Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris Pensionnaire étranger, Bourse d’accueil

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Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris

Pensionnaire étranger, Bourse d’accueil

(last revised December 12, 2006)

Eligibility Requirements
Who can apply?

  • Seniors and alumnae (up to 2 years after graduation) whom a member of the department of French Studies has agreed to sponsor. Normally, the sponsor will have taught the applicant at the 300 level or above.

When to begin application process

  • register with Smith Fellowships Office by 15 October to begin application process

  • See tips on writing an effective résumé; include advanced courses and projects relevant to field of proposed study.

(Post-)Graduate or undergraduate fellowship

Domestic & foreign, or fellowship abroad

  • Fellowship abroad

Where in the world to use

GPA and related minimums

  • Cumulative GPA and related minimum-level academic requirements: 3.5 over-all GPA; 3.7 in major

  • Sufficient knowledge of French to be able to function in an academic setting (language report required). Applicants will be able to link to the Language Report here once they have registered with the Smith Fellowships Program.

Citizenship requirements

  • None

Age, school-year, other restrictions

  • Graduating seniors in application year, any age

  • Alumnae up to 2 years after graduation

  • Applicants must be sponsored by a member of the department of French Studies before they can start the application process.

Duration of fellowship

Nature of award

  • For study in the Humanities (Philosophy, Literature, History of Art, Classical Studies [Latin/Greek/Archaeology], General Linguistics), Social Sciences (History, Geography, Economics, Sociology, Anthropology, History and Philosophy of Sciences, Cognitive Sciences, Cinematographic Studies) and Sciences (Mathematics, Biology, Computer Science, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Sciences) at the Ecole Normale Supérieure, rue d’Ulm, France’s most prestigious institution of higher learning. No diploma or degree is conferred by the ENS.

  • Access to all courses, seminars, libraries and cultural activities of the ENS; free access to cours magistraux in all branches of the Université de Paris.

  • Housing provided by the ENS.

  • Students enrolling in seminars at the level of Master’s or D.E.A. (Diplôme d’Études Approfondies) or registering for programs leading to a diploma from the Université de Paris are responsible themselves for paying the tuition fees required.

Chance of award: odds for each competition

  • Maximum: one fellowship per year from Smith College

  • It is recommended that graduating applicants work also with the Career Development Office so that fellowship applications form part of an overall postgraduate planning strategy.

Competition criteria in judging candidates

  • Academic and /or professional qualifications and background preparation (especially in relation to proposed plan of study)

  • Feasibility and validity of proposed plan of study

  • Evidence of maturity, motivation, and adaptability to a different cultural environment (personal suitability)

  • Knowledge of France and impression candidate will make in France as a student of Smith College

Formal application year and time of year

  • Fall term of application year

  • Completed applications are due in the office of the Graduate Advisor of the department of French Studies at Smith by the 1st of December.

Level of Smith College sponsorship

  • Required

Reapplying for fellowship

  • Can win only once

Deferring fellowship

  • Not possible

Materials required for application

  1. A list of all advanced courses taken in French at Smith College.

  2. A 1-2 page proposal describing the student’s plan of study and research project. Applicants should explain in their statement why their projects must be completed in France.

  3. A writing sample (i.e. a paper written in French showing the instructor’s comments, corrections, and grade.)

  4. Two statements of support from faculty members familiar with the student’s advanced work in the proposed field of study.

  5. Finalists will be invited to interview with the selection committee, which normally will be composed of members of the department of French Studies.

For further information consult

  • The Graduate Advisor, department of French Studies, Smith College.


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