Clinical Commissioning Groups Data Request

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Clinical Commissioning Groups

Data Request

  1. Introduction

This document is an application form to be completed by Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) or their proxy organisations for requesting access to record level Secondary Uses Service (SUS) data in pseudonymised form.
When completing the form, please either type or write in black ink, as this form may be photocopied. Electronic signatures can be provided.
Please keep a copy of all the documents, including completed forms, for your own records.
  1. What is available

Payment by Results (PbR) is a system of paying NHS healthcare providers a standard national price or tariff for each patient seen or treated, taking into account the complexity of the patient’s healthcare needs. The tariff received by the provider is adjusted to reflect the nationally determined market forces factor (MFF). This is unique to each provider and reflects the fact that it is more expensive to provide services in some parts of the country than in others. There may also be other adjustments to the tariff for long or short stays, for specialised services, or to support other PbR policy changes.

PbR data is derived from the Commissioning Data Sets (CDS) which are held within the Secondary Uses Service (SUS) data warehouse and contain information on Admitted Patient Care, Outpatients and Accident & Emergency (Emergency Medicine) attendances.
As part of SUS Release 12 (expected November 2012) a new service, Historic Patient Activity (HPA), will be delivered to allow authorised organisations to view pseudonymised 2012/13 financial SUS data at CCG level in preparation for April 2013. It is anticipated that this information, produced at CCG level, will assist relevant organisations in planning the commissioning activity for CCG areas. The HPA extracts will contain data based on the GP Practices that are planned to be associated with a CCG as reflected in interim communications from the Organisation Data Service (ODS). The extracts will be produced monthly, will be year to date, and will be in the same format as the PbR Post-Reconciliation Managed Service extracts.

The following standard extracts are made available:

  • APC Episodes

  • APC Spells

  • Outpatients

  • Accident & Emergency (Emergency Medicine)

  • Critical Care

Facilities in SUS will make SUS PbR data available to CCGs or their proxy organisations at record level and in pseudonymised form for the purpose of management information. Alternatively, users are able to request 2012/13 and 2011/12 financial year data through the already established HSCIC bespoke extract service.

To get access to the HPA extracts within SUS, organisations need to follow a three step process. SUS has a robust information governance process to make sure that the data is protected from unauthorised access. You can only view information relevant to the purpose you apply for.
Step one: You will need an N3 connection (also known as the NHS National Network) to access the Spine and SUS. NHS networks should automatically be on N3. If you are outside of the NHS and need to have N3 installed, you should complete an ‘expression of interest’ form, available at the below link:
Step two: You should approach your local registration authority (RA) to obtain an RA01 form which you should return to your RA. Your RA will most likely be a member of your IT department or an IG representative.
Step three: Your local registration authority sponsor will assign correct access rights (business functions) to your smartcard.

Further details on how to access SUS are available on the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) website.

  1. Data being requested

Record level SUS PbR data in pseudonymised form for the period April 2012 to March 2013 will be made available via the SUS PbR online system. This option can be requested immediately but the functionality via SUS online to access HPA extracts will not be available until November 2012.

In addition to 2012/13 SUS PbR data made available via the SUS PbR online system in November 2012, the HSCIC is making 2012/13 and 2011/12 data in pseudonymised form available via a bespoke data extract service. This data is available to request straight away and the HSCIC will process your request as soon as a Data Sharing Agreement (DSA) has been signed by all parties. Please note, however, that there are a maximum number of requests that the HSCIC can process in a month and applications will be processed on a first come first served basis.
Please indicate which data you would like by selecting the appropriate options (you may select more than one):

 Option A: April to March 2012/13 SUS PbR data (Bespoke extract from HSCIC) 1

 Option B: April to March 2011/12 SUS PbR data (Bespoke extract from HSCIC) 1
 Option C: April to March 2012/13 SUS PbR data (Via SUS Online: available to request immediately but functionality not ready until November 2012)
1 available now as a bespoke extract to be supplied by the HSCIC
Please note that where option (s) A and/or B have been selected, a DSA will be produced from the information provided in this form which will be sent back to you to sign. Once the HSCIC receive the signed DSA, we will sign it and begin processing your request. A copy of the DSA will be returned to you for your information.
For those requesting Option C, you will only need to complete this application form.
Please read all of the following sections and complete all of the relevant information. If any sections have not been completed sufficiently, then this form will be returned to you for further completion before your request is processed any further.

  1. Data request

Please list CCG codes (ODS codes) for organisations that you would like to access data for (please extend the table to fit the number of organisations you would like to request data for):

CCG Code

CCG Name

  1. Requesting organisation details

Contact details


      Title (Mr, Mrs, Ms, Dr, etc.):      

Organisation name:


ODS Code (This is your ODS organisation code):







Email address:


Organisation type (Please tick to indicate your organisation type)

 Clinical Commissioning Group

 Commissioning Support Service (requesting data on behalf of CCG)

 Data Management Information Centre (requesting data on behalf of CCG)

 Primary Care Trust (PCT) (requesting data on behalf of CCG)

 Other (please specify)      

  1. Purpose for which the Data are to be used

Please select the purpose for requesting access to data selected specified in section 3:

Data Re-use Statement

To be used internally by our organisations for the purpose of NHS management

Please specify any additional intended usage for this data:       

  1. Agreement signatures

Details of licensee (person/organisation requesting the data)

Name (please type or print):

      Title (Mr, Mrs, Ms, Dr, etc.):      






Address where data to be held (if different):





Mobile (optional):






I, the licensee named above, will ensure that any published results using the data requested in this application will adhere to the HES protocol and the terms and conditions of the agreed Data Sharing Agreement (applies to options A and B). By signing this agreement, I confirm that the data will not be shared outside of my organisation except in an aggregated form.



Please note that this agreement will terminate on the 31st March 2013.
Please return completed application forms to Please put ‘CCG Data Request’ in the email subject line.

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