Choir booster meeting minutes

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October 11, 2011
Important Dates

October 22 – Dress Rehearsal for Fall Concert – Concert Choir only at 10:00 am

October 24 – Fall Concert

October 28th & 29th – All County Chorus – Battlefield HS

November 8 – Hylton hosting District Choir Auditions

Board of Directors 2011/2012
President - Kurt Bubenhofer /

Vice Pres - Kathi Davis

Vice Pres - Arlene Cohen

Treasurer - Sandy Cohen

Secretary - Jody Underwood
Choir Staff 2010/2011
Director Tommy Tutwiler

Accompanist Anna de Groot

Volunteer positions

Hospitality Chair – Emily Brown

Volunteer Coordinator – Erika Thirkill
Still Needed

Fundraising assistance (ALWAYS NEEDED)

Madrigal Feast Coordinators (would like this to be 1 Troub parent and 1 Sapphire)

Sponsorship Coordinator

Meeting called to order at 6:35
Motion to approve minutes by Kathi Davis and seconded by Carol Cairns and approved without opposition
Treasurers Report – Kurt Bubenhofer for Sandy Cohen

  • Presented the treasurer’s report – motion to accept treasurer’s report made by Tammy Hughes and seconded by Jill Francis – motion passed unopposed

  • Still working on transferring records and banking from former treasurer.

  • All receipts need to be turned into the treasurer for reimbursement and all expenditures should be run past the treasurer prior to being expended.

  • A tax return will be filed by November 15, 2011 for the Choral Boosters.

  • Anna de Groot will receive her stipend for this school year and as a result will receive a 1099 from the boosters.

  • Discussed the budget for the 2011 and 2012 school year. Explained that every line item is not used every school year but it is put in place encase that it is needed. Carol Cairns made a motion that the 2011-2012 budget be approved as submitted. Seconded by Yolanda Villanueva – approved unopposed.

Fundraising – Carol Cairns

  • Claire’s Gourmet – estimated that 39 students who participated earned about $2,600 in profit

  • Claire’s Gourmet – will be picked up by students immediately following the Fall Concert. Volunteers needed to help sort the order.

  • Yankee Candle and Pampered Chef - fundraising packets have been sent home and are due back October 18

  • Spirit Wear and Beads – will be sold at Fall Concert and Homecoming events

  • Looking into additional fundraisers at local restaurants

  • Brought a discussion about Spirit cups and boosters decided to have this fundraiser this year

  • Moe’s Grill – never sent boosters the money earned from our fundraiser night

VP Report – Arlene Cohen
-Volunteer form need to be turned in – very concerned about the lack of volunteers this year.

- Funds earned from fundraising cannot be refunded if a student does not go on the trip, the funds would then convert to general operating budget funds.

- IFA forms must be completed for you student to receive credit for fundraising

- Wanda suggested thank you letters for businesses that have placed ads with us. NEED SOME ONE TO DRAFT LETTER.

Spring Trip – Thomas Tutwiler
- Plans are moving right along. Trip packets handed out previous week

- Need a check for bus deposit

New Business/Action Items - Kurt
Budget approval – see treasurer’s report.
Nomination of Sherri Borden as Secretary – motion made by Jill Francis and seconded by Carol Cairns – approved unopposed.
Membership & Sponsorship: Need help organizing this. Asking for 5 hours of volunteer service for membership, but should we also include the ability to pay $5 for membership. Boosters against adding the $5.00 back for this year as we went with the volunteer hours. Motion made by Carol Cairns to amend the By-Laws to include the 5 hours volunteer hours instead of the $5 fee., seconded by Kathi Davis – passed unopposed.
Calendar Changes: The board meeting scheduled for November needs to be moved to November 7th due to elections and the school being used. The December meeting will be on the 6th for Madrigal Feaste only and boosters meeting will be on the 13th. Jan meeting will be on Monday the 9th.
Madrigal Feaste – Still do not have a coordinator for the event. It is December 10th at the Hylton Memorial Chapel. Tickets $30 per person. Pre-sale tickets have started with troubs and sapphires. Go on sale officially at Fall Concert. Mr. Tutwiler will seek a 10th or 11th grade parent(s) to shadow folks this year so they can take over next year
Director’s Time

    • Trip packets went home with Concert Choir students, first payment due October 14th

    • Hylton hosting District Choir Auditions on November 8th from 12 -8 pm

    • Boosters will need to provide snack drinks and dinner for the judges and support group of about 30 people total. Kathi Davis and Emily Brown will take care of this. Concessions can be done if we can obtain parent volunteers, but it will be difficult because it is during work hours.

    • Seeking students to volunteer as a runners during auditions, it would also be nice to have a few parents available

    • Congratulations to the 4 students who are going to Senior Honors Choir – Michael Cohen, Kenny Anderson, Justin McCaskey and Lindsay Tacaraya.

    • Boosters will provide an $800 scholarship for Senior Honors. Each student is required to pay $279 and because of the scholarship, each student will know pay only $79

    • Mr. Tutwiler thanked the parents who helped during the All-County Auditions

    • Need portable CD players for District Auditions on 11/8

Meeting adjourned 8:30 pm. Next Meeting Monday, November 7, 2011

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