Creating Green Energy Series ngc seminar x-313 (Release) 天然ガス総合利用技術

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Creating Green Energy Series

NGC Seminar X-313 (Release) 天然ガス総合利用技術


NGC Training in Japan:

Comprehensive Use of Natural Gas in Japan

Latest Trends in Japan of

Natural Gas, Compression, Gas Supply, NGV, Industrial Use, etc.

March 4-10, 2012


General Information and Your Guide

October 2011

NGC Group, NGC Division
1. Rationale
Natural gas will bring more economic effect as its exploitation, development and production is spreading the world. Especially for developing economies, its smart usage in terms of energy supply as well as trading will ensure more economic returns. However, natural gas is being handled by a small number of big corporations and the practical knowledge is not widely available in gas producing countries, especially for newly producing countries. On the other hand, Japan has its own record of the use of natural gas over a generation and can offer much hands-on knowledge on how to use natural gas more effectively to maximize its value. Particularly, the safety record of NG supply in Japan is noteworthy as no accident was reported at March 11 great earthquake. Therefore our new training plans will give you the best opportunity to learn the effective and better use of your own resources.
2. What This Training Can Offer

  • Form upstream to downstream; you can witness the best practice of NG in Japan, thanks to cooperation of leading companies in the field.

  • Very unusual opportunity to see Japan’s NG supply stations, storage and pipelines.

  • Technical experts will accompany you and give you the best explanation.

  • Wide range of related technologies would be introduced such as volume measurement, odor adding, calorie adjustment at gas supply facilities

  • You will also see gas-turbine power generation as well as NGV

  • Also you will visit new and emerging NG usage for green energy such as hydrogen plant, cogeneration units, fuel cells, better boilers and furnaces.

  • You can visit heavy users of NG for industrial applications as well, such as metal works or food supplier.

  • Point to point, you will have enough discussion as well as exploring new business channels in NG related businesses.

  • Particularly, your needs as follows can be met by this training

  • There are no comparable plans in Japan and the world, only AOTS NGC can present you in most time-efficient manner!

3. Schedule: Sunday, March 4 (Arrival to Japan)- Saturday, March 10 (Departure)


Note. Nett training starts on Monday, March 5 and finishes on Friday, March 9, 2012
* You can also extend your stay with your request, before and after the training for your personal business.
4. Venue (Training and Accommodation)

AOTS Tokyo Kenshu Center, 30-1, 1-chome, Adachi-ku, Tokyo 120-8534

5. Who Can Apply?

Executives, Engineers of NG-related corporations/organizations from NG producing countries

6. Number of class

20-25 persons (Note. When the application size becomes smaller than a certain size, we may cancel the implementation.)

7. Language of the training: English with translation
8. Daily Training Plans





Sun, March 4

Arrival Japan

Please come and check in by this date.


Mon, March 5




Primary Discussion

Discussion on Training Schedule/Current Situation of Natural Gas Use in Japan

Compression Technology

Technical Lecture (Principles of CNG/Applications/ Supply Stations/ Fixtures, etc.)

Liquefied Natural Gas

Technical Lecture (Peak Shaving/Safety-Environment Standard/ Transportation (Lorry, Train, Ship)/ Facilities Used from gas Processing to Liquefaction/ Shipping Facilities


Tue, March 6

Liquefied Natural Gas

Field Trip (Facilities for: LNG Storage/ Gasification / Calorie Adjustment/ Control/ Measurement/ Analysis/ Odorization)

Sodegaura Plant of Tokyo Gas

Measurement of Gas

Field Trip (Gas Measurement (Calorie and Volume)/ Shipping)

Cold Energy Use of LNG

Field Trip (Air Separation) (

Smaller Power Generation

Field Trip (Power Generator)

Technical Lecture (Gas Combustion Turbines/ Gas-burn Power Generator/ Gas-burn Boiler


Wed., March 7

Liquefied Natural Gas

Field Trip (LNG Re-gasification/ Acceptance/ Re-gasification/ Supply/ Use of Gas)

Miura Gas


Technical Lecture (Supply Modes, Maintenance and Inspection of Faculties)


Fuel Conversion

Technical Lecture (Comparison of Heavy/Light Oil and Natural Gas/ Supply Network within a Plant/ Case Study of N. Gas-burner/Cost of Fuel Conversion)

Thu, March 8

Fuel Conversion/Compression of Natural Gas

Field Trip (Boiler/Furnace/Co-Generation/Fuel Cells) (

Senju Facilities of Tokyo Gas

Technical Lecture (Principle of CNG/Natural Gas Vehicle)

Field Trip (Natural Gas Station/Hydrogen Plant/ Filling of Containers)


Fri, March 9

Industrial Applications of Natural Gas

Field Trip (Metal Processing/Food Processing/Measurement at Customers)

Volume Customer


Overall Discussion/ Additional Information on Matters of Interest


Sat, March 10

Leave Japan

You can extend your stay by request in prior.

9. Fee: JPY290, 000 per person*

*including all training expenses, accommodation with meals, travel insurance
NOTE. NGC assumes pre-payment and is not financed by public funding.
10. How to Apply
You can apply either through AOTS Alumni Societies in your country or directly to reach AOTS Japan.
Application Forms are available at AOTS website and it is highly recommended to use internet for your prompt application.
11. Closing Date of Application: January 5, 2012
12. Contact

NGC Group, NGC Division of AOTS

e-mail: (Write 102 on top)

Phone +81-3-3888-8260 Fax +81-3-3888-8242

Add X313 to your message title for our prompt communication


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