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August 2010






President: Aaron Brown

Vice-President: John Boswell

Recording Secretary: Joan Alvarez

Corresponding Secretary: Mike Tandy

Treasurer: Lloyd Solomon
Board Members

Juan Albara

Hal DeBoard

Randy McCoy

Dave Ramczyk III

Ken Seals

Mike Tandy (Past President)
Sunshine Coordinator

Carol Kailes

Junior Coordinator

Marcia Soria/Dolly Sauls

Club Librarian

Juan Albara


Mike Tandy


Adults: $12.00 per year

Juniors: $6.00 per year
Club Web Site
Club Address

P.O. Box 1672

Modesto, CA 95353-1672
Club Meetings

2nd & 4th Wednesdays @ 7:00p.m.

Denny’s Diner

1525 McHenry Ave, Modesto, CA

President’s Column
Hello all,
And welcome to… August? Seriously? Where has this summer gone? I guess since I was in school I didn’t notice. Well I hope all of you have been enjoying the warm weather, the long days, and maybe a vacation or two. If not, then the club picnic will afford the perfect opportunity to just kick back and soak up what remains of summer.
We could have quite a crowd at the picnic considering how packed our second meeting was last month. Between our regular attendees recovering from show-verload, and several new members joining, we really had a full house. Anyway, a warm welcome to our new members. With raffles, auctions, show & tell, and various drawings there’s always something fun to look forward to at the meetings.
This month, there are some special events to look forward to. At our first regular meeting we’ll have a bourse night. Whether you’re looking to find additions for your own collection, or find new homes for your extras, the mini-coin show of bourse night is the perfect opportunity. Our second meeting is important for anyone looking leave their mark on the club’s history by designing the club medal for next year. Design submissions must be received by the second meeting this month, so mark your calendars if you’re interested. The end of summer is drawing near, but we’ll fill it with plenty of fun.
- Aaron “Show-verload” Brown

Educational Presentations

Anyone interested in giving an educational presentation can contact any board member. Please consider signing up. Thanks.

Mark Your Calendars!

* August 1, 2010- SCCC Picnic*
August 4, 2010 - Board Meeting @ 7:00p.m.
August 11, 2010 - General Meeting @ 7:00p.m.

(1) Bourse Night (2) Auction

August 25, 2010 - General Meeting @ 7:00p.m.

  1. Auction (2) Submit Club Medal Designs

September 1, 2010 - Board Meeting @ 7:00p.m.
September 8, 2010 - General Meeting @ 7:00p.m.

  1. Club Medal Design Contest (2) Nomination of Officers

September 22, 2010 - General Meeting @ 7:00p.m.

  1. Election of Officers (2) Auction

Club Medal Design Contest
The SCCC medal design contest will be on September 8th, so put your ideas on paper and have a medal (with your initials) in history forever. The rules will be available at the meetings and on the club’s website. Submit your designs to Aaron Brown at the last meeting in August (8/25), no exceptions.

August Birthdays
Dave Ramczyk III 8/3 Joel Mitchell 8/7

Powell Zwicker 8/15

Frank Frohman 8/18

Jasmine Stinnett 8/25

New Members

Welcome new member Daniel Brown

Donating to the Junior Auction
The junior auction will be on October 13, 2010. Marcia Soria and Dolly Sauls said they have received enough donations for the junior auction and are now requesting donations for the junior Christmas gift bags. They want to thank the members for their generous donations.
Election of Officers in September
It's that time again for members to step up to the plate and volunteer to support your club by becoming an office or board member. Nomination of Officers is the first meeting in September. Election of Officers is the second meeting in September. Go to the next step; you can do it!
The American Numismatic Association honors the Stanislaus County Coin Club for 25 years of continuous service to the Association by presenting us with a 25 year Membership Plaque. Congratulations!
Junior Challenge Question

(Question provided by Marcia Soria)

Question: How many quarters will be released in the "America the Beautiful Quarters" Program? It started in 2010 and will end in 2021.  Hint: we saw 2 already - Hot Springs National Park, Yellowstone National Park, in the end of July it was Yosemite National Park and 2 more for this year.

Answer to July Junior Challenge Question: Answer - Coin Slabs are hard plastic, tamper proof cases that are sonically sealed and hold a coin which has been graded and certified by a third-party grading service.
Membership Challenge Question

(Question provided by Mike Tandy)

Question: What date is on the Confederate Half Dollar?

Answer to July General Membership Question: The coins (issued circa 1616) were known as Hogge Money or Hoggies. The hog is the main device and inscribed Sommer Islands.
Club’s Library
Would you like to borrow a book from the club’s library? Our website has the complete list! Contact Juan Albara at (209) 522-5513 or email him at so he can bring the book/s to the next meeting. The club is looking for some newer books to add to the library. If you have any books you would like to donate to the club library see Juan Albara or Mike Tandy.
Thank You – “Show Volunteers”

Lloyd Solomon (Show Chair) and Mike Tandy (Bourse Chair) would like to thanks all the members who helped at the show this year. Without your help the show would not have been a success. Thanks Again!

Gold Prize Show Winners

Congratulations to the following lucky members for making a clean sweep of all the gold prizes at the shows raffle: John Boswell ½ oz gold; Frank Ramczyk ¼ gold; and Patty Parmley 1/10 oz gold.

MEETING OF 7/14/2010

Meeting was called to order at 7:00pm by President Aaron Brown

Attendance: Total: 22; Board Members: 5; Jr. Members: 1; Guests: 3

Guests: Allen Meriles, Larie and Maseo were welcomed.

First Draw Winner: Al Alvarez

Junior Challenge Question: What is a coin slab?

General Membership Question: What was the first coinage struck for the English colonies in America? Answered by Aaron Brown - Hog money – Summer Island (Bermuda)

Announcements: Club medal designs due last meeting in August. Club is accepting donations for Junior Auction and Junior Christmas bags.

Old Business: SCCC Club Picnic August 1, 2010 – Pot Luck- guest welcome $1.00 per guest. Club supplies hot dogs, hamburgers, and soft drinks. Don’t forget to bring a dish to share. Sign-up sheet at meeting

New Business: 1st Meeting in Sept. vote for new Medal Design and nominations for new officers and board members. 2nd Meeting in Sept. vote for new officers and board members.

Coin Show Business:

Raffle Ticket sales for show turned out great. Club made $900 + in ticket sales (sold 2,898 tickets). THANKS to all the Club Members who worked the show.

Show & Tell: Barbara Tandy- 2007 mint set without half dollar and Presidential dollars that she won in the hourly raffle at the show. Robert Samuel- showed various grades of CC Dollars Hoard of the seventies and 1883 CC PL 63 graded at show w/note of inflation gold etc. Hal DeBoard- Ancient bronze Roman coin 200-350 AD. Dolly Sauls- 1934 Gold plated Buffalo nickel and 1934 wheat penny gold plated.

Show & Tell Winner: Hal DeBoard

Door Prize: Patty Parmley

Free Meal Winner: Mike Olson

Raffle: Gold won by Patty Parmley

Last Shot Winner: John Hoffman - not present to win.

Auction: Auctioneer was Mike Tandy. Runner was Jasmine Stinnett

Meeting ended at 8:20pm

MEETING OF 7/28/2010

Meeting was called to order at 7:00pm by President Aaron Brown

Attendance: Total: 44; Board Members: 9; Jr. Members: 10; Guests: 4

Guests: John Silveria, Eddie Savelson, May Bishop and Dave Hopp.

First Draw Winner: David Ramczyk III

Junior Challenge Question: What is a coin slab?

Announcements: August 1st - SCCC Annual Picnic; August 11th - Bourse Night; August 25th - Submit Club Medal Designs; September 8th - Nominations of Officers; September 22nd - Election of Officers; October 13th - Junior Auction Night.

Old Business: Club T-shirts see Hal DeBoard.

New Business: Mike Tandy presented to Dave Ramczyk III a 2010 Silver Eagle for staying overnight at our show. Mike will also be giving a Silver Eagle to Eugene Cripe for staying overnight.

Show Business: Great article & pictures of our show in Modesto Bee.

Show & Tell: Michael Olson- 2007 1 oz Canadian Dollar; Powell Zwicker- St. Christopher medal; Allen Merilles- 1862 $2 United States Note Certified XF 45; Gary Kailes-1943-S Steel Penny choice BU; Joan Alvarez- $5 Gold Eagle NGC MS70 certified early release; Juan Albara-1970 British coins; Les Schoolcraft- Shanghai, China 2010 Expo Coin Set; Mark Garcia- 1877-S Seated Liberty Quarter MS-64 and 1881-S Morgan Dollar MS-64; Hal DeBoard- Desert Storm $5 Commemorative; Aaron Brown- Roman Bronze year 336-337AD Constantius11 Caesar and an Australia pre-decimal denomination type set; Anthony Soria- Disney dollar bought at the Modesto Coin Show; Bruce Froman-1809 Bust Half rare variety; Mike Tandy-1864 2 Cent Large Motto in Fine with 180 degree Reverse Rotation; Robert Samuel- 1996 Dollar gaming tokens-Nevada Bank Club, Fallon, and Desert Inn, Waffle $1 coin planchet that appears to be Sacagawea; John Boswell- “Cancer” Token and Hoffman Mint Yahoo Auction token; Gabriel Moreno- Vietnam issue dollar bought at the Modesto coin show.

Show & Tell Winner: Aaron Brown

Raffle: Gold winner was Ken Seals

Door Prize Winner: Bruce Frohman

Free Meal Winner: Jim Holden

Last Shot Winner: Joel Mitchell - not present to win

Auction: Auctioneer was Mike Tandy. Runners were Anthony Soria, Jasmine Stinnett, Gabriel Moreno, Marion Merilles, Eddie Savelson, Sicilia Johnson and Alexis Moreno.

Meeting closed at 9:00pm.

2010 Modesto Coin, Stamp & Collectible Expo

Raffle Prize Winners
Prize Name Ticket #

1. ½ Ounce Gold Eagle John Boswell 1764

2. ¼ Ounce Gold Eagle Frank Ramczyk 1499
3. 1/10 Ounce Gold Eagle Patty Parmley 1246

4. GSA CC Morgan Mike Brown 2499

5. 2010 Silver Eagle Dan Faucett 2882

6. 2010 Silver Eagle Dave Shankel 2652

7. 2010 Silver Eagle Trever Matherson 1108

8. 2010 Silver Eagle Joe Willemse 2000

9. 2010 Silver Eagle Roscoe Tanner 0976

10. 2010 Silver Eagle Carl Bordi 2116

11. 2010 Silver Eagle Stephen Ramczyk 2811

12. 2010 Silver Eagle Paul Caruso 0725

13. 2010 Silver Eagle Ronald Irkson 1565

14. 2010 Silver Eagle Hal DeBoard 0848

15. 2010 Silver Eagle Nate Wynn 2232

16. 2010 Silver Eagle Rick Sauls 2795

17. 2010 Silver Eagle Jim Jensen 2254

18. 2010 Silver Eagle Ronald Irkson 1563

19. 2010 Silver Eagle Dolly Sauls 0211

20. 2010 Silver Eagle Chris Williams 0085

21. 2010 Silver Eagle Lupe Iniguez 1942

22. 2010 Silver Eagle William Brown 0928

23. 2010 Silver Eagle American Legion 1218
24. 2010 Silver Eagle J.R. Ruiz 2645
(33% of prizes won by club members)
2010 Top Sellers of Coin Show Raffle Tickets

(Received Incentive Prizes)
1. Lloyd Solomon - Sold 450 Tickets

(Ella Davies, Bryn Davies & Flat Stanley)

2. Terry & Sandy Woodward – Sold 200 Tickets
3. Rick & Dolly Sauls – Sold 200 Tickets
4. Hal and Kaye DeBoard – Sold 155 Tickets
5. Aaron Brown – Sold 110 Tickets
6. Mike & Barbara Tandy – Sold 100 Tickets
7. Al & Joan Alvarez – Sold 100 Tickets
8. John Boswell – Sold 50 Tickets
9. Randy McCoy – Sold 50 Tickets
10. Gary & Carol Kailes – Sold 50 Tickets
11. Jim Holden – Sold 50 Tickets
12. Mike Olsen – Sold 50 Tickets
Other Members Who Sold Tickets
1. Juan Albara – Sold 40 Tickets
2. Robert Samuel & Patty Parmley – Sold 60 tickets
3. Bob Garcia – Sold 30 tickets
4. Les Schoolcraft – Sold 30 tickets
5. Frank Ramczyk – Sold 30 tickets (not prior to show)
6. Eugene Cripe – Sold 20 tickets

- A total of 1,745 raffle tickets were sold by club members prior to the

show. Great Job! (35% of the membership sold tickets this year)

- A total of 1,153 raffle tickets were sold at the show

- A grand total of 2,898 raffle tickets were sold

August 15, 2010

Fairfield Coin Club

21th Annual Coin & Collectibles Show

Fairfield Community Center’s Willow Rm

1000 East Kentucky

Fairfield, CA

August 21-22, 2010

Fremont Coin Club

38th Annual Coin Show

Elk’s Lodge

38991 Farwell Dr.

Fremont, CA

October 3, 2010

Sacramento Valley Coin Club

Fall Show at The “Dante Club”

2330 Fair Oaks Blvd.

Sacramento, CA
October 9-10, 2010

Diablo Numismatic Society

Contra Costa Coin Show

Holiday Inn

1050 Burnett Ave.

Concord, CA

October 16-17, 2010

Delta Coin Club

46th Annual Coin Show

Eagle’s Hall

1492 Bourbon Street

Stockton, CA

If you have any questions or comments regarding the newsletter please see Mike Tandy at the meetings. Thank you J

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