Each exhibit could have 3-13 panels each of various themes

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Cherokee Nation Entertainment, LLC, (CNE), a wholly owned tribal company of the Cherokee Nation is seeking qualified bids for a graphic design firm with the following criteria:

  • Graphic design firm will work with Cherokee Nation Cultural Tourism to collaborate on exhibit message and feel.

  • Graphic design company to create 4-8 exhibits consisting of pull up banner style panels. Will be doing graphics only.

  • Each exhibit could have 3-13 panels each of various themes.

  • 1 exhibit in May 2016, 1-2 in June 2016, 1 in July 2016 and 1 in August 2016 with possible additional exhibits as requested; up to 8 total.

  • Design graphic identity and layout for each individual exhibit.

  • Panel content and some photographs will be provided by Cherokee Nation Cultural Tourism. Graphic design firm will need to provide some stock imagery on a case by case basis.

  • Exhibits will be presented to various persons and committees within Cherokee Nation, therefore please allow for several rounds of edits.

  • Graphics must be able to be used on social media for advertising purposes.

Bids are to be returned to the Buyer no later than the outside of the bid envelope must clearly state the company name, bid title. Bid packages must include a line item detail and total project cost. All Proposals must be submitted in writing, no verbal questions will be responded to.

All proposals should be mailed or hand delivered to Owner’s Catoosa Corporate office at the following address, to be received no later than 3pm, February 16, 2016. Cherokee Nation Entertainment [Attn: Stephanie Shults and address, mail to: 777 W. Cherokee St. Catoosa OK 74015, OR hand deliver to: 1102 N. 193rd East Ave. Catoosa, OK 74015]. It is the intention of Owner that if an acceptable proposal is received, the selected firm will be notified in writing within 10 business days of bid opening. Any bid received after the time set for opening of Bids, shall not be considered and will be returned. It is the intention of CNE that if an acceptable bid is received, the Contract will be awarded by within 30 days of bid opening. Please note that winning bid(s) will be published. CNE reserves the right to issue one award, multiple awards, or reject all bids. All bids are subject to negotiation prior to award. Awards may be issued without discussion of bid received, and bids should initially be submitted on the most favorable terms from price and technical standpoint. Any award resulting from this Proposal will be subject to CNE Terms and Conditions. Your bid should indicate hourly ($) rate (when applicable), individual work effort, delivery schedule or time of completion. Any item(s) with exceptions, substitutions, exclusions, additions or qualifications must be noted and clearly indicated on return bid.

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