Betty Knott – Central Ohio usbc

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Betty Knott – Central Ohio USBC

Betty Knott began as a Director with the Columbus WBA in 1980 and was elected President in 1987, serving in that position until 2002. Under her leadership the Columbus WBA earned every national honor available to a local association.


As a certified coach, she supervised the youth traveling league and served on the GCYBA Board of Directors. As a Life Member of the Central Ohio USBC she is currently serving on the Audit and Hall of Fame Committees. She was inducted into the Central Ohio USBC Hall of Fame in 2002 and was the 1992 recipient of the Ohio Local Association President’s Club Ruth Smith Award and the 2004 Mary Jannetto Award for local bowling promotion. She served as President of the Central Ohio Bowling Council and on the boards of the Columbus Chapter 600 Club and the District 3 600 Club.


Betty began her Ohio Women’s Bowling Association service in 1994 and retired as First Vice President in August of 2010. She served on almost every committee that the Ohio WBA/Ohio USBC WBA has. She has bowled in at least thirty-five Ohio USBC WBA state tournaments and participated in all activities sponsored by the association. Betty’s commitment to the Ohio USBC WBA has inspired many and she continues to be an example of dedication and strength. She was inducted into the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame in 2007 and named a Member Emerita of the Ohio USBC WBA in 2010.


She has served as a local delegate to the WIBC/USBC annual meeting for at least twenty-six years and served on the Teller’s Committee for five years.


One of the strongest values of Betty was to always want to do what was best for the membership. She always gave of her time freely and volunteered to do duties over and above what was asked of her as a state board member.


Betty’s positive attitude, strength and perseverance have raised the bar for us all. She has beaten the odds against devastating health issues and remained an outstanding example of a committee volunteer for our sport.


It is with extreme pleasure that we add the name of Betty Knott to those already enshrined for her extraordinary MERITORIOUS SERVICE to the Ohio USBC WBA Hall of Fame.


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