Esperantic Studies Foundation Annual General Meeting

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Esperantic Studies Foundation Annual General Meeting


Wednesday, May 10, 2006 at 1pm PST (4 EST)

HT (Humphrey Tonkin)
MF (Mark Fettes)

GG (Grant Goodall)

IR (Ian Richmond)

WDT (Wally du Temple)

BFG (Bonnie Fonseca-Graber)
Recording Secretary:
JC (Jason Clark)





Approval of previous minutes.

The board duly approved the minutes from the March 22, 2006 meeting.

1. Financial Review: 2006 (to-date)


JC and MF reviewed the financial report.

HT asked that figures included in pie charts also be summarized in text because some individuals may be using black and white printers. The project categories may not reproduce well on a B&W printer.
HT asked about Lernu payments, Tax payments and RAFFA fees. He also asked if it would be worth conducting an audit at some point in the near future.

MF indicated that ESF has yet to do so. He suggested that an audit might help us to improve our accounting system.

WDT suggested that ESF’s accounting firm could conduct a sampling audit. He guessed this might cost the foundation about $4,000.
HT asked WDT if he could look into setting up such an audit for 2006 or the following year.
WDT indicated that he would be willing to do this.

JC will send WDT the contact information for RAFFA.

Action: WDT to approach RAFFA about conducting a “sampling audit” of ESF finances for fiscal year 2006.
HT asked if the report provided an indication of income or earnings.
MF noted that Chart 7 provides an indication of earnings vs. expenditures. He reviewed these figures for the board.
HT asked the Directors to approve/reject the report.
The report was approved unanimously.

2. Operations Report 2005/6: Review of President's Report


WDT moved to accept the report.

GG seconded the motion.
The report was accepted unanimously.

3. Review of 2006/7 Goals: Discussion


MF reviewed the goals outlined in the President’s Report.

HT mentioned that a promising initiative would involve developing a process for fundraising.
WDT suggested that ESF could conduct a number of pilot project fundraising initiatives. This would give ESF a sense of the strategies that might work best for ESF.
HT asked if WDT could consider developing and/or testing a variety of strategies.

WDT indicated that he would be willing to look at formulating some strategies and he also invited other board members to collaborate on possible initiatives.

Action: WDT to formulate possible fundraising strategies for the foundation.
HT mentioned that SIT is planning to offer an Esperanto course during the fall term this year. He does not yet know anything about this course. He noted that it is an interesting development though.

HT asked GG if he had anything new to report on NASK 2007.

GG indicated that he is making good progress on the whole. The NASK courses have been approved by UCSD. He is now awaiting more information concerning instructor salaries and other course expenses. GG will have more to report at the Program Review Meeting on May 24.

4. Election of Officers


MF reviewed the structure of ESF.

HT asked if MF would suggest making any changes to the board.
MF suggested that WDT would be a logical candidate for the Treasurer role.
WDT agreed to accept this post.
Resolution 06/05-1: THAT Wallace George DuTemple, newly elected Treasurer of the foundation, become a co-signing authority to the Esperantic Studies Foundation bank and investment accounts along with the current signatories, Mark Fettes and Ian Richmond effective this day, May 10, 2006.
The election of WDT as Treasurer was approved unanimously.
HT asked if the board composition should be changed.
MF moved that the current structure remain the same:
HT: President

GG: Vice-President

MF: Executive Director

IR: Secretary

WDT: Treasurer

BFG: Member-at-large

This motion was approved unanimously.

5. Review of Committee Structures and Membership


MF reviewed the current composition of ESF committees. He also mentioned that ESF had two additional, currently non-functioning, committees: i.e., investment and nominating committees.

HT asked the directors to consider his recent suggestion to establish a sub-committee that would focus on strengthening the board and advisory boards.
HT asked for feedback on this idea.
MF suggested that the activities of this subcommittee could be subsumed under the activities of the nominating committee.
Both HT and IR thought that this could be a good idea.
HT suggested that individuals such as Dr. Nancy Nicholson, Don Harlow, and Dr. Duncan Charters might be suitable candidates for nomination to the Advisory Board.
MF suggested that HT notify the directors about possible candidate recommendations in advance by email or letter. HT agreed to do so.
Meeting adjourned: 2:08pm PST

Next Meeting: Program Review Meeting, Wed., May 24, 2006 at 1pm PST (4pm EST). 

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