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*Kylene Beers, author of When Kids Can’t Read What Teachers Can Do, discussed a strategy using a quote or section of a text as the stimulus for this activity.

So, when I was facilitating our Courage-Civil Right’s Movement unit, I used the MLK images from the primary source teacher resources at the:

Library of Congress funded Teaching with Primary Sources site.

This site provides a wealth of primary source documents (photos, letters, etc) that could be used for this activity 
It is a great way for students to interact with each other in writing. All students get to participate at the same time and it gives them a chance to voice their thoughts to each other. It gets everyone engaged! I took each image and taped/glued them to individual large pieces of bulletin board paper or chart paper. The text selection or images you choose is key to getting the most interaction and reaction from your students. The selection should be something that evokes emotion or thinking from your students so they will be motivated to write down their thoughts about it.

We discuss what we know about “twitter” and “how to” twitter. Set a timer and remind them: writing is right, but talking is taboo 

The student are moving around to each table where I have placed the paper with the pictures. I am also moving from table to table writing comments or responding to something already written. They read each other’s comments and respond back to each other by posing another question or comment.

I let them know when the timer rings the twitter time is up, however, the “tweets” will be posted so after reflection and any time during or unit study they can return and add thoughts as we build our base of knowledge.

*My students LOVED this activity and it really was a great forum for my ELL students or students who were more reticent to discuss topics in a group setting to have an opportunity to share! Kim Busch 

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