{Ball Python}

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{Ball Python}

(Owner Experience: Beginner)

Common Name: Ball Python
Scientific name: Python regius
Native to: Africa
Environment: Warm moderately humid bush lands
Size: 3-5 Ft
Life span: 25-35 Years
General appearance: This species of snake contains hundreds of colors and patterns. Normal’s are brownish yellow with black.

Housing requirements

Enclosure: A Large Tub or Tank can be adequate for most Ball Pythons. They need to have a locking mechanism as these snakes can escape if the top is not secure. A 30 gallon breeder for a full grown python, with a hide and a water bowl. You may also want to include a humid hide for the snake to go to during shedding.

Temperature: This is a tropical snake and requires a temperature gradient of 75- 90 Degrees.

Humidity: A full water bowl large enough for the snake to curl up into is required and a daily light misting may be needed to keep the tank at 40-60% humidity.

These snakes do well with an under the tank heater pad and a basking light. These should be placed on one side of the tank to create a gradient for the snake to regulate its body temperature. Ball Pythons do not need UVA\UVB lighting due to their eating of full rodents.

Substrate: We recommend the use of Coco Soft and Eco Earth bedding. It naturally keeps moisture and is not prone to bacteria growth.

Diet: Live \ Frozen thawed rodents

Maintenance: Water bowl should always be full and washed as needed to prevent growth. Clean the substrate of all leftovers or scat. Keep the moisture up or the humid hide watered for ease of shedding.

Remember that in many places it is illegal to take wildlife out of the wild without the proper permits from local, state, or federal authorities. Please do not release any captive reptiles or amphibians into the wild as this will disrupt the natural order of our environment.

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