Eighth Grade Field Trip – gradventure at Universal/Islands of Adventure

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Eighth Grade Field Trip – GRADVENTURE at Universal/Islands of Adventure

Dear Parents/Guardians, February 20, 2015

The Eighth Grade Team of CLMS will be taking an end of year field trip to GRADVENTURE at Universal Orlando/ Islands of Adventure on Friday, May 15, 2015. Universal Orlando/IOA has planned an 8th grade only evening in both parks for students throughout the Central Florida area. Upon our arrival, the park will be open to all patrons, but beginning at 6 p.m., employees will escort everyone out except those 8th graders and chaperones wearing a special bracelet. All entrances and exits will be sealed and an employee only walkthrough will open to allow students to go between the two parks. There will be extra security provided by Universal. They will provide one meal ticket, various karaoke stages and dance floors, special rates on souvenir cups, and much more. Since this is a reward trip, any student who has had the following will not be allowed to attend or if already paid, will not receive a refund once tickets are purchased:
*Two Out-of-School Suspensions (OSS) since the beginning of this semester.

Tickets for the trip will be $85. This includes one ticket for admission into Universal and Islands of Adventure, a meal voucher, a t-shirt to be worn on the day of the field trip, and bus rental to and from the park. Students will need to bring money for anything extra (snacks, souvenirs, etc.). Students/chaperones that have annual passes to Universal Orlando will not be allowed to use them as this is a special event. We currently have three buses reserved.

We will also need chaperones for the trip. Ticket prices for chaperones will also be $85. Each chaperone must be cleared by the school and have notified the 8th Grade Team of his or her intention to chaperone by checking the box on the TICKET PURCHASE FORM. Therefore, if you are interested in being a chaperone, please notify the Guidance Office and pick up the needed forms and information. This is a process that can take up to three weeks to complete, so please start the process ASAP so that you can be cleared in time for the trip. Please be aware that students will be released on their own when we enter the park. They will have to check in (by signing in with their designated teacher chaperone) during the event.
Each chaperone will be responsible for helping supervise students on the buses and inside the park at drop off and meeting points. Chaperones will be on a first come-first serve basis. Any extra chaperones will be placed on an “on-call list.” In order to attend the event with your child, you must chaperone. You will not be allowed to meet your child at the park and remain with him/her after 6 p.m. Chaperones and all students must ride the bus to and from Universal Orlando.
The buses will leave campus at approximately 3:30 pm and will return at approximately 12:30 am. Students will call home as soon as we pull out of Universal to allow parents ample time to get to the school for pickup. Lake County dress code will be enforced by chaperones and park personnel while at Universal except for the following:
Electronic devices (CD players, iPods, cell phones, etc.) will be allowed on the trip. However, Clermont Middle School, chaperones, Lake County Transportation, Universal/IOA, and any other supervisory personnel will not be responsible for any damage to or loss of such items. Students who bring them do so at their own risk. These items will have to be carried into the park as they will not be allowed to be left on the buses due to security reasons.
We will start collecting money for tickets now. Please send in your form/money and give to Mrs. Hoadley (#404). Do not give your money to your homeroom teachers or other faculty members as this may cause some confusion. A Lake County School Field Trip Consent Form and a Ticket Purchasing Form are attached to this letter. If there are seats still available, the deadline for purchasing tickets will be Friday, March 20, 2015. Checks must be made out to Clermont Middle School.
Thank You,

The Eighth Grade Team

If you have any questions, please direct them to Mrs. Jodi Hoadley at hoadleyj@lake.k12.fl.us

Eighth Grade Field Trip to GRADVENTURE: Universal Orlando/IOA
Ticket Purchasing Form

First period Teacher ______________________________________________

Student Name _____________________________________________________

Number of GRADVENTURE tickets purchased ______ @ $85 per ticket (includes transportation)

Chaperone ticket ______ @ $85 per ticket (includes transportation)
T-Shirt Size: Adult S Adult M Adult L Adult XL Adult 2XL ($2.00 extra) Adult 3XL ($2.00 extra)

(Please Circle)

Payment Method (please write dollar amount on line)
Check (Please include check number & name) $_____________
Check # _________ Name on Check __________________________________

Cash $_____________

Total enclosed $_____________

(If paying by check, please make Payable to: Clermont Middle School)

_______ Yes, I want to be a Chaperone and my ticket purchase is included.

Chaperone Name ___________________________________________________________

Chaperone Address ___________________­_______________________________________

Chaperone Phone Number _____________________________

(Where you can be reached during the day)

Chaperone Email Address ________________________________________________________

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