Disruptive Educator and Innovation Coach

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Van J. Walther, S.E., M.Ed., PdD.

Walther Learning & Innovation, LLC

1848 West 7265 South

West Jordan, Utah 84084

(801) 550-3801 vanj@comcast.net http://wyng.biz

Disruptive Educator and Innovation Coach
Van J. Walther, internationally-known speaker and author, makes complicated subjects clear and understandable. He helps individuals and companies reawaken their natural, creative genius and create an environment that fosters learning and innovation.
Before founding Walther Learning & Innovation, LLC Van worked for Hewlett-Packard Company for 24 years in various positions including R&D engineer, international support, technical training, and training management, retiring as the Innovation Program Manager for the Imaging and Printing Group.
Van J. Walther holds a Masters of Education in Management and Innovation from Western Governors University and a Bachelor of Science degree (magna cum laude) in Electrical Engineering from the University of Utah and a self-conferred “Doctor of Disruption.” He has done graduate work in engineering and computer science at Stanford University. In addition, Van pursues an extensive self education program. His lifelong passion for learning keeps him constantly searching for better ways to help people and companies reach their full potential.
Van’s clients include Autoliv, Children’s Miracle Network, Colorado Free University, Headwaters Energy, Help Desk Institute, Hewlett-Packard, NYNEX, IBM, The City of Loveland, Colorado, Thompson R2-J Schools, Primerica, World Financial Group, Woodward Governor, and other organizations. His entertaining speaking style and ability to simplify complex subjects make him a favorite speaker for young and old alike.
“Van spoke our group of technology support professionals on the topic of Innovation: Where to look for your next breakthrough idea and how to generate those ideas. His years of experience in technology established credibility with this technically oriented group, but the thing that captured our imagination was the methods he introduced to us about how to generate ideas that can not only lead to brand new innovations but can also help us solve everyday problems. It's often the small changes that lead to big results. If you're looking for someone who can help you on the path to innovation and everyday improvement, Van is the man!”

-- Technology Manager

“I attended Van's Innovation training and walked out a big fan. His presentation style is great, but the real value is where it should be, in the relevancy of the content and his expertise in creating Sustainable and Disruptive Innovation programs. He understands the need for innovation, the challenges of rolling out innovation programs, and the importance of aligning everyone's efforts around creating an enduring culture of innovation. You will feel motivated and inspired to immediately take action.”

-- Business Owner

Van J. Walther, S.E., M.Ed., PdD.

Walther Learning & Innovation, LLC

1848 West 7265 South

West Jordan, Utah 84084

(801) 550-3801 vanj@comcast.net http://wyng.biz

Innovation: Where to Look for and How to Generate Ideas
It’s Easier to Find Disruptive Innovations Than You Think

Deliberate Creativity
Left Brain Tools for Right Brain Results

  • Even Non-creative people can think of creative ideas

  • Generate more and better ideas

  • Effectively evaluate ideas for success

Innovative Learning
In as constantly changing world the most important skill to acquire is learning how to learn

  • Learn three times more in half the time and maintain 90-95% recall, FOREVER

  • Absorb a book in seconds instead of hours or days

What’s Most Valuable for Innovators
Seven priceless things we all have that make a huge difference.

  • Seven priceless things we all possess and how they affect leadership and innovation

  • How paying attention to these things will change your life

Other Speaking and Training Topics

Custom Topics Also Available on Request

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