Elder / Pastor / Teacher / Macedonia Primitive Baptist Church

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David Scarbrough - PO Box 147, Dresden, TN 38225 - (731) 514-8594 - dave@scarbrough.net

Summary – I am ONLY interested in work from home, or positions located in North West TN, or South West KY.
Project Manager, Consultant, Webmaster and Internet Application Developer with over 25 years experience in the IT industry. Specializing in dynamic, ColdFusion, Internet based, content management systems, back office database integration and Web based application security. I have a BS in Computer Science, Master in Religious Ed., Doctorate in Christian Ed., a Master Certification in ColdFusion, HTML Certified, Co-Author Hack Proofing ColdFusion 5 & Hack Proofing Your Web Applications.
Specialties: Project management, Web development, ColdFusion, Security, HTML, ASP, PHP, MySQL, Oracle, MS-SQL Server, JavaScript, Heavy Lifting.
I currently serve as Pastor of Macedonia Primitive Baptist Church, in Martin, TN, I own and operate the Promised Land Farm & Vineyard in Dresden, TN. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidscarbrough


Elder / Pastor / Teacher / Macedonia Primitive Baptist Church

October 2010 – Present, Martin, TN

Macedonia Primitive Baptist Church is a family integrated church located in Martin, TN. Established in 1824, Macedonia is a haven of rest for the weary Christian traveler's soul. Like the cities of refuge in Old Testament times, Macedonia is a place of safety and rest in a world full of restless religion.

Owner / The Promised Land Vineyard

July 2007 – Present, Dresden, TN

A small family owned farm and vineyard in North West Tennessee.

Webmaster / ICG Link, Inc.

March 2002 – Present, Brentwood, TN

Work as a Webmaster and Sr. ColdFusion programmer for a Brentwood based hosting and design firm. My primary responsibilities include developing and designing interactive data driven websites for various clients. I am involved in all areas of application development, including project management, layout, design, database and end user interface. The primary applications used in development are ColdFusion, MySQL, JQuery, Javascript, PHP, & HTML. The primary environment is Linux and Apache Web servers.

Sr. ColdFusion Programmer / Education Networks of America

February 2001 – March 2002, Nashville, TN

Worked as a lead member of the ColdFusion development team to design and implement various ENA applications to assist in providing complete, managed Internet access solutions to the education community. Applications are developed using a variety of programming skills and tools. Some of those are, site layout, graphics, database design and programming, HTML, ColdFusion, JavaScript, PHP, Visual Basic, ActiveX, Flash and SQL Server.

Senior Consultant / Acymtech

April 2000 – February 2001, Nashville, TN

Worked as a lead member of an in house web development team, designing internal and external websites for various clients. The primary development environment used was ColdFusion. Other programming skills and tools used were, site layout, graphics, database design and programming, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Flash, Visual Basic, ActiveX, Access, SQL Server, IIS and Windows.

Internet Consultant / ECONOTECH, Economic Technology Solutions, Inc.

February 1997 – April 2000, Nashville, TN

Worked as an in house E-Commerce project leader. I designed and maintained the Econotech website as well as websites for various clients. Websites were developed using a variety of programming skills and tools. Some of those are, site layout, graphics, database design and programming, HTML, JavaScript, Flash, and ColdFusion. Some of our web clients include Musgrave Pencils, Government IT Solutions, The Cookie Store, eteam.com and Help for Life. I have also worked as a consultant for different Econotech clients including Lifeway Christian Resources, First American Network Inc, Fruit of the Loom's FTL Systems, First Mental Health Inc. & Southern Specialty Brands, Inc., Dixie Lily Division.

Air Traffic Controller / Combat Communications / Air National Guard

February 1994 – February 2000, Montgomery, AL & Smyrna, TN

Worked and trained monthly with fellow guardsmen to maintain readiness in the field of air traffic control and combat communications. Was licensed to use several different military vehicles, qualified to use various weapons systems, and worked with mobile communications equipment, including a mobile tower and rap-con facility. Worked air traffic at Craig field in Selma Alabama, Maxwell AFB, Montgomery Alabama, and the Auburn Alabama area. I was moved to the Inactive Reserve in July of 1996, and remained in that status until my honorable discharge in 2000.
Internet Development Team Lead / First American Network Inc.

November 1998 – January 2000, Nashville, TN

Lead a team of programmers in the design and maintenance of the First American Bank OASIS Intranet site. The site was used to evaluate the needs of, and sell insurance to FAB clients. The site used NT and SSL Security to allow users to view, fill out, electronically sign and print forms on-line using IE or Netscape web browser. Forms were designed with Adobe Exchange and Electronic Laser Forms and are linked to a SQL Server database. The site was written using HTML, ColdFusion, ASP, Java Script, VB Script, Visual Basic and ActiveX
Consultant / Fruit of the Loom / FTL Systems

March 1997 – May 1988, Nashville, TN

Designed and maintained e-commerce websites for Fruit of the Loom and FOL clients, including The Trane Company. Sites were designed to be dynamic and user updateable with on-line catalog and ordering capability. Assisted in maintaining Windows NT and Sun SPARC 20, Solaris Servers. Setup and maintained IIS web server, Netscape Enterprise Server, NetDynamics, Cold Fusion and Oracle Database Servers. Design and implemented Java game applications for the FOL Activeware and BVD websites. Other applications and languages used include; Perl, HTML, Flash, Java, JavaScript, Access and OneServer.
Owner / Abstract Media Inc.

June 1995 – December 1997, Millbrook, AL & Nashville, TN

Created, from concept to finish, multimedia applications, web sites, and web based applications using a variety of programming skills and tools. ColdFusion, C++, Delphi, Visual Basic, Java and the DirectX SDK were the primary application development tools. Object oriented design was the primary design method. PC based applications were written for Windows 3.1, 95 and NT. Web pages were written using HTML, ColdFusion, Perl and Java Scripts. Web and application graphics were designed using various paint programs and 3D drawing and rendering programs. ROMTech Inc., Walnut Creek and WitWare have published abstract media titles in CD-ROM format. I also maintained an on-site Ethernet network and a website as a source of user interaction and feedback. This allows me to distribute shareware versions of Abstract Media titles and to post application updates.
Consultant / Systems & Programming Consultants

October 1996 – February 1997, Nashville, TN

Worked as a consultant for Baptist Sunday School Board. Design and implement various monthly reports using MicroFocus COBOL in a UNIX environment. The reports are used to track financial information and to help plan yearly budgets. All data is pulled from an in house proprietary database on a HP server. I also designed several UNIX Shell scripts to execute, queue and print the reports and gave expert advice during all phases of system / application development. I was also responsible for conducting technical interviews of candidate SPC employees.

Senior Computer Analyst / PRC Inc.

August 1995 – October 1996, Montgomery, AL

Developed a client server, Student Transcript and Records database system for the Community College of the Air Force. The system was implemented using Oracle, Gupta SQLWindows, Borland Delphi and Microsoft Visual C++. The system was divided into an off-line, and an on-line suite. My primary area of responsibility was the on-line suite. This consisted of five, internet accessible, Windows based applications. The hardware platform was a UNIX based Sequent and HP 9000 server with Microsoft Windows based PC clients. Other responsibilities include, Spec writing, interacting with functional personnel to resolve requirement issues, application demonstration, and end user training and documentation.

Computer Scientist / Systems Analyst / Computer Sciences Corporation

May 1995 – August 1995, Montgomery, AL

Redesign and port COBOL-74 applications and data, from a Honeywell 8000 mainframe to a SUN/UNIX platform for the US Air Force Manpower division. Programs were written using MicroFocus COBOL-85 in a Microsoft Windows environment. Interactive screens were designed and created using MicroFocus Screen Painter design tool. After testing, all applications were moved from the PC to the UNIX and recompiled. Additional responsibilities included, interacting with end users and functional experts to determine program requirements. Maintaining separate versions of all applications compiled on the PC for testing, and compiled on the UNIX for actual implementation. Training end users on the new interface and operating system and making weekly progress reports to other team members and management.

Department Of Corrections, Computer Programmer / State of Alabama

February 1994 – May 1995, Montgomery, AL

Design, implementation, and documentation of all key business systems, including accounting, inventory, and personnel for the Department of Corrections. Programs were written in Unisys COBOL with embedded SQL. All applications were real-time, interactive and were interfaced with a SQL relational database located on a Unisys 2200/400 mainframe. I was also responsible for generating reports, developing Windows based applications using Borland dBase and creating data import / export applications to move data from the Unisys System 80 to the Unisys 2200. Other duties include, Database ERD design and implementation. Setting up new systems (PC's and terminals) that were connected by a WAN, LAN, or through one of the two on site main-frames and training of new or less experienced personnel and end users.

Air Traffic Controller / Operations / United States Air Force

January 1987 – February 1994, San Antonio, TX, Biloxi, MS & Montgomery, AL

Attended Basic Military Training school at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, TX. Attended the Air Force Air Traffic Control Operations school at Keesler AFB, Biloxi, MS. Completed the Air Traffic Control operators course. Was assigned to the 1973rd Communications Group located at the Maxwell AFB, in Montgomery, AL. I worked as an Air Traffic Controller in the Maxwell AFB Control Tower. As an Air Traffic Controller, I worked in the Local, and Ground positions of the tower to provide a safe, orderly and expeditious flow of aircraft at the airport, as well as in the air. I used two-way radio communications, radar systems with associated computer equipment, land-line communication systems and visual light-gun signals. I also offered emergency assistance to aircraft when needed and was responsible for notifying and coordinating with emergency personnel. I was also responsible for making limited weather observations and reporting conditions and assisting aircraft during periods of bad weather with the use of radar, instrument landing systems and various types of airfield lighting. Additionally I was assigned as the Computer Technical Coordinator, Computer Systems Security Officer, and Small Computer Monitor. As such I was responsible for maintaining office automation programs and multimedia presentations using Toolbook, Mediablitz, PowerPoint and other office automation software. I was responsible for purchasing, setting up and maintaining all computer hardware and software for the Maxwell air traffic control tower and offices. I was also responsible for the Equipment and Computer accounts, with a combined value of over one million dollars. I was also on mobility status and world wide deployment ready at all times.

Additional experience, education, and references available upon request.

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