Arizona State University – Faculty Associate 2010–Present Instructor

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Academic Experience
Arizona State University – Faculty Associate - 2010–Present
Instructor - Film and Media Studies Program: FMS 351: Emerging Digital Media - Fall, 2011; Fall, 2012; Fall, 2014; Spring, 2015

Instructor - Film and Media Studies Program: FMS 394: Arizona Identity in the Western Film - Fall, 2012; Spring, 2013; Fall, 2014; Spring, 2015

Instructor - Film and Media Studies Program: FMS 490: International Cinema - Fall, 2012.

Guest Lecturer – “The Western Genre.” Film and Media Studies Program: FMS 100: Introduction to Film – Fall, 2011.

Guest Lecturer – “A History of the Horror Film.” Master of Liberal Studies Program: MLS 598: Contemporary Issues in Horror Film – Fall, 2011.

Assistant - Film and Media Studies Program: FMS 200: Hollywood Film History – Spring, 2011.

Guest Lecturer – “Quality of Life-Film/Cultural Studies: Border Representations in Film.” Masters of Liberal Studies Program: MLS 598: Critical Issues on U.S. Borders – Spring, 2011.

Instructor (latter half of semester) - Film and Media Studies Program: FMS 481: Entertainment Technologies - Fall, 2010.
Senses of Cinema ( Great Directors profile of Samuel Fuller. October, 2014
Bright Lights Film Journal ( "Coming of age with Kes." June, 2014
CineAction ( "People and Their Places in Antonioni's La Notte." Issue 93, 2014
Film International ( Reviews for Rififi, Autumn Sonata, God's Little Acre, Snake Eyes, Double Indemnity, Picnic at Hanging Rock, Eraserhead. All 2014. Essay, "Journey to Italy: A New, New Realism," scheduled for print publication Winter, 2014
Sound on Sight ( Weekly on-line column - "New on Video" - and special Spotlight contributions. November, 2013-present On-line reviews/essays for The True Story of Jesse James, Kes, and Blow Out. April, 2011.
Moving Pictures Magazine: Reviews for Tony, One Piece at a Time, and Breathless. April, 2010.

ASU Center for Film, Media and Popular Culture - Visiting Research Fellow


Presented three film “Strangers in a Strange Land” series – September-November 2014: Ninotchka (1939), All That Heaven Allows (1955), The Apartment (1960)

•Presented three film "American Movie Masters" series - February-April 2014; September-November 2014: The Magnificent Ambersons (1942), She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (1949), Paths of Glory (1957)

•Presented three film "Science Fiction Films" series - June-August 2014: Inception (2010), Children of Men (2006), RoboCop (1987)

•Presented three film "International Classics" series - October 2013-January 2014 and March-April 2014: The Red Shoes (1948), Repulsion (1965), Blow-Up (1966).

•Introduction to Post Tenebras Lux (2012) as part of Cine Latino at the Phoenix Art Museum - October 2013.

•Presented three film "Neglected Genre Classics" series - July-September 2013: Twentieth Century (1934), The Naked Spur (1953), Underworld U.S.A. (1961).

•Presented three film "Foreign Film Essentials" series - March-May 2013: Bicycle Thieves (1948), The Seventh Seal (1957), Breathless (1960)

•Presented three film “Great Depression and America Film” series - January 2013: Gold Diggers of 1933 (1933), My Man Godfrey (1936), Scarface (1932)
•Presented four film “Arizona Westerns” series - August-December 2012: The Searchers (1956), Winchester ‘73 (1950), Rio Bravo (1959), Tombstone (1993).

•Presented three films (The Gospel According to St. Matthew, Kundun, 2001: A Space Odyssey) as part of the Sacred Word and Image: Five World Religions program at the Phoenix Art Museum (2012).

•Built and designed online course through College of Liberal Arts and Sciences grant - FMS 394: Arizona Identity and the Western Film (2012)

•Presented "From the Saguaro Cactus to the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral: Arizona's Identity in Western Movies" as part of The Arizona Humanities Festival (2011).

•Wrote a successful Arizona Humanities Council grant for a four-film series, which began June, 2011, on “The Politics of 1950s American Film.” Researched, wrote, and delivered presentations on three of the four films: On the Waterfront (1954), Johnny Guitar (1954), and Touch of Evil (1958)
Society for Cinema and Media Studies (2010-present)

• Member, Scholarly Interest Group: Silent Cinema

• Member, Scholarly Interest Group: French Francophone Cinema and Media
Association of Moving Image Archivists (2014)

• Member, Education Committee

• Member, Preservation Committee

• Member, Moving Image Related Materials and Documentation Committee

American Film Institute (2011-2012)

• Researched and wrote AFI Catalog entries for: Against All Odds; The Shining; Manhattan; The Tenant; Dressed to Kill; 3 Women; The Outlaw Josey Wales; The Fury; Interiors; Pretty Baby; Opening Night; Taxi Driver; Terminator 2: Judgment Day

01/2009 – 05/2010

Arizona State University – MLSt in Film and Media Studies - graduated summa cum laude.

Thesis: “Kubrick and Control: Authority, Order, and Organization in the War Films of Stanley Kubrick”

Courses included: Italian Cinema; Weimar German Cinema; Studies in International Cinema; Film Analysis; Independent research study - "Setting Significance in the Early Films of Michelangelo Antonioni."
05/2004 – 05/2006

Arizona State University – BA in English
Relevant Work Experience
News Editor - Independent Newsmedia, Inc. USA – Sun City, AZ – 3/2007–Present
Duties include: Managing submitted e-mail and hard copy news releases, formatting and dispersing said information to the proper publications, compiling information for special sections via outside contributors and sources (ie. community/city Web sites, contacts), and adhering to AP stylistic guidelines in writing and editing content for four weekly publications, one monthly, and several special publications. Editing includes work on submitted and in-house articles and releases. Content ranges from community “hard” news to education and sports news. Photograph editing with Adobe Photoshop. Pagination and page design for regular products and additional supplements with Adobe InDesign. General reader service and product promotion.
Dr. Peter Lehman

Director, Center for Film, Media and Popular Culture


Paul Morris

Director, CLAS MLS Program


Dr. Aaron Baker

Associate Professor, ASU Film and Media Studies program


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