Business Empowerment Series ngc seminar x-102 (Release) ビジネス交流・経営

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Business Empowerment Series

NGC Seminar X-102 (Release) ビジネス交流・経営


NGC Training in Japan for Entrepreneurs:

Toward More Competitive SMEs

Getting New Inspirations of Your Company’s Growth from Japanese SMEs

April 15-21, 2012


General Information and Your Guide

October 2011

NGC Group, NGC Division
1. Rationale
There are many small businesses in Japan that have stronger competitiveness such as specialized engineering, organizational effectiveness to survive global competition. The tragic event of March 11 earthquakes showed that the production processes of the world actually depended on such capable Japanese SMEs. Then AOTS has brought with a new training package for entrepreneurs of the world to come and see the strength of Japanese SMEs such as cost, quality, delivery and personnel that is foundation of the business; furthermore they can meet their counterparts of Japanese top executives for paving a way for their new business network. Thus AOTS wishes you to apply what you can from the Japanese practices for enhancing the effectiveness and competitiveness of your company.
2. What This Training Can Offer

  • Business exchange with Japanese top executives of SMEs can be your good opportunity to understand what makes Japanese SMEs survivable. While Japanese executives can get direct information of your country’s business situations.

  • You will visit Japanese SMEs to get new insights toward more competitiveness.

  • You will get updated knowledge of market in Japan for your next business strategy.]

  • Particularly, your needs as follows can be met by this training

    • Managing of new products, new technologies for your company’s advantage

    • In-company innovation

    • Inter-business exchange

    • Seeking for new business relations with Japan

3. Schedule: Sunday, April 14 (Arrival to Japan)- Saturday, April 21 (Departure)

 Note. Nett training starts on Monday, April 15 and finishes on Friday, April 20, 2012

* You can also extend your stay with your request, before and after the training for your personal business.

4. Venue (Training and Accommodation)

AOTS Tokyo Kenshu Center, 30-1, 1-chome, Adachi-ku, Tokyo 120-8534

5. Who Can Apply?

Entrepreneurs, Heads of business corporations

6. Number of class

20-25 persons (Note. When the application size becomes smaller than a certain size, we may cancel the implementation.)

7. Language of the training: English with translation
8. Training Plans by Day





Sun, April 15


Arrival to Japan


Mon, April 16



Sharing your objectives, Common Precautions



Lecture: Features of Japanese SMEs

Current Situations, Technology R&D, HRD, Organizational Managing



Lecture: Cases of Successful SME Business Strategy

Introduction of Cases, What Are Causes, Common Factors



Discussion by Group

To understand what learned today better and get prepared for the following schedule

Tue, April 17


Lecture: Cases of Successful SME HRD Policy

Introduction of Cases, Constraints and Possibility, What Strategy to be pursued



Visit: Case of Corporate Strategy/HRD/Daily Management in Practice

Introduction to Company, Special Features, Daily Efforts to adopt, Meeting with Top Management

Wed, April 18


Lecture How to Enter Japanese Market and Support Schemes

Basics to enter Japanese Market, Useful info on support



Business Exchange with Japanese Executives

Introducing Yourself, Presentation by Country (Company), Free talking, Interview (Optional)



Personal Review

Reviewing your own business exchange result, Future strategy

Thu, April 19


Lecture and Exercise Useful Tools in Factory Floor

5S, 7 Tools of QC, How to Kaizen, How to Keep Tools Workable in Your Company



Visit Case of Effective Use of Factory Floor M'gt Tools

How Their Performance Enhanced by the Use of Tools/ How They Started to Use the Tools wihtout Stopping, Discussion with Top Management



Personal Review

How You Can Change Your Company, What Cases should you refer, The Best Road map for your Company (A Prep for the final day discussion)

Fri, April 20


Visit: Case of Business M'gt Based on One-of-a kind Technology

How Strong Their Technology? How They Started to Develop, Trials and Errors in Bringing them to Products, Intellectual Property, Their Vision, Discussion with Top Management


Lecture: What Called For Creation of Stronger Corporate Power

In Class Discussion style, Reviewing All Inputs by This Training, How You Can Apply to Your Own Road Map



Evaluation/Certificate Awarding

Feedback of Your Opinions, Certificate Awarding

Sat, April 21


Leave Japan*


9. Fee: JPY247, 000 per person*

*including all training expenses, accommodation with meals, travel insurance
NOTE. NGC assumes pre-payment and is not financed by public funding.
10. How to Apply

You can apply either through AOTS Alumni Societies in your country or directly to reach AOTS Japan.

Application Forms are available at AOTS website and it is highly recommended to use internet for your prompt application.
11. Closing Date of Application: Monday, January 23, 2012
12. Contact

NGC Group, NGC Division of AOTS


Phone +81-3-3888-8260 Fax +81-3-3888-8242

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