Child’s Name Date of Birth Boy/Girl Home Address

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Child’s Name Date of Birth Boy/Girl
Home Address
Parent Name Home Phone

(Parent most likely to be working at Sequoia)

Email Address Cell Phone
Occupation Business Phone

Business Address
Parent Name Home Phone
Email Address Cell Phone
Occupation Business Phone
Business Address

Please read and sign the attached sheet of Participation Responsibilities. Return the sheet with this Application to the Membership Chairperson. Keep a copy for your records.

Please include a $25.00 non-refundable application fee payable to Sequoia Nursery School.

Annual Tuition for the 2013-2014 school year was $4300.00 per child for 5 days, $3440.00 per child for 4 days, and $2580.00 per child for 3 days. Tuition may be paid in 10 monthly installments due at the beginning of each month. Tuition is expected to increase for 2014-2015.

We will begin accepting applications starting January 28, 2014. Preference is given to siblings of Sequoia alumni. Applicants must be at least three years old on or before September 1, 2014. Deadline for applications is February 27, 2014. Letters of acceptance will be sent out March 17, 2014.

At the time of acceptance a deposit consisting of $150.00 participation fee and last month’s tuition is required and is fully refundable for 30 days upon receipt. If a deposit is not received by April 4, 2014, the child’s place will be given to a child on our waiting list.

How did you hear about Sequoia Nursery School? ________________________________________________

Are you interested in shared babysitting for a younger sibling? If so, what is his/her birth date?
Thank you for your interest in Sequoia Nursery School!
Please return to: Cirila Call, Membership Chairperson – (925) 978-6367

230 San Carlos Ave., Piedmont, CA 94611

or drop off at the Blue Sequoia Mailbox

Participation Responsibilities
I understand that in order to remain a member in good standing of Sequoia Nursery School, each family must fulfill the following obligations. See the Sequoia handbook (to be provided) for further details.
1. Weekly Workday at School - 8:40 a.m. to about 12 noon

One day per week for each child enrolled. The workday must be performed by the participating parent or a board approved extended family member; extended family members must be able to reasonably handle all job functions and make a full contribution to the workday, as expected of all parents. If you arrive after 8:45 a.m. on your workday, you will be assessed a fine after the first 10 minutes accumulated per month.

2. Meetings – Two Orientation and three General Meetings per school year

There are two mandatory Orientation meetings. There are three mandatory business/educational meetings per year for the general membership. You will be fined for failing to attend any of these meetings. The Meetings are generally in August/September, October, January and April.

3. On-Call Duty - Six to ten days per year or as needed

The participating parent or board member approved extended family member must sign up to be available as a substitute for another parent in case of an emergency. The hours for an on-call day are the same as on the regular workday: 8:45 to about 12 noon.

4. Family Job

Each family is assigned a Family Job which aids in the daily operation of the school (i.e. Newsletter, Snack Committee, Laundry).

5. Housekeeping Day - One day per year for each workday

An extended cleaning and organizing of the school’s equipment. It will take approximately one hour and is scheduled on your regular workday immediately after school.

6. Maintenance and Repair Commitment- Four hours per year

Each family is required to contribute four hours during the school year to complete larger maintenance projects for the school’s facilities.

Tuition: 10 monthly installments: 2013-2014 tuition is $430/5 days, $344/4 days, $258/3 days. Tuition is expected to increase for 2014-2015.
Enjoy a wonderful experience with your child!
I have read the foregoing and am in full agreement with these responsibilities. I have made a copy of this agreement for my records.
Parent’s Signature and Date______________________________________________________________

We would like to know why you are interested in enrolling your child in a cooperative preschool. Please use this page to tell us what it is about a “co-op” that appeals to you and your family.



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