunelore

Yellow-lored Bristlebill

notatus; ugandae

HM notes often incorrectly spelt B. notata (+race)

BoA, DFW, HM, SAM subsume into Bleda eximius

Bleda canicapillus Grey-headed Bristlebill Bulbul fourmilier

Bulbul moustac à tête grise

canicapillus; moreli (HM, HBW, BD morelorum)

HM notes often incorrectly spelt B. canicapilla (+race)

Criniger barbatus Western Bearded Greenbul Bulbul crinon

Bearded Greenbul Bulbul crinon occidental

barbatus; ansorgeanus

Criniger chloronotus Eastern Bearded Greenbul Bulbul à dos vert

Green-backed Bulbul Bulbul crinon oriental

Criniger calurus Red-tailed Greenbul Bulbul à barbe blanche

Red-tailed Bulbul Bulbul huppé à barbe blanche

emini; calurus; verreauxi

Criniger ndussumensis White-bearded Greenbul Bulbul de Reichenow

White-bearded Bulbul

DFW subsumes into Criniger olivaceus

Criniger olivaceus Yellow-bearded Greenbul Bulbul à barbe jaune

Yellow-bearded Bulbul; Yellow-throated

Olive Greenbul

Pycnonotus xanthopygos White-eyed Bulbul Bulbul d’Arabie

White-spectacled Bulbul*; Yellow-vented Bulbul [Bulbul des jardins]

Pycnonotus barbatus Common Bulbul Bulbul des jardins

Dark-capped Bulbul; Black-eyed Bulbul; Bulbul commun

Garden Bulbul

layardi; barbatus; inornatus; arsinoe; schoanus; somaliensis; spurius; dodsoni; gabonensis; tricolor

SAM, IOC (+SS) raise Pycnonotus somaliensis Somali Bulbul Bulbul somalien; Pycnonotus dodsoni Dodson’s Bulbul Bulbul de Dodson

SAM, IOC, ROB (+SL, SS) raise Pycnonotus tricolor Dark-capped Bulbul Bulbul tricolore

Pycnonotus nigricans African Red-eyed Bulbul Bulbul brunoir

Black-fronted Bulbul; Red-eyed Bulbul

nigricans; superior

Pycnonotus capensis Cape Bulbul Bulbul du Cap

Pycnonotus jocosus Red-whiskered Bulbul ??


Incertae sedis near Pycnonotidae
General opinion seems to be that the following four species are in (BoA, CMT, SAM, HBW) or near (HM, IOC) Pycnonotidae. DFW has Neolestes near Pycnonotidae and Nicator near Malaconotidae. Note: BoA has Pycnonotidae in Vol. 4 but adds these four from Vol. 6.
Neolestes torquatus Black-collared Bulbul Bulbul à collier noir

Nicator chloris Western Nicator Bulbul nicator

Yellow-spotted Nicator Nicator vert

Nicator gularis Eastern Nicator Bulbul à tête brune

White-throated Nicator Bulbul à tête noire; Nicator à gorge blanche

Nicator vireo Yellow-throated Nicator Bulbul à gorge jaune

Nicator à gorge jaune

5 Madagascan endemics Bernieria spp, Xanthomixis spp, or Phyllastrephus spp (depending on the nomenclature used) are often placed in or near Pycnonotidae. Here they are placed Incertae sedis near Sylviidae.


Bombycilla garrulus Bohemian Waxwing Jaseur boreal

Jaseur de Bohême


Hypocolius ampelinus Grey Hypocolius Hypocolius gris


CMT, SAM, HBW place in Hypocoliidae


Cinclus cinclus White-throated Dipper Cincle plongeur


TROGLODYTIDAE (SAM includes in Certhiidae)

Troglodytes troglodytes Winter Wren Troglodyte mignon

Wren; Northern Wren

kabylorum; juniperi
PRUNELLIDAE (SAM includes in Passeridae)
Prunella collaris Alpine Accentor Accenteur alpin


Prunella modularis Dunnock Accenteur mouchet

Hedge Accentor

modularis; obscura

All chats and thrushes are included here in Turdidae following BoA, DFW, HBW (+ ZTP, BD). SAM places all in Muscicapidae although has the true thrushes as a subfamily Turdinae. CMT, HM, IOC have only the ‘true thrushes’ (although with different definitions – HM excludes Pseudocossyphus spp and Monticola spp), and here placed after the chats, in Turdidae and the rest in Muscicapidae.

Pogonocichla stellata White-starred Robin Rougegorge étoilé

Akalat étoilé

stellata; intensa; ruwenzorii; elgonensis; guttifer; pallidiflava; macarthuri; helleri; orientalis; transvaalensis; (HBW + hygrica; chirindensis)

Swynnertonia swynnertoni Swynnerton's Robin Rougegorge de Swynnerton

Akalat de Swynnerton

swynnertoni; rodgersi

Stiphrornis erythrothorax Forest Robin Rougegorge de forêt

Western Forest Robin*; [Robin]

erythrothorax; gabonensis; xanthogaster; (HBW, BD + sanghensis)

HM, IOC (+SS) raises Stiphrornis sanghensis Sangha Robin (Sangha Forest Robin) (note that HBW considers this premature)

IOC (+SS) raise Stiphrornis gabonensis Gabon Forest Robin; Stiphrornis xanthogaster Eastern Forest Robin; S. erythrothorax

becomes Western Forest Robin) (note that HBW considers these premature)

Sheppardia bocagei Bocage's Akalat Rougegorge de Bocage

Bocage’s Robin* Akalat à joues rousses; Cossyphe à

joues rousses

bocagei; chapini; ilyai; kaboboensis; kungwensis; schoutedeni; granti; poensis

SAM, IOC raise Sheppardia poensis Alexander’s Akalat (Alexander’s Robin*) Akalat Rougegorge d’Alexander

Sheppardia cyornithopsis Lowland Akalat Rougegorge merle

Akalat Merle rougegorge

houghtoni; cyornithopsis; lopezi

Sheppardia aequatorialis Equatorial Akalat Rougegorge equatorial

Merle rougegorge equatorial aequatorialis; acholiensis

Sheppardia sharpei Sharpe's Akalat Rougegorge de Sharpe

Akalat de Sharpe

sharpei; usambarae

Sheppardia gunningi East Coast Akalat Rougegorge de Gunning

Akalat de Gunning

gunningi; sokokensis; bensoni; alticola

Sheppardia gabela Gabela Akalat Rougegorge de Gabela

Akalat de Gabela

Sheppardia montana Usambara Akalat Rougegorge des Usambaras

Usambara Ground Robin Cossyphe des Usambaras

Sheppardia lowei Iringa Akalat Rougegorge d'Iringa

Iringa Ground Robin Cossyphe d’Iringa

(Sheppardia aurantiithorax Rubeha Akalat Rougegorge de Tanzanie)

CMT, HBW, IOC add this as a new species first described in 2004

Erithacus rubecula European Robin Rougegorge familier

[Robin] Rougegorge

rubecula; witherbyi; superbus

Luscinia luscinia Thrush Nightingale Rossignol progné


Luscinia megarhynchos Common Nightingale Rossignol philomèle


megarhynchos; africana; hafizi; (HM + baehrmanni (HBW incl in megarhynchos))

Luscinia svecica Bluethroat Gorgebleu à miroir


svecica; cyanecula; magna; volgae; (HBW + namnetum)

Luscinia calliope Siberian Rubythroat Rossignol calliope

Irania gutturalis Irania Irania à gorge blanche

Persian Robin; White-throated Irania;

[White-throated Robin*]

Copsychus sechellarum Seychelles Magpie-Robin Shama des Seychelles

Merle dyal des Seychelles

Copsychus albospecularis Madagascar Magpie-Robin Shama de Madagascar

Merle dyal malgache

albospecularis; inexpectatus; pica; (CMT + winterbottomi (HM, HBW incl in inexpectatus))
Most Robin-Chats Cossypha (and Cossyphicula) spp are also known as Robins
Cossyphicula roberti White-bellied Robin-Chat Cossyphe à ventre blanc

African Flycatcher-Chat

roberti; rufescentior

SAM Cossypha roberti

Cossypha isabellae Mountain Robin-Chat Cossyphe d'Isabelle

Cameroon Mountain Robin*

batesi; isabellae

Cossypha archeri Archer's Robin-Chat Cossyphe d'Archer

Archer’s Ground Robin; Olive-flanked Ground Robin*

archeri; kimbutui

Cossypha anomala Olive-flanked Robin-Chat Cossyphe à flancs olives

grotei; anomala; macclounii; mbuluensis; (CMT (+SAM implied) + gurue (BoA, HM, HBW incl in anomala))

Cossypha caffra Cape Robin-Chat Cossyphe du Cap

iolaema; kivuensis; caffra; namaquensis; (CMT + drakensbergi (HM, HBW incl in caffra); vespera (HM incl in iolaema))

Cossypha humeralis White-throated Robin-Chat Cossyphe à gorge blanche

Cossypha polioptera Grey-winged Robin-Chat Cossyphe à sourcils blancs

Grey-winged Akalat

polioptera; nigriceps; tessmanni

HBW, ZTP Sheppardia polioptera

Cossypha cyanocampter Blue-shouldered Robin-Chat Cossyphe à ailes bleues

cyanocampter; bartteloti

Cossypha semirufa Rüppell's Robin-Chat Cossyphe de Rüppell

semirufa; donaldsoni; intercedens

Cossypha heuglini White-browed Robin-Chat Cossyphe d'Heuglin

Heuglin’s White-browed Robin-Chat;

Heuglin’s Robin-Chat

heuglini; intermedia; subrufescens

Cossypha natalensis Red-capped Robin-Chat Cossyphe à calotte rousse

Rufous-capped Robin-Chat

intensa; natalensis; larischi; (ZTP + hylophona)

Cossypha dichroa Chorister Robin-Chat Cossyphe choriste

dichroa; mimica

Cossypha heinrichi White-headed Robin-Chat Cossyphe à tête blanche

Angola White-headed Robin-Chat Cossyphe de Heinrich; Cossyphe à tête blanche d’Angola

Cossypha niveicapilla Snowy-crowned Robin-Chat Cossyphe à calotte neigeuse

Snowy-headed Robin-Chat Petit Cossyphe à tête blanche

niveicapilla; melanota (CMT, HM melanonota); (HBW monotypic)

Cossypha albicapillus White-crowned Robin-Chat Cossyphe à calotte blanche

Grand Cossyphe à tête blanche

albicapillus; giffardi; omoensis

HM notes often incorrectly spelt C. albicapilla (+race)

Xenocopsychus ansorgei Angola Cave-Chat Cossyphe des grottes
BoA have Modulatrix stictigula and Arcanator (Modulatrix) orostruthus here, but both are here placed Incertae sedis near Timaliidae
Pinarornis plumosus Boulder Chat Rochassier des éboulis

Merle des rochers

Cichladusa arquata Collared Palm-Thrush Cichladuse à collier

Morning Warbler Cichladuse de Peters

Cichladusa ruficauda Rufous-tailed Palm-Thrush Cichladuse à queue rousse

**Red-tailed Morning Warbler; **Red-

tailed Palm-Thrush

Cichladusa guttata Spotted Palm-Thrush Cichladuse tachetée

Spotted Morning Warbler; Spotted Cichladuse à poitrine tachetée

Morning Thrush

guttata; intercalans; rufipennis
DFW, HBW have all Cercotrichas spp except Cercotrichas podobe as Erythropygia spp
Cercotrichas leucosticta Forest Scrub-Robin Agrobate de Ghana

Northern Bearded Scrub-Robin Robin-agrobate de Ghana

leucosticta; colstoni; collsi; reichenowi

Cercotrichas barbata Miombo Scrub-Robin Agrobate barbu

Central Bearded Scrub Robin; **Miombo Robin-agrobate barbu du Miombo

Bearded Scrub-Robin

Cercotrichas quadrivirgata Eastern Bearded Scrub-Robin Agrobate à moustaches

Bearded Scrub-Robin* Agrobate barbu oriental; Robin-agrobate

barbu oriental

quadrivirgata; greenwayi

Cercotrichas signata Brown Scrub-Robin Agrobate brun

Agrobate barbu brun; Robin-agrobate

barbu brun

signata; tongensis

Cercotrichas hartlaubi Brown-backed Scrub-Robin Agrobate à dos brun

Robin-agrobate à dos brun

Cercotrichas leucophrys White-browed Scrub-Robin Agrobate à dos roux

Red-backed Scrub-Robin Robin-agrobate à dos roux

leucoptera; eluta; vulpina; brunneiceps; sclateri; zambesiana; munda; ovamboensis; leucophrys; (HM + simulator (HBW incl in


Cercotrichas galactotes Rufous Scrub-Robin Agrobate roux

Rufous Bush Robin; Rufous Bush Chat;

Rufous-tailed Scrub-Robin*

galactotes; minor; hamertoni; syriacus (HM syriaca); familiaris

CMT raises Cercotrichas minor African Scrub-Robin (races minor; hamertoni)

Cercotrichas paena Kalahari Scrub-Robin Agrobate du Kalahari

paena; oriens; damarensis; benguellensis

Cercotrichas coryphaeus Karoo Scrub-Robin Agrobate coryphée

Agrobate du Karoo

coryphaeus; cinereus (CMT, HM cinerea); (CMT + eurina (HM incl in coryphaeus))

HM, ROB (+SL) Cercotrichas coryphoeus

Cercotrichas podobe Black Scrub-Robin Agrobate podobe

Black Bush Robin Merle podobe


Namibornis herero Herero Chat Namiorne héréro

Traquet du Herero

HBW places in xxxxxxxx idae

Phoenicurus ochruros Black Redstart Rougequeue noir

gibraltariensis; phoenicuroides

Phoenicurus phoenicurus Common Redstart Rougequeue à front blanc


phoenicurus; samamisicus

Phoenicurus moussieri Moussier's Redstart Rougegorge de Moussier

Rubiette de Moussier

Saxicola torquatus Common Stonechat Tarier pâtre

African Stonechat; European Stonechat; Eurasian Stonechat* Traquet pâtre

torquatus; clanceyi; stonei; oreobates; promiscuus; axillaris; albofasciatus; salax; moptanus; nebularum; jebelmarrae; rubicolus;

armenicus; variegatus; sibillus; voeltzkowi; (CMT + altivaga (HM, HBW incl in promiscuus); adamauae (HM incl in

promiscuus; HBW incl in salax); pallidigula (HBW, HM incl in salax); HM + tectes here considered a separate species; HBW +

tsaratananae; ankaratrae)

HM notes often incorrectly spelt Saxicola torquata (+races torquata, promiscua, albofasciata, moptana, armenica, variegata;

note that rubicola and sibilla are still correct)

CMT raises Saxicola rubicola European Stonechat (races rubicola; sibilla; voeltzkowi); Saxicola maura Siberian Stonechat Tarier

de Sibérie (races armenica; variegata)

Saxicola tectes Réunion Stonechat Traquet de la Réunion

Tarier de la Réunion

HM subsumes into Saxicola torquatus

Saxicola rubetra Whinchat Tarier des prés

Traquet tarier

Saxicola dacotiae Canary Island Chat Tarier des Canaries

Fuerteventura Chat; Fuerteventura Stonechat;

Canary Islands Bush Chat*

dacotiae; murielae (extinct); (HBW monotypic (does not recogise murielae even though extinct))

Oenanthe bifasciata Buff-streaked Chat Traquet bifascié

Buff-streaked Bush-Chat Tarier bifascié

BoA, SAM, CMT, IOC Saxicola bifasciata; HM, HBW Campicoloides bifasciatus

Oenanthe leucopyga White-crowned Black Wheatear Traquet à tête blanche

White-tailed Wheatear; White-crowned Wheatear*

aegra (HBW incl in leucopyga); leucopyga; ernesti

Oenanthe leucura Black Wheatear Traquet rieur


Oenanthe monticola Mountain Chat Traquet montagnard

Mountain Wheatear*

monticola; atmorii; albipileata; nigricauda

Oenanthe phillipsi Somali Wheatear Traquet de Somalie

Traquet Somali

Oenanthe oenanthe Northern Wheatear Traquet motteux

European Wheatear

oenanthe; libanotica; leucorrhoa (CMT, HBW leucorhoa); seebohmi

Oenanthe pleschanka Pied Wheatear Traquet pie

(BoA + pleschanka; cypriaca here considered separate species)

Oenanthe cypriaca Cyprus Wheatear Traquet de Chypre

BoA, DFW subsume into Oenanthe pleschanka

Oenanthe hispanica Black-eared Wheatear Traquet oreillard

Spanish Wheatear

hispanica; melanoleuca

Oenanthe monacha Hooded Wheatear Traquet à capuchon

Oenanthe lugens Mourning Wheatear Traquet deuil

halophila; lugens; persica; lugubris; vauriei; schalowi

HM, ZTP, SAM, IOC raise Oenanthe lugubris Schalow’s Wheatear (Abyssinian Wheatear*) Traquet de Schalow (races

schalowi; lugubris; vauriei)

(SF has Oenanthe schalowi Schalow’s Wheatear; SS has O. lugens Mourning Wheatear, O. schalowi Schalow’s Wheatear,

O. lugubris Abyssinian Black Wheatear)

Oenanthe finschii Finsch's Wheatear Traquet de Finsch


Oenanthe moesta Red-rumped Wheatear Traquet à tête grise

Tristram’s Wheatear; Buff-rumped Wheatear

moesta; (HBW monotypic)

Oenanthe xanthoprymna Red-tailed Wheatear Traquet à queue rousse

Rufous-tailed Wheatear; Chestnut-rumped Traquet kurde

Wheatear; Kurdistan Wheatear*

xanthoprymna; chrysopygia; (HM, HBW monotypic)

(HM, HBW, IOC raise Oenanthe chrysopygia Red-tailed Wheatear (Rusty-tailed Wheatear) as an Asian species, with HM having

O. xanthoprymna as Red-rumped Wheatear)

Oenanthe deserti Desert Wheatear Traquet du désert

homochroa; deserti; oreophila

Oenanthe pileata Capped Wheatear Traquet du Cap

pileata; livingstonii; neseri

Oenanthe bottae Red-breasted Wheatear Traquet à poitrine rousse

Botta’s Wheatear; Buff-breasted Wheatear

frenata; (BoA + heuglini here considered a separate species)

Oenanthe heuglini Heuglin’s Wheatear Traquet de Heuglin

BoA, DFW subsume into Oenanthe bottae

Oenanthe isabellina Isabelline Wheatear Traquet isabelle

Cercomela sinuata Sickle-winged Chat Traquet aile-en-faux

Traquet brun; Traquet de roche brun

sinuata; ensifera; hypernephela (CMT hyernephela)

Cercomela schlegelii Karoo Chat Traquet du Karroo

pollux; schlegelii; benguellensis; namaquensis; (CMT + kobosensis)

Cercomela tractrac Tractrac Chat Traquet tractrac

Traquet de roche pale

tractrac; albicans; barlowi; hoeschi; nebulosa

Cercomela familiaris Familiar Chat Traquet familier

Red-tailed Chat Traquet de roche à queue rousse

familiaris; galtoni; angolensis; hellmayri; actuosa; falkensteini; omoensis; (CMT + modesta (HM, HBW incl in falkensteini))

Cercomela scotocerca Brown-tailed Rock-Chat Traquet à queue brune

Brown-tailed Chat Traquet de roche à queue brune

scotocerca; furensis; spectatrix; validior; turkana

Cercomela dubia Sombre Rock-Chat Traquet sombre

Sombre Chat Traquet de roche sombre

Cercomela melanura Blackstart Traquet à queue noire

Black-tailed Rock-Chat Traquet de roche à queue noire

lypura; aussae; airensis; ultima; melanura

Cercomela sordida Hill Chat Traquet afroalpin

Moorland Chat*; Alpine Chat

sordida; ernesti; hypospodia; olimotiensis; (CMT + rudolfi (HM, HBW incl in ernesti))

HBW Pinarochroa sordida

Myrmecocichla tholloni Congo Moor-Chat Traquet du Congo

Traquet-fourmilier du Congo

Myrmecocichla aethiops Northern Anteater-Chat Traquet brun

Anteater Chat* Traquet-fourmilier brun du nord

aethiops; sudanensis; cryptoleuca

Myrmecocichla formicivora Southern Anteater-Chat Traquet-fourmilier

Ant-eating Chat* Traquet-fourmilier brun du sud

Myrmecocichla nigra Sooty Chat Traquet commandeur

Traquet-fourmilier noir

Myrmecocichla melaena Ruppell's Black Chat Traquet de Ruppell

Ruppell's Chat Traquet noir d'Abyssinie

Myrmecocichla albifrons White-fronted Black Chat Traquet à front blanc

Traquet noir à front blanc

frontalis; limbata; clericalis; pachyrhyncha; albifrons

HBW Pentholaea albifrons

Myrmecocichla arnotti Arnott's Chat Traquet d’Arnott

White-headed Black Chat; Arnot’s Chat* Traquet noir d’Arnott

arnotti; harterti

HBW Pentolaea arnotti; DFW, ROB (+SF) Myrmecocichla arnoti
Thamnolaea cinnamomeiventris Cliff Chat Traquet à ventre roux

**Mocking Cliff-Chat*; **Mocking Chat Traquet de roche à ventre roux

cinnamomeiventris; autochthones; subrufipennis; odica; albiscapulata; kordofanensis; coronata; cavernicola (not in CMT); bambarae

BoA, DFW, BD (+SF) Myrmecocichla cinnamomeiventris

SAM, IOC (+SS) raise Thamnolaea coronata White-crowned Cliff-Chat Traquet couronné

Thamnolaea semirufa White-winged Cliff-Chat Traquet demi-roux

Traquet de roche à ailes blanches;

Traquet de roche d'Abyssinie

BoA, DFW Myrmecocichla semirufa

Pseudocossyphus spp and Monticola spp are considered Turdidae by CMT (and BoA, DFW) but Muscicapidae by HM, SAM and IOC
Pseudocossyphus imerina Littoral Rock Thrush Monticole du littoral

Merle de roche du sub-désert

CMT has races erythronotus; salomonseni; imerinus; HM, HBW monotypic

DFW, HBW Monticola imerinus

HM notes often incorrectly spelt imerinus

Note that races erythronotus and salomonseni are included here by CMT and in P. sharpei by HM; uncertain which is correct

Pseudocossyphus sharpei Forest Rock Thrush Monticole de forêt

Merle de roche de forêt

HM has races bensoni; erythronotus; salomonseni; sharpei; CMT monotypic

DFW, HBW Monticola sharpei

HBW raises Monticola erythronotus Amber Mountain Rock Thrush Monticole de l’Ambre

See note under P. imerinus

Pseudocossyphus bensoni Benson’s Rock Thrush Monticole de Benson

Merle de roche de Benson

DFW, HBW Monticola bensoni

HM subsumes into Pseudocossyphus sharpei

Monticola rupestris Cape Rock-Thrush Monticole rocar

Merle de roche du Cap

Monticola explorator Sentinel Rock-Thrush Monticole espion

Merle de roche montagnard

explorator; tenebriformis

Monticola brevipes Short-toed Rock-Thrush Monticole à doigts courts

Merle de roche brachydactyle

brevipes; pretoriae; (CMT + niveiceps (HM incl in brevipes))

SAM, IOC raise Monticola pretoriae Pretoria Rock Thrush (Transvaal Rock Thrush) Monticole du Transvaal

Monticola angolensis Miombo Rock-Thrush Monticole angolais

Merle de roche d’Angola

angolensis; hylophila (HM hylophilus)

Monticola rufocinereus Little Rock-Thrush Monticole rougequeue

Petit Merle de roche


Monticola saxatilis Common Rock Thrush Monticole merle-de-roche

Mountain Rock Thrush; European Rock Merle-de-roche

Thrush; Rufous-tailed Rock-Thrush*;

Rock Thrush

Monticola solitarius Blue Rock Thrush Monticole merle-bleu


solitarius; longirostris
The remaining species are considered ‘true thrushes’ Turdidae by all authors although SAM has them as Turdinae within Muscicapidae and DFW has Neocossyphus spp and Stizorhina fraseri as Incertae sedis
Alethe diademata Fire-crested Alethe Alèthe à huppe rousse

White-tailed Alethe

woosnami; castanea; diademata; (HBW monotypic)

(SS Pseudalethe diademata) (Note that HBW considers this in Alethe and all others in Pseudalethe contra SS)

SAM, HBW (+SS) raise Alethe (SS Pseudalethe) castanea Fire-crested Alethe Alèthe à couronne orangée (races castanea,


Alethe poliophrys Red-throated Alethe Alèthe à gorge rousse

poliophrys; kaboboensis

HBW Pseudalethe poliophrys

Alethe poliocephala Brown-chested Alethe Alèthe à poitrine brune

carruthersi; compsonota; poliocephala; akeleyae (BoA akeleyi); hallae; nandensis (HM, HBW, ZTP incl in carruthersi); giloensis; kungwensis; ufipae; vandeweghei (CMT vandewhegei)

HBW Pseudalethe poliocephala

Alethe fuelleborni White-chested Alethe Alèthe à poitrine blanche

HBW, ROB Pseudalethe fulleborni

Alethe choloensis Cholo Alethe Alèthe du Cholo

Thyolo Alethe* Alèthe du Mont Cholo

choloenis; namuli

HBW Pseudalethe choloensis

Neocossyphus rufus Red-tailed Ant-Thrush Neocossyphe à queue rousse

Red-tailed Rufous Thrush* Grive fourmilière à queue rousse

gabunensis; rufus

DFW has Incertae sedis within Turdidae

Neocossyphus poensis White-tailed Ant-Thrush Neocossyphe à queue blanche

White-tailed Rufous Thrush* Grive fourmilière à queue blanche

poensis; praepectoralis; kakamegoes; nigridorsalis; (CMT + pallidigularis; HM, HBW incl kakamagoes, nigridorsalis,

pallidigularis in praepectoralis)

DFW has Incertae sedis within Turdidae

Stizorhina fraseri Rufous Flycatcher-Thrush Stizorhin de Fraser

Rufous Flycatcher; Rufous Ant-Thrush; Grive fourmilière rousse

Fraser’s Rufous Thrush*

rubicunda; fraseri; vulpina

BoA, CMT, SAM (+SS) Neocossyphus fraseri

DFW has Incertae sedis within Turdidae

Stizorhina finschi Finsch's Flycatcher-Thrush Stizorhin de Finsch

Finsch’s Rufous Thrush Grive fourmilière de Finsch

BoA, CMT, SAM (+SS) Neocossyphus finschi

HBW notes often incorrectly spelt finschii but finschi is correct for this species

DFW subsumes into Stizorhina (Neocossyphus) fraseri

Zoothera oberlaenderi Oberlaender’s Ground-Thrush Grive d’Oberlaender

Forest Ground-Thrush; Oberlaender’s Thrush Grive terrestre d’Oberlaender

Zoothera cameronensis Black-eared Ground-Thrush Grive du Cameroun

Black-eared Thrush Grive terrestre du Cameroun

cameronensis; graueri; kibalensis (not in CMT)

HM, HBW Zoothera camaronensis (+race)

SAM, IOC raise Zoothera kibalensis Kibale Ground-Thrush Grive de Kibale

Zoothera princei Grey Ground-Thrush Grive olivâtre

Grey Thrush Grive terrestre grise

batesi; princei

Zoothera crossleyi Crossley’s Ground-Thrush Grive de Crossley

Crossley’s Thrush Grive terrestre de Crossley

crossleyi; pilettei

Zoothera gurneyi Orange Ground-Thrush Grive de Gurney

Orange Thrush Grive terrestre orangée

otomitra; gurneyi; disruptans; raineyi; chuka; (ZTP + chyulu (BoA, HBW incl in raineyi))

Zoothera piaggiae Abyssinian Ground-Thrush Grive de Piaggia

Abyssinian Thrush Grive terrestre du Ruwenzori

piaggiae; kilimensis; hadii; ruwenzorii; rowei; tanganjicae

CMT (+SF) raise Zoothera tanganjicae Kivu Ground-Thrush Grive du Kivu

Zoothera guttata Spotted Ground-Thrush Grive tachetée

Spotted Thrush Grive de Fischer; Grive terrestre tachetée

guttata; fischeri; belcheri; maxis; lippensi; (CMT + nateliens (HM=natalicus and incl in guttata))

DFW Zoothera fischeri (syn guttata)

Psophocichla litsitsirupa Groundscraper Thrush Merle litsitsirupa

Grive litsitsirupa

litsitsirupa; pauciguttatus (HM pauciguttata); stierlingi; simensis

several authors incorrectly spell the specific (+race) name as litsipsirupa
Nesocichla eremita Tristan Thrush Grive de Tristan da Cunha

eremita; gordoni; procax

Turdus olivaceofuscus Gulf of Guinea Thrush Merle de São Tomé

Olivaceous Thrush; São Tomé Thrush* Grive de São Tomé

olivaceofuscus; xanthorhynchus

(SS raises Turdus xanthorhynchus Príncipe Thrush (T. olivaceofuscus becomes São Tomé Thrush))

Turdus olivaceus Olive Thrush Merle olivâtre

Grive olivâtre

olivaceus; pondoensis; smithi; transvaalensis; culminans; swynnertoni; milanjensis; nyikae; bambusicola; baraka; abyssinicus; deckeni; roehli; helleri; oldeani; ludoviciae

HBW, IOC, ZTP (+SF, SS) raise Turdus helleri Taita Thrush Merle des Teita; ROB, IOC (+SL, SS) raise Turdus smithi Karoo Thrush Merle du Karoo; HBW, IOC (+SS) raise Turdus ludovicae Somali Thrush (Somali Blackbird) Merle de Somalie; (SS raises Turdus abyssinicus Mountain Thrush; Turdus roehli Usambara Thrush)

Turdus pelios African Thrush Merle africain

Grive grisâtre

pelios; centralis; graueri; stormsi; bocagei; saturatus; nigrilorum; poensis; chiguancoides; (CMT + adamauae (HM, HBW incl

in pelios))

Turdus libonyanus Kurrichane Thrush Merle kurrichane

Grive Kurrichane

libonyanus; peripheris (HBW incl in libonyanus); verreauxi; tropicalis

DFW Turdus libonyana

Turdus tephronotus Bare-eyed Thrush Merle cendré

African Bare-eyed Thrush* Grive à lunettes

Turdus bewsheri Comoros Thrush Merle des Comores

Grive des Comores

comorensis; moheliensis; bewsheri

Turdus philomelos Song Thrush Grive musicienne

philomelos; clarkei; hebridensis

Turdus iliacus Redwing Grive mauvis


Turdus viscivorus Mistle Thrush Grive draine

viscivorus; deichleri

Turdus pilaris Fieldfare Grive litorne

Turdus merula Eurasian Blackbird Merle noir

Common Blackbird*

merula; mauritanicus; aterrimus; syriacus; azorensis; cabrerae

Turdus torquatus Ring Ouzel Merle à plastron

torquatus; alpestris


BoA, DFW, ZTP, BD place all warblers in Sylviidae. CMT, SAM, HM, IOC split off Cisticolidae and this is followed here with any other differences noted specifically.
Hemitesia neumanni Neumann’s Warbler Crombec de Neumann

Neumann’s Short-tailed Warbler; Short-tailed Tésie de Neumann


Cettia cetti Cetti’s Warbler Bouscarle de Cetti


Bradypterus baboecala Little Rush-Warbler Bouscarle caqueteuse

African Sedge Warbler; African Bush-Warbler Bouscarle des marais

baboecala; tongensis; transvaalensis; msiri; benguellensis; elgonensis; centralis; abyssinicus; sudanensis; chadensis; (ZTP + moreaui (BoA, CMT, HM incl in tongensis))

Bradypterus carpalis White-winged Warbler Bouscarle à ailes blanches

White-winged Scrub Warbler; White-winged


Bradypterus graueri Grauer’s Swamp-Warbler Bouscarle de Grauer

Grauer’s Rush-Warbler; Grauer’s Scrub-Warbler

Bradypterus grandis Dja River Warbler Bouscarle géante

Ja River Scrub-Warbler* Bouscarle du Dja

Bradypterus alfredi Bamboo Warbler Bouscarle des bambous

Bamboo Scrub-Warbler Bouscarle d’Alfred

kungwensis; alfredi

Bradypterus lopezi Evergreen-Forest Warbler Bouscarle de Lopes

Cameroon Scrub-Warbler Bouscarle brune

lopezi; camerunensis; granti; mariae; usambarae; boultoni; ufipae; barakae; (BD + manengubae (BoA incl in bangwaensis) but has bangwaensis as a separate species); (BoA + bangwaensis here considered a separate species)

HM Bradypterus lopesi (+race)

SAM raises Bradypterus mariae Evergreen Forest-Warbler Bouscarle de forêt (races mariae, barakae)

Bradypterus bangwaensis Bangwa Forest Warbler Bouscarle de Bangwa

Bangwa Scrub-Warbler* Bouscarle du Cameroun

BoA subsumes into Bradypterus lopezi; HM subsumes into Bradypterus cinnamomeus; not noted specifically in IOC; DFW has

in superspecies with cinnamomeus and barratti not lopezi

Bradypterus cinnamomeus Cinnamon Bracken-Warbler Bouscarle cannelle

cinnamomeus; cavei; mildbreadi; nyassae; (HM + bangwaensis see above)

Bradypterus barratti Barratt’s Warbler Bouscarle des fourrés

African Scrub-Warbler; Barratt’s Scrub Warbler Bouscarle de Barratt

barratti; godfreyi; cathkinensis; priesti

Bradypterus sylvaticus Knysna Warbler Bouscarle de Knysna

Knysna Scrub-Warbler

sylvaticus; pondoensis

Bradypterus victorini Victorin’s Warbler Bouscarle de Victorin

Victorin’s Scrub-Warbler

IOC, ROB Cryptillas victorini

Dromaeocercus brunneus Brown Emu-tail Dromaéocerque brun

Amphilais seebohmi Grey Emu-tail Dromaéocerque tacheté

Madagascar Grassbird Amphilais tachetée

CMT Dromaeocercus seebohmi

Bathmocercus winifredae Mrs Moreau’s Warbler Bathmocerque de Winifred

Winifred’s Warbler* Rousselette de Madame Moreau

HBW, SAM Scepomycter winifredae

HBW places in Cisticolidae

Bathmocercus rufus Black-faced Rufous Warbler Bathmocerque à face noire

Black-capped Rufous-Warbler Rousselette à face noire

vulpinus; rufus

HBW places in Cisticolidae

Bathmocercus cerviniventris Black-headed Rufous Warbler Bathmocerque à capuchon

Black-capped Rufous Warbler Rousselette à capuchon

HBW places in Cisticolidae

Nesillas typica Madagascar Brush Warbler Nésille malgache

Malagasy Brush Warbler* Fauvette malgache

moheliensis; obscura; typica; lantzi

HM, HBW, IOC raise Nesillas lantzi (HBW lantzii) Subdesert Brush-Warbler (Lantz’s Brush Warbler) Nésille de Lantz

Nesillas longicaudata Anjouan Brush Warbler Nésille d’Anjouan

HBW subsumes into Nesillas typica; DFW subsumes into Nesillas typica or Nesillas brevicaudata

Nesillas brevicaudata Grand Comoro Brush Warbler Nésille de la Grande Comore

Comoros Brush Warbler Fauvette des Comores

Nesillas mariae Moheli Brush-Warbler Nésille de Mohéli

Mrs Benson’s Warbler Fauvette de Madame Benson

Nesillas aldabrana Aldabra Warbler Nésille d’Aldabra

Aldabra Brush Warbler* Fauvette d’Aldabra

now thought to be extinct

Melocichla mentalis African Moustached Warbler Mélocichle à moustaches

Moustached Grass-Warbler* Fauvette à moustaches

mentalis; amauroura; orientalis; incana; luangwae

Races amauroura and incana often incorrectly spelt amaurourus and incanus

Sphenoeacus afer Grassbird Sphénoèque du Cap

Cape Grass-Warbler; Cape Grassbird* Fauvette des graminées

afer; intermedius; natalensis; excisus

Schoenicola brevirostris Broad-tailed Warbler Graminicole à queue large

Fan-tailed Grassbird* Fauvette à large queue; Graminicole à

bec court

brevirostris; alexinae

BoA, BD subsume into Schoenicola platyura (CMT, SAM, HM have this as an Indian species (HM=S. platyurus))

Locustella naevia Grasshopper Warbler Locustelle tachetée

Common Grasshopper Warbler*; Western

Grasshopper Warbler

naevia; obscurior; straminea

Locustella fluviatilis Eurasian River Warbler Locustelle fluviatile

River Warbler*

Locustella luscinioides Savi’s Warbler Locustelle luscinioide

luscinioides; sarmatica; fusca

Acrocephalus melanopogon Moustached Warbler Lusciniole à moustaches


Acrocephalus paludicola Aquatic Warbler Phragmite aquatique

Acrocephalus schoenobaenus Sedge Warbler Phragmite des joncs

Acrocephalus scirpaceus Eurasian Reed Warbler Rousserolle effarvatte

Reed Warbler; European Reed Warbler

scirpaceus; fuscus; (HM + avicenniae from A. baeticatus)

Acrocephalus baeticatus African Reed Warbler Rousserolle africaine

baeticatus; hallae; cinnamomeus; guiersi; suahelicus; avicenniae (HM places in A. scirpaceus)

DFW subsumes into Acrocephalus scirpaceus

Acrocephalus palustris Marsh Warbler Rousserolle verderolle

Acrocephalus arundinaceus Great Reed Warbler Rousserolle turdoide

arundinaceus; zarudnyi

Acrocephalus griseldis Basra Reed Warbler Rousserolle d’Irak

Rousserolle de Basra

Acrocephalus stentoreus Clamorous Reed Warbler Rousserolle stentor

Rousserolle turdoide d’Egypte

stentoreus; brunnescens

Acrocephalus rufescens Greater Swamp Warbler Rousserolle des cannes

rufescens; senegalensis; chadensis; ansorgei

Acrocephalus gracilirostris Lesser Swamp Warbler Rousserolle à bec fin

Rousserolle à bec mince

gracilirostris; cunenensis; winterbottomi; leptorhynchus; parvus; jacksoni; tsanae; neglectus

Acrocephapus aedon Thick-billed Warbler Rosserolle à gros bec

Acrocephalus brevipennis Cape Verde Warbler Rousserolle du Cap-Vert

Cape Verde Swamp Warbler; Cape Verde Rousserolle des Iles du Cap-Vert

Islands Cane Warbler

Acrocephalus newtoni Madagascar Swamp Warbler Rousserolle de Newton

Rousserolle malgache

Acrocephalus sechellensis Seychelles Warbler Rousserolle de Seychelles

Seychelles Brush Warbler

SAM Bebrornis sechellensis

Acrocephalus rodericanus Rodrigues Warbler Rousserolle de Rodriguez

Rodrigues Brush Warbler Rousserolle de l’Ile Rodriguez

SAM Bebrornis rodericanus

Chloropeta natalensis African Yellow Warbler Chloropète jaune

Yellow Flycatcher-Warbler; Dark-capped Fauvette jaune commune

Yellow Warbler*

massaica; batesi; major; natalensis

Chloropeta similis Mountain Yellow Warbler Chloropète de montagne

Mountain Flycatcher-Warbler Fauvette jaune à montagne

Chloropeta gracilirostris Papyrus Yellow Warbler Chloropète aquatique

Thin-billed Flycatcher-Warbler Fauvette jaune aquatique

gracilirostris; bensoni

The French name of Hippolais spp can be Hyplolais …

Hippolais pallida Olivaceous Warbler Hippolais pâle

Eastern Olivaceous Warbler*

opaca; elaeica; pallida; reiseri; laeneni; (HM + tamariceti; HBW + alulensis)

HM Iduna pallida

CMT, HBW, IOC raise Hippolais opaca Western Olivaceous Warbler (Isabelline Warbler) Hippolais obscure (monotypic) (H.

pallida becomes Eastern Olivaceous Warbler (incl all other races noted))

Hippolais languida Upcher’s Warbler Hippolais d’Upcher

Hippolais olivetorum Olive-tree Warbler Hippolais des oliviers

Hippolais polyglotta Melodious Warbler Hippolais polyglotte

Hippolais icterina Icterine Warbler Hippolais ictérine

Phyllolais pulchella Buff-bellied Warbler Phyllolais à ventre fauve

Acacia Warbler Apalis à ventre jaune

HM, HBW place in Cisticolidae

Graueria vittata Grauer’s Warbler Grauérie striée

Grauer’s Forest Warbler Fauvette de Grauer

Eremomela icteropygialis Yellow-bellied Eremomela Erémomèle à croupion jaune

Eremomèle gris-jaune

alexanderi; griseoflava; abdominalis; polioxantha; helenorae; icteropygialis; puellula; perimacha; saturatior

Eremomela flavicrissalis Yellow-vented Eremomela Erémomèle à ventre jaune

Eremomela salvadorii Salvadori’s Eremomela Erémomèle de Salvadori

DFW, HM, HBW subsume into Eremomela icteropygialis

Eremomela pusilla Senegal Eremomela Erémomèle à dos vert

[Green-backed Eremomela]

Eremomela canescens Green-backed Eremomela Erémomèle grisonnante

canescens; elegans; abyssinica; elgonensis (HM, HBW incl in canescens)

DFW, ZTP (+SF) subsume into Eremomela pusilla

Eremomela scotops Green-capped Eremomela Erémomèle è calotte verte

Eremomèle à tête verte

scotops; kikuyuensis; pulchra; citriniceps; congensis; (ZTP + occipitalis (BoA, CMT, HM, HBW incl in scotops))

Eremomela gregalis Karoo Eremomela Erémomèle du Karroo

Yellow-rumped Eremomela

gregalis; damarensis

Eremomela usticollis Burnt-necked Eremomela Erémomèle à cou roux

Burnt-neck Eremomela*

usticollis; rensi

Eremomela badiceps Rufous-crowned Eremomela Erémomèle à tête brune

badiceps; fantiensis; latukae

Eremomela turneri Turner’s Eremomela Erémomèle de Turner

turneri; kalindei

Eremomela atricollis Black-necked Eremomela Erémomèle à cou noir

Black-collared Eremomela Eremomèle à collier noir

Sylvietta brachyura Northern Crombec Crombec sittelle


brachyura; carnapi; leucopsis

Sylvietta whytii Red-faced Crombec Crombec à face rousse

Crombec de Whyte

whytii; jacksoni; loringi; minima; (ZTP + abayensis (BoA, CMT incl in loringi))

Sylvietta philippae Somali Short-billed Crombec Crombec de Somalie

**Philippa’s Crombec*

Sylvietta rufescens Long-billed Crombec Crombec à long bec

Cape Crombec

rufescens; diverga; resurga; flecki; pallida; adelphe; ansorgei

Sylvietta isabellina Somali Long-billed Crombec Crombec isabelle

**Somali Crombec*

Sylvietta ruficapilla Red-capped Crombec Crombec à calotte rousse

Crombec à joues rousses

ruficapilla; gephyra; chubbi; makayii; rufigenis; schoutedeni
Sylvietta virens Green Crombec Crombec vert

virens; flaviventris; baraka; tando

Sylvietta denti Lemon-bellied Crombec Crombec à gorge tachetée

denti; hardyi

Sylvietta leucophrys White-browed Crombec Crombec à sourcils blancs

leucophrys; chloronota; chapini

SAM (+SS) raise Sylvietta chapini Chapin’s Crombec Crombec de Chapin

Phylloscopus trochilus Willow Warbler Pouillot fitis

trochilus; acredula; yakutensis

Phylloscopus collybita Common Chiffchaff Pouillot véloce

collybita; abietinus; tristis; (BoA + canariensis; exsul (probably extinct) here considered a separate species)

Phylloscopus ibericus Iberian Chiffchaff Pouillot ibérique

previously (erroneously) known as P.brehmii

BoA (+DFW, SAM presumed) subsume into Phylloscopus collybita

Phylloscopus canariensis Canary Islands Chiffchaff Pouillot des Canaries

canariensis; exsul (probably extinct)

BoA (+SAM presumed) subsumes into Phylloscopus collybita

Phylloscopus sibilatrix Wood Warbler Pouillot siffleur

Phylloscopus bonelli Western Bonelli’s Warbler Pouillot de Bonelli

[Bonelli’s Warbler]

Phylloscopus orientalis Eastern Bonelli’s Warbler Pouillot oriental

BoA, SAM (+DFW presumed) subsume into Phylloscopus bonelli (BoA notes potential split)

Phylloscopus fuscatus Dusky Warbler Pouillot brun


Phylloscopus proregulus Pallas’s Warbler Pouillot de Pallas

Lemon-rumped Warbler; Pallas’s Leaf Warbler*

proregulus; (HM, HBW monotypic)

Phylloscopus inornatus Yellow-browed Warbler Pouillot à grands sourcils

Inornate Warbler

Phylloscopus humei Hume’s Yellow-browed Warbler Pouillot de Hume

Hume’s Leaf Warbler*

uncertain which race (humei, mandellii)

SAM subsumes into Phylloscopus inornatus

Phylloscopus umbrovirens Brown Woodland-Warbler Pouillot ombré

mackensianus (ZTP mackenzianus); dorcadichroa (BoA, CMT dorcadichrous); umbrovirens; omoensis; williamsi; alpinus;

wilhelmi; fugglescouchmani

Phylloscopus ruficapilla Yellow-throated Woodland Warbler Pouillot à gorge jaune

Yellow-throated Warbler

ruficapilla; voelckeri; alacris; johnstoni; quelimanensis; minullus; ochrogularis

HM notes often incorrectly spelt ruficapillus (and race)

Phylloscopus laurae Laura’s Woodland-Warbler Pouillot de Laura

Laura’s Warbler

eustacei; laurae

Phylloscopus laetus Red-faced Woodland-Warbler Pouillot à face rousse

laetus; schoutedeni

Phylloscopus herberti Black-capped Woodland-Warbler Pouillot à tête noire

camerunensis; herberti

Phylloscopus budongoensis Uganda Woodland-Warbler Pouillot de l’Ouganda

Phylloscopus schwartzi Radde’s Warbler Pouillot de Schwarz

SAM, IOC Phylloscopus schwarzi

Sylvia nisoria Barred Warbler Fauvette épervière

European Barred Warbler

(CMT, HM, HBW + nisoria; merzbacheri)

Sylvia hortensis Orphean Warbler Fauvette orphée

hortensis; crassirostris; (CMT monotypic)

CMT (+SS) raise Sylvia crassirostris Eastern Orphean Warbler (S. hortensis becomes Western Orphean Warbler)

Sylvia leucomelaena Red Sea Warbler Fauvette d’Arabie

Arabian Warbler*

blanfordi; somaliensis
Sylvia borin Garden Warbler Fauvette des jardins

borin; woodwardi

Sylvia atricapilla Blackcap Fauvette à tête noire

Eurasian Blackcap*

atricapilla; dammholzi; pauluccii (BoA paulucii); heineken; gularis

Sylvia communis Common Whitethroat Fauvette grisette

Greater Whitethroat*

communis; volgensis; icterops; rubicola

Sylvia curruca Lesser Whitethroat Fauvette babillarde

curruca; caucasica (HBW incl in curruca); (CMT + blythi (BoA incl in curruca)); (BoA + althaea here considered a separate


Sylvia althaea Hume’s Whitethroat Fauvette de Hume

Hume’s Lesser Whitethroat

BoA (+DFW presumed) subsume into Sylvia curruca

Sylvia nana Desert Warbler Fauvette naine

Asian Desert Warbler*

deserti; nana

CMT, IOC (+SS) raise Sylvia deserti African Desert Warbler (S. nana becomes Asian Desert Warbler)

Sylvia rueppelli Rüppell’s Warbler Fauvette de Rüppell

Sylvia melanothorax Cyprus Warbler Fauvette de Chypre

Sylvia melanocephala Sardinian Warbler Fauvette mélanocéphale

melanocephala; momus; norrisae (extinct); (HM + leucogastra (CMT = melanocephala))

Sylvia mystacea Menetries’s Warbler Fauvette de Ménétries

uncertain which race occurs (one or more of mystacea, rubescens and turcmenica)

Sylvia cantillans Subalpine Warbler Fauvette passerinette

cantillans; inornata; albistriata; moltonii

Sylvia conspicillata Spectacled Warbler Fauvette à lunettes

conspicillata; orbitalis

Sylvia deserticola Tristram’s Warbler Fauvette de l’Atlas

deserticola; maroccana; ticehursti (CMT = deserticola, HM ? extinct, HBW incl in maroccana)

Sylvia undata Dartford Warbler Fauvette pitchou

toni; undata

Sylvia sarda Marmora’s Warbler Fauvette sarde

sarda; balearica

CMT, HBW raises Sylvia balearica Balearic Warbler Fauvette de Baléares

Parisoma layardi Layard’s Tit-Babbler Parisome de Layard

Layard’s Warbler

layardi; aridicola; barnesi; subsolana (CMT, HM subsolanum)

DFW, SAM, HBW Sylvia layardi

Parisoma subcaeruleum Chestnut-vented Warbler Parisome grignette

Tit-babbler; Rufous-vented Warbler Parisome à bas-ventre rouge

Chestnut-vented Tit-Babbler*

subcaeruleum (HBW subcaerulea); cinerascens; ansorgei; orpheanum (HBW orpheana)

DFW, HBW Sylvia subcaerulea; SAM Sylvia subcaeruleum

Parisoma lugens Brown Parisoma Parisome brune

Brown Warbler

lugens; griseiventris (HM griseiventre); jacksoni; clara (HM clarum); prigoginei

DFW, SAM, HBW Sylvia lugens

(SS raises Parisoma griseaventris (note spelling) Bale Parisoma)

Parisoma boehmi Banded Parisoma Parisome sanglée

Banded Warbler Parisome barrée

somalicum (HBW somalica); boehmi; marsabit

DFW, SAM, HBW Sylvia boehmi

Amaurocichla bocagei São Tomé Short-tail Nasique de Bocage

Bocage’s Longbill Fauvette de São Tomé; Long-bec de Bocage

SAM, HM, HBW, IOC Amaurocichla bocagii

DFW has as Incertae sedis near Timaliidae

HM place Macrosphenus spp as Incertae sedis near Sylviidae

Macrosphenus flavicans Yellow Longbill Nasique jaune

hypochondriacus; flavicans

Macrosphenus kempi Kemp’s Longbill Nasique de Kemp

kempi; flammeus

Macrosphenus concolor Grey Longbill Nasique grise

Macrosphenus pulitzeri Pulitzer’s Longbill Nasique de Pulitzer

Macrosphenus kretschmeri Kretschmer’s Longbill Nasique de Kretshcmer

kretschmeri; griseiceps
HBW place Artisornis (Orthotomus) and Poliolais lopesi in Cisticolidae, HM, IOC consider them as Incertae sedis near Cisticolidae and Pycnonotidae; DFW has them in Cisticolinae within Sylviidae
Artisornis moreaui Long-billed Tailorbird Couturière de Moreau

**Moreau’s Tailorbird; Long-billed Apalis Apalis à long bec

Long-billed Forest Warbler*

moreaui; sousae

CMT, SAM (+SF) Orthotomus moreaui; DFW, ZTP Apalis moreaui

Artisornis metopias African Tailorbird Couturière d’Afrique

Red-capped Forest Warbler* Couturière des Usambaras

metopias; altus; (HBW + pallidus (usually incl in metopias))

DFW, CMT, SAM, ZTP (+SF) Orthotomus metopias

Poliolais lopesi White-tailed Warbler Poliolais à queue blanche

Camaroptère à queue blanche

manengubae; alexanderi; lopesi

CMT, HBW, IOC Poliolais lopezi (and race)

DFW, HM consider Hyliota spp and Hylia prasina as Incertae sedis near Sylviidae
Hyliota flavigaster Yellow-bellied Hyliota Hyliote à ventre jaune

Yellow-breasted Hyliota

flavigaster; barbozae

Hyliota australis Southern Hyliota Hyliote australe

Mashona Hyliota

slatini; australis; inornata; (HM + usambara (ZTP usambarae) here considered a separate species)

Hyliota usambara Usambara Hyliota Hyliote des Usambara

DFW, SAM, HM, ZTP (+SF) subsume into Hyliota australis (or presumed to do so)

Hyliota violacea Violet-backed Hyliota Hyliote à dos violet

violacea; nehrkorni

Hylia prasina Green Hylia Hylia verte

prasina; poensis

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