Esperantic Studies Foundation Education Committee Meeting

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Esperantic Studies Foundation Education Committee Meeting


Thursday, September 14, 2006 at 1pm PST

Grant Goodall (GG)

Wallace Du Temple (WDT)

Mark Fettes (MF)

Tim Reagan (TR)

Ian Richmond (IR)

Recording Secretary:

Jason Clark


- budget for 2007
- instructors for 2007
- publicity for 2007
Ellen and Lee Miller will visit campus on Oct. 4 – 7. They have been working on identifying instructors for next year’s session.

GG indicated that he would like to invest in a comprehensive PR campaign in the coming months once all of the details have been finalized.

MF suggested that PR initiatives could go out near the end of October. He also asked if GG could present a budget for review at the next board meeting or the meeting in October.
MF suggested that we develop more explicit criteria for scholarships. GG will discuss this issue with Ellen and Lee when they visit in October.

2. SIT
- contacts regarding possible events next year
MF reviewed HT’s update concerning his discussions with Weinberg and Fantini. These individuals seemed interested in our organizing a special topic NASK event in the near future.

3. Self-instruction course
- progress report

GG provided an update. Stelet-Kim contacted GG recently. She has provided a detailed syllabus and a draft of a final exam.

GG has not reviewed the materials in detail, but they appear to be quite good. He suggests that the course could possibly be launched in January 2007.

MF suggested that GG provide ESF with a simple proposal for a possible stipend for students.
GG will work on this.

4. Lernu
- progress report
- conference proposal
- donations

The current development plan runs to the end of Oct 2006.

In the next developmental phase, the Lernu team would like to focus on content and curriculum development. They would also like to develop better study plan features, animated help pages and a system to track and follow up with individuals who have completed courses. In addition, they would like to improve the tracking of site usage and to provide more detailed data analysis.
Sonja estimates the overall cost of this phase would be approx. 45,000 Euros. This would not include Sonja and Hokan’s contracted monthly payment.

MF asked if the committee had any further comments on this latest proposal.

The Lernu team has proposed to organize a conference around the Lernu technology. MF is quite intrigued with this idea.
MF indicated that the committee should provide some response to Sonja. MF will do this.

5. ACTFL standards
- status and next steps

TR and BFG are still working on this project. No further news to provide at this time.

6. Springboard
- proposal and report
TR provided an update.
In England and Wales, the government has eliminated the secondary school foreign language (FL) requirement, but they are requiring 4 years FL study in primary schools.
The Springboard program will be teaching Esperanto for 3-4 years in an English primary school. The course will be taught by a qualified instructor who is experienced teaching FL’s to primary school students.
ESF has been asked to look after the program evaluation.
TR visited England last week to finalize the evaluation arrangements.
TR expects that years 3 and 4 could provide some interesting empirical evidence of Esperanto’s propaedeutic effects.
TR believes that this project has significant potential to sell Esperanto to U.S. elementary schools.
ESF needs to create a formal resolution that will need to be approved at the next full board meeting. TR will also need to be authorized to draft up a contract with the Springboard personnel.

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