Board of Director Meeting Minutes October 3, 2010

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Boulevard Park Neighborhood Association

Board of Director Meeting Minutes

October 3, 2010


Catherine Turrill, Greg Smith, Julianne Richards, Margaret Buss, Asha Jennings, Hal Edmunds


Andrew Anzalone

Regular Business

Approval of Minutes

The Board of Directors approved the minutes from the September 2010 meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

We are in good shape.

Preservation Report

Catherine said there has been no movement on the proposed house in the block between B and C, and 22nd and 23rd Streets. We have not heard if the City will hear about the proposal. If there will be a hearing, Boulevard Park Neighborhood Association has not been notified.

Park Beat Newsletter

Asha will prepare a calendar of events.
Catherine will write up an historic house profile on the Amoroso House. She suggested that in December it be on Tom’s house because that is where the holiday party will be.
Catherine will ask the Friends of the River Banks and Friends of Grant Park for updates.
Catherine will write up a delayed follow-up report about SOCA tour.
Catherine will write up a blurb on 10-10-10 event: Day of Global Work Parties (see information shared by Laurie Litman; also the 10.10.10 Facebook page).
Julie will ask Jill from Talini’s will write up another garden to-do list.
Hal agreed to write up something about the Nominations Committee.
We will ask Amber to write up something on the holiday in midtown for the December issue of Park Beat.
Asha will get the dates of the City Management Academy from Councilman Cohn’s newsletter. She will put this in the Park Beat.
Catherine will ask William Berg if he wants to write up something about the submission to the National Register.

Agenda Items and General Discussion

Nominating Committee

The Committee has been formed. Rob Sperling has agreed, as long as he is not an office. Roberta Franklin as agreed. Hal has not heard of any other people interested in serving on the Board. Would Darby or Suzie be interested?
Margaret said that she would remain on the Board next year.

Spaghetti Dinner Report

The final accounting on the spaghetti dinner was a net income of $742.88. About 190 people attended, including all the dinners that the Board bought for people.
Next year, we should not buy so much variety of wine. Have two or three red and two white wines. Don’t buy different brands of cabs or merlots; just a single brand.
Greg cooked too much food. He will make less next year.
There should have been some backup volunteers.
Greg ordered tables and chairs for next year.


Greg submitted the Board’s letter to Elizabeth Gavia at the California State Alcoholic Beverage Control on September 23, 2010. Ms. Gavia said that she had received many letters, most asking the ABC to deny the changes to the permit.  Based on the responses so far, Ms. Gavia said she would have to deny all the requested changes in the application.

As we talked, Ms. Gavia said that when Tom had originally turned in the petition, he mentioned that he thought he had the support of Sacramento Police Department.  But one of the letters protesting the changes was the Sacramento Police Department.  Sac PD did not like the longer hours, music on the patio or signage.  When Tom heard that Sac PD was protesting the changes to the permit, he said he would withdraw the application.  Ms. Gavia has not received a letter from Old Soul withdrawing the application, but she expects to see it soon.  My gut reaction is that the happenings at September's Second Saturday prompted Sac PD to change their mind on the application.

Alley House (B & C, 22nd & 23rd)

There is a meeting with the City on October 13, at 1:00 PM at the Richard Boulevard building to discuss the house.

Amoroso House

The City has taken an interest in this house because of the potential hazard it presents for fires and vandalism. Potentially the City could put a lien on the house to take care of the problems. The lien would go with the property if it were sold.
Hal mentioned that the owners turned down a cash offer back in 2004; and that this was the only priority one structure in the neighborhood.
There was some discussion that the owners might want to demolish it and sell the property.


Julie talked about the concern of the neighbors, and their being unfamiliar with what to do. This is a building that has been vacant for about 25 years. The petition for Cornerstones would create a restaurant that would be open from 6:00 AM until 2:00 AM. There are a fair number of eating establishments and liquor licenses in the area. There are problems with noise and people. There are problems with parking.
Margaret suggested that the neighbors contact Councilman Steve Cohn and the Winn Park Neighborhood Association. If there were businesses in the area that supported the neighbors concerns that would also help.

Midtown Community Forum

Councilman Steve Cohn’s newsletter says the City will make some changes to Second Saturday, including

Stopping the music at 9:30 PM (instead of 10:00 PM)

Installing a four-way stop at J and 20th Streets

Increasing the police presence

BPNA Website

Tom and Greg met with Pete in September. Pete showed us how the web site was set up, and how to modify it. Tom agreed to be responsible for it, with Greg’s help.

Holiday Party

The Holiday party will be at Tom’s house on December 11, 2010.
Action Items

Catherine said she would be responsible for:

  • contacting Tom about the party

General Meeting in January

The Board would like to have a general meeting in January. Our preferred dates are the first or second Wednesday in January. If there is a problem getting the Hart Center, then we will have to accommodate their availability.
There was some discussion of having Animal Care Services come to the General Meeting in January 2011.
Action Items

Margaret said she would be responsible for:

  • reserving the Hart Center

BPNA Web Site

Pete and Greg have not yet met Sheila about the web site. And since the last Board meeting, Shelia has withdrawn her offer to manage the Boulevard Park Neighborhood Association website because her family circumstances have changed.
Tom agreed that he would take on this responsibility. Tom, Greg and Pete will meet in September.

Sacramento Neighborhood Alliance

The Sacramento Neighborhood Alliance will have general planning meetings:
Monday October 11, 2010 6:30 pm
Colonial Heights Library
4799 Stockton Blvd
Friday 22, 2010 6:30 pm
Belle Cooledge Library
5600 South Land Park Drive
This used to be the Sacramento Community Alliance of Neighborhoods back in the 1990s. Back then it was useful because there was solidarity on many issues by many neighborhoods. What became the Neighborhood Advisory Group has changed. The Neighborhood Advisory Group now has a policy that it will not take positions on a matter. We did not have email or twitter then. Now many notifications go out by email so informing people is easier.
There was some discussion of someone attending one of the meetings. Andrew said that he might be able to attend.
Action Items

Catherine said she would be responsible for:

  • forwarding the announcement to Andrew

Neighborhood Response Team

Asha got a call from Jan saying that this might cease.

Next Meeting

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM. The next meeting will be held on November 3, at Asha’s House.

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