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C Sue Shambaugh

Japanese Translator - Game/Anime/Manga/SF Specialist


BS in EE/CS, 1985, The Johns Hopkins University, with general and departmental honors. MES in CS, 1986, The Johns Hopkins University (first advanced CS degree awarded to a full-time student at JHU). Concentration in that branch of AI known as computational geometry.


IEEE; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Japanese Language Services; ATA (JLD); HopSFA/A; Ja/SFA; FFRF; the Brights movement; MSA; MHSA. Formerly a member of CHES.

Anime Credits:

Urusei Yatsura OAV, Date With a Ghost (AnimEigo)
Wings of Honneamise (USMC/CPM - Early draft)

Working Designs Video Game Credits:
Lunar the Silver Star Story

Lunar 2

Epica Stellar (released under another title)

Arc the Lad 3

Goemon (not released)

Growlanser 2 & 3 (to be released next year)

Print Credits:
Staff writer, V-Max magazine. Articles included GHL 2 series synopses, GHL 3 series synopses, and coverage of KatsuCon 2.

Contributor to the Cynosure APA (now defunct).

Occasional contributor to The Rose fanzine.

Compiler of The Anime Filk/Parody Fanzine.


Freelance translator for Japanese Language Services, a full-service Japanese-English translation company located in Massachusetts.

Associate member of the American Translators Association, Japanese Language Division, since 1995.
Work in Progress:

I've fully translated 9 of the total 14 Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu novels by Tanaka Yoshiki. The last novel of the 10-volume main series is unfinished. As regards their publishing status, I've had a contract offer from one company, but because they wouldn't negotiate rights on my behalf, the deal had to be scrapped. I'm still searching for a forward-thinking American publisher who wouldn't mind bringing these 10-million+-copy bestsellers to the US!

Convention Appearances:

AnimEast 1 & 2 (guest, costume judge)

BaltiCon 1982 - 2004 (costumer, guest)
BucConeer - WorldCon Baltimore 1998 (costumer, anime staff)
Confederation - WorldCon Atlanta 1987? (costumer)
Constellation - WorldCon Baltimore 1983
EveCon 1 - ?
I-Con/ChibiCon 1 (guest)
KatsuCon 1 - 10 (guest, costume contest coordinator, senior staff)
Otakon 1 - 3 (guest, costume judge)
PhilCon 1983, 1997 (guest)
Project A-Kon 3? (guest, costume judge)

Fan Translations of Anime, 1983 - 1998:

NOTE: Many of these works have been commercially released in the US, and none are still available from me. However, I've left the list complete just so you get an idea of what kind of works I've concentrated on providing fans over 15 years. If you've seen a fansub of it, it probably originated here. List is alphabetical by my own translations (or sometimes, not!) of the titles.

Adieu, Galaxy Express 999

Ahh, My Goddess #5: For the Love of Goddess
Ami, Again
Andromeda Stories
Arion: The Ruin of Olympus
Arrividerci, Yamato: Soldiers of Love
Be Forever, Yamato
Beautiful Dreamer
Black Magic M-66
Blue Seed eps 1-3, 7, 8
Call Me Tonight
Castle Cagliostro
Crusher Joe
Cyber Formula ep 37, final: Winners of Glory
Dear Big Brother... 1-4
Dirty Pair ep 26: The Beauties' Cannon is the Escape Keyword
Dragon Half 1-2 Dragonball Z TV specials & movies (5 different)
Escalation 1-2
Farewell, Lovely Lupin
Final Yamato
Fire Tripper
Five Star Stories
Gal Force 2-3
Galactic Heroes Legends eps 1-44
Galactic Heroes Legends movie 1: My Conquest is the Great Sea of Stars
Galactic Heroes Legends movie 2: Overture to a New Battle
Gatchaman 1
Gundam 1
Gundam 2: Pitiful Soldiers
Gundam 3: Reunion Space
Happening Summer
Hi no Tori: Phoenix Chapter
Iczer 1 Acts 1-3
IDEON 1: A Contact
L Gaim ep 54 (final): Dreamers Again
Lamune & 40 final TV ep
Lanma movie: Lanma Team versus Legendary Phoenix
Lanma OAV: Those Who Inherit the Way
Laputa, The Castle in the Sky
Locke the Superman
Lum the Forever
Lupin 3 ep 15: I'll Catch Lupin and Go To Europe
Lupin 3 ep 21: Save the Shrew!
Lyon Legend Flare
Macross Movie
Maison Ikkoku TV eps 1-64 synopses
Maison Ikkoku Desert Island OAV synopsis
Mako 2
Mama is a Fourth Grader ep 51 (final): Farewell, Mirai
Megazone 23 Parts 1-2
Minky Momo - La Ronde in My Dream
Miyuki ep 30: Snow and a Knocking Stranger
My Youth in Arcadia
Nadia ep 1
Nadia: The Mystery of Fuzzy
Nausicaa in the Valley of the Wind
Norlandia Affair
Nu Gundam: Counterattacking Char
Odin: Photon Sail Ship Starlight
Omoide Poroporo
Only You
Phoenix 2772: Cosmozone of Love
Pop Chaser
Porco Rosso
Project A-ko
Queen Millennia
Remember, My Love
Sailor Moon eps 1-3, 6, 8-11, 13, 14, 19, 22-28, 31-36, 38, 39, 43
Sailor Moon R eps 56, 58, 59, 68, 81
Sailor Moon S ep 110
Sazan Eyes 1-4
Song of Wind and Trees: Sanctus
Space Battleship Yamato
Space Family Carl Vinson
SPT Layzner ep 38: Space Warps
Star Trap
Three Musketeers: Aramis' Adventure
Tonari no Totoro
Urusei Yatsura, eps ??
Venus War Chronicles
Vifam ep 3: Twelve People Disappeared
Wata no Kuni Hoshi
What's Michael?
White Shadow
Wings of Death: Albatross
Wings of Honneamise
Witch's Delivery Service
Zillion final ep: Victory's Last Shoot

Fan Manga Translations:

NOTE: Many of these works have been commercially released in the US, and none are still available from me. However, I've left the list complete just so you get an idea of what kind of works I've concentrated on providing fans over 15 years. Titles are listed alphabetically by my own translations of them.

Appleseed Data Book (20 pp)

Captain Harlock, volumes 1-2
Cipher, volume 1
D [di], collected volumes 1-3
Dark of the Moon, Shadow of the Ocean, volumes 1-18 (synopses only)
Dark Whisper, volumes 1-2 (synopses only)
Dragonball Z characters encyclopedia
Juicy Pluto doujinshi
Kizuna, volume 1
Lanma 1/2, volumes 24-38
Let Me Sleep Under the Cherry Moon 2 doujinshi
Marionette Generation, volumes 1-2
Revolutionary Girl Utena, volume 1
Silent Moebius, volumes 3-4
Song of Wind and Trees, collected volume 1
Tokyo Babylon, volumes 1-7
To-y, volume 1
Urusei Yatsura characters encyclopedia
Yuu Yuu Hakusho vol. 15

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