Applications for Primary School September 2013 Admissions

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Applications for Primary School September 2013 Admissions

Another, and final, reminder that if your child was born between 1 September 2008 and 31 August 2009, he/she will be due to start Reception in September 2013, you must apply to your county council for a school place. If you live in Lincolnshire please apply online at or call at the office for an application pack. The admissions process closes at 12 noon on 14 January 2012. Please ask at the office if you are at all unsure and to avoid disappointment. We have been heavily oversubscribed for the past two years.

Cloakroom and Toilet Refurbishment

The Y2 and Y5/6 toilet and cloakroom areas are now fully refurbished and the Y4 area is now being completed. All the boilers across the school have been replaced. The FS toilets are next in line and scheduled to be completed by the end of the February half term.

We are delighted with the bright, clean and welcoming refurbished facilities and know that the children are very excited about them too – especially the sensor controlled taps!


A final reminder that hard copies of letters will be discontinued after Christmas unless you have made specific arrangements with the office. Registration letters have been sent to all unregistered parents in the past week so please register now or call at the office if you are having problems.

PTFA Update

Thanks to the support of parents, teachers, children and local businesses, the Malcolm Sargent PTFA has raised more than £4,300 this term. The Halloween and Christmas discos were popular with the children and raised £800, the new Christmas cards/mugs fundraiser made £747 and the Christmas Fayre on 1 December was a great success and raised approximately £2,800. All proceeds will help to buy new equipment for the school.

Don’t forget you can follow the PTFA news and events on facebook - search ‘Malcolm Sargent PTFA’. Thank you for your continued support – ‘together we make a better school’.
National Primary Maths Challenge

This event took place in November and we are delighted that some of our children received the following standard:

Gold – James Everitt

Silver – Emma Morpeth, Alexandra Nicholson, Luke Tooth

Bronze – Mason Howarth, Millie Bowers, Tom Chaytor, Daisy-May Ticehurst
Well done to everyone who took part.
Children in Need

Pupils supported the School Council in their Children in Need initiative this year with a huge total of £688.10 being raised. Well done to everyone who organised and participated in the day.

Poppy Appeal

We raised £72.05 from the sale of poppies this year in support of the Royal British Legion.

Arrival in School

We would request all parents to remember the new school opening hours which were in place from September. The gates are opened at 0830, children are allowed onto the school grounds from 0835 and can go into class from 0840 where teachers/teaching assistants will be waiting to greet them. Please do not bring your children to school before 0835, or leave them at school before 0840, as they will be unsupervised.

Additionally children should access classrooms from their fire doors for FS, Y1, Y2, Y5 and Y6, but through the cloakroom doors for Y3 and Y4.
Foundation and Key Stage 1 children have until 0900 for registration so please do take this opportunity to avoid the rush on Empingham Road and stagger your arrival accordingly. KS2 registration closes slightly earlier at 0850.

In this cold weather we are seeing a surprising number of children who are arriving at school without coats. Please remember to supply a coat at all times, and hats, gloves and wellies also if appropriate. We do aim to get the children outside to play whenever possible.

Carol Concerts

Thank you to all the children in the choirs, and to Mrs Mills and Mr Peach, for their wonderful carol concerts which we, and members of the public, have really enjoyed. We have been especially complimented on the quality of the choir singing at the Stamford School with the Stamford Choral Society earlier this week.


Many of our children have been off sick this term with either chickenpox and/or a sickness bug. Please remember to call the office on a daily basis to inform us if your child is not in, or if you know that he/she will be off for several days, let us know that. If we do not hear from you, we will be calling to check your child’s whereabouts and marking them in the register as unauthorised absence if we cannot contact you.

House Football Tournament

The final results of this tournament are as follows:


1st – Strigidae Rapids (blue)

2nd – Ninox Thunder (red)

3rd – Pulsatrix Pirates (yellow)

4th – Tytonidae Titans (green)

1st – Tytonidae Titans (green)

2nd – Pulsatrix Pirates (yellow)

3rd – Ninox Thunder (red)

4th – Strigidae Rapids (blue)
Well done to all the teams. Mr Emery reported that everyone played very well and it was good to see the teams shaking hands at the end of the matches.

Online ordering is now up and running. If you have been having issues with the new online system please call Food4Thought direct on their new number 01522 246424. The cut-off for cash and online orders remains at 1200 noon on the previous Thursday.

If you are bringing cash to the office to pay for lunches, please bring the correct money with you. We have to place your money and order into an envelope for Food 4 Thought and unfortunately have insufficient cash in the office to provide change for you.
Diary Dates

As usual diary dates for the remainder of the school year are attached. New dates since the last list are in bold, with cancelled dates scored out.

We wish you all a very happy Christmas and New Year.
The new school term begins on Tuesday 8 January 2013.

Diary Dates

7 January 2013

INSET Day (school closed for staff training)

8 January 2013

Start of Spring Term 3

15 January 2013

Y3-Y5 – Parent Talk on Spellings

15 January 2013

PTFA Meeting (7:30pm)

5 February 2013

Class Photos

8 February 2013

PTFA Valentine’s Day Disco

11 – 12 February 2013

Parent Evenings

15 February 2013

End of Spring Term 3

25 February 2013

Start of Spring Term 4

6 March 2013

PTFA Meeting (7:30pm)

6 – 13 March 2013

School Book Fair

7 March 2013

World Book Day

14 March 2013

Y4 Play Performances (2pm and 6pm)

15 March 2013

PTFA Disco

21 March 2013

Y3 Play Performances

(2pm and 6pm)

21 March 2013

Year 5/6 Trip to Cadbury World

22 March 2013

UKS2 Open Afternoon

w/c 25 March 2013

Easter Egg Decorating and Competition

26 March 2013

FS Open Afternoon

Exhibition of Decorated Easter Eggs

27 March 2013

Last day of Spring Term 4

April & May 2013

Year 2 SATS

15 April 2013

Start of Summer Term 5

2 May 2013

County Council Elections (school used as Polling Station)

6 May 2013

May Bank Holiday (School Closed)

w/c 13 May 2013

SATs Week for Year 6

14 May 2013

PTFA Meeting (7:30pm)

17 May 2013

Year 6 and Sports Teams Photos

17 May 2013

PTFA Charity Disco

w/c 20 May 2013

Science Week

22 May 2013

Secondary Transition Information Evening for Parents (Open to all Years)

23 May 2013

PTFA Summer Fayre Meeting (7:30pm)

24 May 2013

Last day of Summer Term 5

3 June 2013

Start of Summer Term 6

11 June 2013

PTFA Meeting (7:30pm)

w/c 17 June 2013

Year 1 Phonics Testing

18 June 2013

PTFA Summer Fayre Meeting (7:30pm)

25 June 2013

Sports Day (Years 1,2, 5 and 6)

26 June 2013

Sports Day (Foundation Stage, Years 3 and 4)

27 June 2013

Reserve Sports Day

28 June 2013

PTFA Disco

2 July 2013

Class Changeover Day

2 July 2013

PTFA Meeting (7:30pm)

w/c 8 July 2013

Year 6 Play (details to be confirmed)

4 July 2013

PTFA Rag Day

6 July 2013

PTFA Summer Fayre

12 July 2013

Annual Pupil Reports Issued (provisional date)

12 July 2013

PTFA Disco

19 July 2013

Year 6 Prom

22 July 2013

Class Changeover Day

23 July 2013

Last day of Summer Term 6

24 July 2013

INSET Day (school closed for staff training)

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