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2013 Ornamental Tree Catalogue


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New Varieties to look for in this catalogue, Magnolia Kay Paris, Magnolia Teddy Bear, Magnolia Black Tulip, Magnolia Felix, Zelcova Mushashino and Zelcova Wireless.
Prices shown are GST inclusive and vary depending on the size and age of the tree, bare root prices apply to selected trees in June/ July and are cheaper than potted trees in Sept.
Acer (Maples)

The genus Acer covers many different varieties including Japanese, Norwegian, Canadian and North American species. Most prefer well drained slightly acidic soil, with a good watering once a week in Summer and Autumn if it’s a dry year. One of the most spectacular features of the maple family are the attractive Autumn colours that change in the foliage particularly in the Japanese maples

Acer davidii $25.00 / $75.00 (Snake Bark Maple) Origin - China, becomes wide spreading, ht 6m. x 3m. w. in 20 years. Fast growing, large glossy leaves, green, Autumn colours are brownish red, orange with green undertones, distinct bark on the younger branches of this tree are also a feature, starting a purplish colour, then becoming olive green striped with white. Grows well in partial shade or full sun

Acer japonicum f. acontifolium $59.95 / $129.95 (Fern Leaf Maple) Origin - Japan, A strongly structured plant with an upright multi branched habit. A small growing tree to 5m h. x 4m. w. at 20 years. Very popular cultivar, small purplish red flowers appear before the leaves. The flowers are followed by maroon red seed samaras. Large leaves have between 7 to 13 deeply divided lobes and tend to grow outward giving a horizontal layered appearance to the tree. Foliage is green turning to brilliant scarlet in Autumn.

Acer negundo ‘Aureo marginatum’ $59.95 - $90.00 Golden Variegated Negundo. Origin - North America, southern Canada

Smaller tree with a rounded habit 8m. h. x 6m. w. at 20 years. Rapid grower, 5 to 7 lobed pinnate leaves are green with significant golden edging. Some limbs may revert back to green if this happens prune them out immediately , good shade tree.

Acer negundo ‘Flamingo” $59.95-$90.00 Origin - The Netherlands.

Forms a rounded head with pendulous outer branches. Small tree, 5m. h. x 3m. w. at 20 years. The leaves are strikingly variegated with predominant wide cream borders. The growing tips are an attractive pink which is the feature of this cultivar. The leaves droop softly to enhance the lacy foliage effect.

Acer negundo ‘Kelly Gold’ $59.95-$90.00 most Negundo varieties have the same Origin - as the 1st mentioned.

Small tree, 6m. h. x 3m. w. at 20 years. Rapid grower, foliage during Spring is soft yellow with a tinge of lime green..

Acer negundo ‘Sensation’ $59.95-$90.00 Rapid grower, exclusive to Flemings Nursery, forms a rounded head with pendulous outer branches. Grows 5m.h. x 3m.w. in 20 years, leaves are strikingly variegated with predominent cream borders. The growing tips are tinged pink

Acer negundo var. violaceum $59.95-$90.00

Small tree, 10m. h. x 6m. w. at 20 years. Long pendulous burgundy pink flowers hang on the bare branches before spring growth commences. Young growth is coppery green with burgundy veins. The leaves gradually turn green as they mature. Bark is also brown green turning to purplish black. Young branches are violet coloured and are covered with a white bloom. Great shade tree.

Acer palmatum ‘Atropurpureum’ $59.95/$150.00 (Purple Japanese Maple) Origin - Japan, medium rounded tree, grows to 3.5m. h. x 3m. w. at 20 years. Medium growth rate while the tree is young which slows down as the tree matures. Leaves are 5 lobed and are a rich crimson red in Spring. Bronze green in Summer and return to rich crimson red in Autumn. A very popular tree in all seasons.

Acer palmatum ‘Bloodgood’ $59.95 – $149.95 Origin - U.S.A. it bears the darkest leaves of all cultivars, the small tree grows to 5m.h. x 4m.w. at 20 years, the leaves do not turn green in Summer, it will retain its colour until leaf fall in Autumn.

Acer palmatum ‘Bonfire’ $59.95 -$149.95 Origin - Californian cultivar, brilliant scarlet foliage, leaves 5 lobed and narrow to a sharp point. Hardy cultivar to a ht. of 4m. x 3m. at 20 years. The new growth in Spring is scarlet and the Summer colour returns to green with the Autumn changing to fiery red. Great for Bonsai.

Acer palmatum ‘Dissectum Seiryu’ $59.95 - $149.95 (Lace leaf Maple) Origin - Japan Upright spreading, strong growth on a young tree. Grows about 4m.h.x4m.w. at 20 years. Leaves have 7 lobes and each lobe is deeply dissected, fine lacy growing tips are bright green, contrasting beautifully with the darker green of the mature foliage. A subtle gold-yellow-crimson colour in Autumn.

Acer palmatum ‘Elegans’ $59.95-$149.95 Origin - Japan, compact sturdy growth habit, grows 4m.h. x 3m.w. at 20 years. Five to seven lobed leaves are deeply serrated. Very attractive Autumn foliage, bright golden orange-red . Problem free and will tolerate full sun.

Acer palmatum ‘Osakasuki’ $59.95-$149.95 Origin - Japan. A rounded small tree grows 4m.h. x 4m.w. at 20 years. Rapid young growth in early years slows as the tree matures. During Autumn this tree changes to a intense crimson colour. A hardy tree with some sun tolerance. Classed as the best Autumn colouring maple.

Acer palmatum ‘Red Pygmy’ $59.95-$149.95 Origin - Italy. Very compact, grows to 2m.h. x 2m.w. at 20 years. The foliage is a very open and fine. The leaf holds well in hot weather and changes from deep maroon to purple, and orange, red and yellow in Autumn. Suitable for rockeries and small gardens.

Acer palmatum ‘Sango Kaku’ $59.95 -$149.95 (Coral Bark Maple) Origin - Japan. Small multi stemmed tree with upright branching. The very attractive new wood of this tree is a bright coral colour and is outstanding for contast in the garden during Winter. Grows to 4m.h. x 3m.w. at 20 years. Foliage is light green turning in Autumn to a brilliant yellow with an apricot orange tinge.

Acer palmatum ‘Shindeshojo’ $59.95-$149.95 Origin - Japan, a delightful small tree, 3m.h x 2m. w. at 20 years, dark purple new shoots turning scarlet when unfolding then bluish-green in summer and back to scarlet-orange in Autumn. Excellent for bonsai.

Acer palmatum ‘Trompenburg’ $59.95-$129.95 Origin - Trompenburg Arboretum, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, strong upright growth becoming broader, grows to 4m.h. x 3m.w. at 20 years. Leaves are a rich burgundy red in Spring turning reddish green in Summer and then crimson in Autumn.

Acer platanoides ‘Crimson King’$59.95-$149.95 (Purple Noway Maple) Origin - France, A broad crowned tree, grows to 10m.h. x 5m.w. at 20 years, going on to grow into a large tree. The young foliage is strikingly shiny and vibrant. Dark coppery- purple in Spring the Foliage changes to deep purple-crimson in Summer then fading to orange purple in Autumn.

Acer platinoides ‘Crimson Sentry’ $59.95-$299.95 Large ornamental tree, large leaves, burgundy turning orange /red in Autumn. Bold colours.

Acer x freemanii ‘Scarlet Sentinel’ $59.95/$155.00 Stunning foliage in the autumn, yellow to rich burgundy red. Well shaped tree, quick growing, 12m.high x 4 m. wide, casts light shade.

Newer Acer Releases:

Acer x freemanii ‘Jeffersred’ Autumn Blaze $59.95/$155.00 Newly released beautiful shade tree, large light green leaves throughout Spring and Summer, changing to the most brilliant orange during early Autumn.

Acer rubrum ‘Bowhall’ $59.95/$155.00 Beautiful fastigiated shape, Yellowish tonings turning to red in the Autumn. The leaves of the Acer rubrum are reportedly toxic to animals.

Acer rubrum ‘Fairview Flame’ $59.95/$155.00 2001 release. Stunning autumn foliage, yellowish orange to red. Rapid growing stately tree. One of the best ever.

Acer rubrum ‘Franksred’ $59.95/$155.00 (Red Sunset) New release exclusively grown by Flemings nurseries, rapid grower to 5m.h. x 4m.w. at 10 years, this tree colours exceptionally well in Autumn.

Acer rubrum ‘October Glory’ $69.95/$155.00 New release again from Flemings nurseries, this brilliant cultivar has the best Autumn colour in the rubrum variety. The leaves change from green to deep burgundy with a hint of red -gold in Autumn.
Grafted Weeping Maples.
Acer palmatum ‘Dissectum Atropurpureum’ $75.00/$300.00( Red Lace Leaf Maple)

Origin - ates in Great Britain. Possibly the most popular weeping or grafted maple, Spring colour is rich burgundy, Summer light red, Autumn deep reddish purple. The price variation is contrived by the height and age of the plant.

Acer palmatum ‘Atropurpureum Variegatum’ $75.00/$150.00 Origin - - Great Britain, similar to above only with pink and white variegations in the summer foliage.

Acer palmatum ‘Crimson Queen’ $59.95/$155.00 Origin - - U.S.A., outstanding cultivar, neat compact habit, young leaves are dark purple-red, holds that colour throughout Summer and changes to deeper garnet in Autumn, one of the best maple cultivars ever.

Acer palmatum ‘Ever Red’ $75.00/$300.00 A popular form of weeping maple with its red foliage remaining throughout the growing season. Price varying between hts. and age.

Acer palmatum ‘Dissectum Filigree’ $75.00/$255.00 Grafted weeping maple. Fine lacy foliage, again prices vary as to the ht. and age of this plant. The growing tips are yellow with green veining. Summer foliage is lime green turning to orange-red in Autumn.

Acer palmatum ‘Dissectum Viridis’ $75.00/$255.00 Weeping grafted maple. Young growing tips at first spread then cascade into a wide pendulous tree,very fast grower. The soft Spring foliage is green turning to brilliant scarlet in Autumn.

Acer palmatum ‘Dissectum Waterfall’ $75.00/$275.00 Origin - - U.S.A. Very similar to the atropurpureum, graceful weeping habit, deep red colour tonings in Spring turning greenish copper in Summer and back to burgundy in Autumn.

Acer sacharinum $25.00/$89.95 (Silver Maple) Origin - - North America, regarded as one of the fastest growers in the maple family, be careful planting this tree near drains. Grows to 6m.h. x 5m.w. at 5 years.


One of the most popular species of home garden trees available, birches feature white papery or shiny bark and grow into a well developed tree that allows sunlight through.

Betula nigra ‘Dura Heat’ $71.50/$150.00 Origin - - North American, very hardy rapid growing medium tree, 10m x 6m, scaly flaking bark, tolerates a wet spot as well as a fairly dry spot.

Betula nigra ‘Cully’ $59.95/$150.00 Origin - - North America, again a very rapid and hardy cultivar, 11m x 4m, ideal large yard or small park specimen. Flaking scaly bark reveals a new pinkish cream bark underneath.

Betula utilis var. jacquemontii, 59.95-150.00

Betula utilis var. jacquemontii ‘Jerymins’ $59.95/$150.00 Origin - - United Kingdom, medium to large tree, 10m.h x 4m.w. at 20 years, striking shiny salmon-pinkish coppery white bark. Good pale yellow Autumn colour.

Betula ‘Papyrifera’$59.95-$129.95 (White or Canoe Birch ) - Origin - North America, an open pyramidal habit,grows 10m.h.x 4m.w. at 20 years, fast growth rate, ovate large leaves that turn yellow in Autumn.

Betula pendula $5.00/$200.00 (Silver Birch ) Origin - Europe and Northern Asia. The common birch is a delightful tree and makes an ideal miniature forest by planting in triangles at 1 metre apart. Prices vary as to heights and ages of specimens.

Betula pendula ‘Dalecarlica’ $59.95/$150.00 (Cut Leaf Birch) Very popular slender variety, the outstanding feature of this tree is the narrow dissected leaves, 8m.hx x 4m.w. at 20 years. Leaves turn yellow in Autumn.

Betula pendula ‘Fastigiata’ $59.95/$150.00 Lovely white bark, upright habit, close tight growth, 6m.h.x 1.5m.w.

Betula pendula ‘Moss White’ $59.95/$150.00 A tall graceful tree, slender pendulous branches forming a narrow symmetrical head. Perfect White bark.

Betula pendula ‘Wades Golden’ $85.00/$195.00 a beautiful cultivar of the Silver Birch, lovely golden leaves in late summer and a tanned shiny bark. ht 8m. x 4m w. at 10 years.

New 2007 Betula platyphylla ‘Fargo’ Dakota Pinnacle $71.50- $149.95 Origin - - Asia. Best cultivar to grow 3 or 5 together as a miniature forest. Juvenile bark colour is grey to orange then turning pure white , upright with light pendulous branches at the top and very fast growth habit.

Betula utilis var. jaqumontii $71.50/$150.00 (Himalayan Birch) Quoted as being the best white bark of all the birches. Lovely upright tree, 8m.h. x 3m.w. Bark on this tree will peel in bands of horizontal papery flakes.

Betula tristis $59.95/$135.00 Very graceful tiny leaved birch, oppure white bark, very pendulous sparse growth.

Betula pendula ‘Youngii’ $85.00/ $650.00 a small leaved cultivar that is extremely pendulous. Grafted onto a standard stem this tree makes a wonderful centre piece. Prices vary as to grafted heights and age of trees.

Native to Europe and south west Asia. They are very hardy, preferring a well drained, moist site with full sun. Tolerant to a wide range of soils.

Carpinus betulus $15.00/$59.95-$129.00 (Common Hornbeam ) Pyramidal when young gradually forming a rounded crown with the ends of the branches pendulous.. Slow to moderate growth, 8m.h. x 4m. w. at 20 years. Leaves turning yellow in Autumn.

Origin - North and West China, a medium sized very slender tree, often wrongly called tree of heaven, the new shoots in Spring are light pink returning to green as summer approaches.

Cedrela sinensis $25.00/$99.95 5m.h. x 1.5m.w. at 10 years.
CERCIS (Judas Tree)
Clustered rosy-lilac flowers cover the branches in Spring, purple tinted seed pods follow on, medium tree 6m.h. x 4m.w. at 20 years.

Cercis siliquastrum $39.95

Cercis (Forest Pansy) $59.95/ $295.00 This cultivar has the best deep burgundy foliage, topiary shaped small tree with heart shaped leaves, lovely growing habit, followed by the stunning autumn tones. The best small autumn coloured tree.
CORNUS (Dogwoods )

A diverse group of plants Origin - ating mainly from China and North America, Dogwoods prefer well drained rich acidic soil with wind and shade protection.

Cornus alternifolia $69.95 - (Pagoda Dogwood) Origin - Eastern North America, a low branching, horizontal layering habit, grows 5m.h. x 4m.w. at 20 years. Slow growth, bright green leaves turning reddish purple in Autumn.

Cornus capitata $7.95/$129.95 - (Himalayan Strawberry Tree ) Beautiful sulphur yellow bracts followed by large fruits resembling a strawberry. Small tree, 6m.h x 3m.w. at 20 years.

Cornus kousa variety chinensis $15.95/$129.95 Origin - China, Taller slender small tree, white flowers sit on the ends of the bracts, strawberry like fruits follow on.
CRATAEGUS (Hawthorn)
Hardy tree in all soils and conditions. Will grow just about anywhere. Grows quicker in alkaline soil.

Crataegus laevigata ‘Pauls Scarlet’ $49.95/$129.95 Origin - United Kingdom, grows 4m.h. x 3m.w. at 20 years, small flowering tree producing masses of small scarlet flowers in tight clusters in spring.

Crataegus laevigata ‘Rosea Flore Pleno’ $49.95/$129.95 Grows the same as above but with pink flowers.

Fagus sylvatica seedling form $13.95/$150.00 (Common Beech) Origin - Europe, this large noble tree is available in green or purple leaf varieties, it is hardy and slow growing, the Autumn foliage is golden brown and quite attractive.

An interesting range of trees that are quick growing and tolerate a wide range of soils and conditions.

Fraxinus excelsior ‘Aurea’ $59.95/$150.00 (Golden Ash) develops into a large multi stemmed tree, 7m.h. x 7m.w. at 20 years, pinnate leaves are lemon yellow in Spring turning brighter over Summer to a brilliant golden yellow in Autumn. Wood is also bright yellow in Winter with black buds.

Fraxinus rotundifolia sub species oxycarpa ‘Raywood’ $59.95/$150.00(Claret Ash) a highly prized tree for its rich Burgundy foliage in Autumn. The tree resembles the Golden Ash in size but much quicker growing.

The sole survivor of an ancient family of trees dating back to 160 million years ago. Hardy in most positions Ginkgo prefers a moist well drained soil.

Ginkgo biloba $7.95/ $250.00 (Maiden Hair Tree) A medium sized tree, very slow growing, conical habit while young, leaves resemble a maiden hair fern, Foliage turns a magnificent yellow in Autumn. A brilliant specimen tree.
GLEDITSIA (Honey Locust)

The Origin - al gleditsia is very thorny, the cultivars produced are for foliage and shade value.

Gleditsia triacanthos var. inermis ‘Continental’ $75.00/$150.00 a Flemings nurseries exclusive release, narrow upright tree grows to 8mh. x 4m.w. at 20 years, fast growth rate, excellent street or specimen tree. Foliage is bluish-green in colour,

minimal thorns.

Gleditsia triacanthos var. inermis ‘Ruby Lace’ $69.95-$149.00 Graceful small pendulous tree with reddish purple new growth. 6m x 6m.

Gleditsia triacanthos var. inermis ‘ Speczam’ Spectrum $59.95/$150.00 Beautiful new version of the sunburst only better, holds its colour and shape very well.

Gleditsia triacanthos var. inermis ‘Sunburst” $59.95/$150.00 Origin - - U.S.A. The branches become pendulous, sweeping towards the ground, grows 8m.h. x 8m.w. at 20 years. Medium sized tree, richly coloured small golden foliage becoming brighter closer to Autumn.

Laburnum x watereri ‘Vossii’ $59.95-$150.00 (Golden Chain Tree) Origin - the Netherlands, a multi branched small tree growing to 4m.h. x 3m.w. at 20 years, very hardy, pea like racemes of golden yellow flowers hang down in late spring to early summer, bright green foliage turns to soft yellow in Autumn. Great tree for small gardens.

Lagerstroemia ‘Natchez’ $39.95-129.95 - Beautiful white flowers cover this spectacular small growing tree. 5m x 4m.


Liriodendron tulipifera $13.95/$350.00 (Tulip Tree) Large distinct shaped leaves are a bright lime green during Spring and Summer turning to rich golden yellow in Autumn. Grows to 10m.h. x 6m.w. at 20 years. Flowers are tulip shaped greenish yellow in colour.

Liriodendron tulipifera ‘Aureo-marginatum’ $59.95/$150.00 Same as above but with a striking light yellow margin around the leaf.

Liriodendron tulipifera ‘Fastigiatum’ $59.95/$250.00 Same as above but with much more slender upright growth.

Many cultivars of magnolias are available most of the year, ranging from the tulip shaped varieties to stellata or star shaped flowers, evergreen species are also stocked along with Michelia species.

Magnolia Little Gem $34.95/$500.00, Magnolia Kay Paris, $39.95- $500.00 This is a new cultivar bred from Magnolia grandiflora, great small evergreen tree with huge white sweetly scented flowers in summer. Ideal for large pots and feature work in a garden bed. One of the best small evergreen trees. Magnolia grandiflora Teddy Bear, this is the lastest release from America and is a stunner, the foliage is very compact and the tree flowers for an extended period producing large white sweetly perfumed white flowers. Magnolia Black Tulip, this is a beautiful deciduous magnolia that produces the darkest burgundy black tulip shaped flowers, easy to grow loves well drained soil, not too cold, will tolerate a light frost. Magnolia Felix, again a lovely large flowering rosy red variety, huge flowers 30cms across coming out before foliage, 6m high x 3m. wide
MALUS (Crab Apple)

A very hardy group of small trees, prefer alkaline soil but will adapt to others, most varieties display colourful flowers followed by attractive small fruit. Useful for jams and jellies.

Malus ‘Alderhamensis’ $39.95-$89.95 Origin - United Kingdom, spreads outwards and upwards, small to medium tree growing to 4m.h. x 4m.w. at 20 years. Dark claret-red semi double flowers hang on long stalks. The petals at the centre of each bloom fade to almost white. Fruit dark blackish-red is carried on long stalks during Autumn and is excellent for crab apple jelly.

Malus ‘Floribunda’ $39.95-$89.95 Origin - – Japan. Small tree grows 3.5m.h. x 3.5m.w. at 20 years. As the name implies this cultivar produces masses of flowers, reddish pink buds open to pale pink semi double, with the prominent colour of the yellow stamens adding to the multi-coloured effect, fruit very small and insignificant.
Malus ‘Golden Hornet’ $39.95-$89.95 an open tree, growing to 3m.h. x 3m.w. at 20 years. The buds are deep pink opening to a single white flower. Produces a heavy crop of bright yellow fruit. Excellent for crab apple jelly. Useful in the home garden or orchard as a main pollinator for other fruiting apples.

Malus ‘Gorgeous’ $39.95-$89.95 Origin - - New Zealand. Upright and open, grows 3m.h. x3m.w. at 20 years, single white flowers with yellow stamens, bright red fruit which makes the best jam and jelly.

Malus ‘Gorgeous Standards $145.00 The same as above trained up on a 1.5m.h. standard.

Malus ioensis ‘Plena’ $39.95-$89.95 Origin - - U.S.A. A broad spreading tree 6m.h. x 4m.w. at 20 years, flowers double, the outer petals are soft delicate pink, as the buds expand the whiteness of the unexposed petals becomes evident and the overall colour effect at this stage is soft pink and white. The blooms open to large, rose-like flowers, with prominent yellow stamens. Most popular cultivar.

Malus ioensis ‘Plena Standards $145.00 the same as above but trained up on a 1.5m.h. standard.

Malus Illumination $39.95 - $89.95 white flower, large orange/red fruit

Malus John Downie $39.95 - $89.95 large white flower, large bright red fruit, highly sought after tree for the fruit.

Malus x ‘Eleyi’ $39.95-$89.95 Origin - United Kingdom, small upright tree growing to 3m.h. x 3m.w. at 20 years, flowers are single deep red in bud opening to a softer red-pink. Slightly elongated purplish red fruit in Autumn ideal for jam and jelly.

Parrotia Persica $39.95-$79.95 (Persian Witch Hazel) Origin - – Iran. A small tree to 7mh. x 3m.w. at 20 years, pendulous multi stemmed branches, unusual flowering habit of numerous red clusters of red stamens is effective before leaf growth in Spring. Foliage is glossy green in Spring turning to striking crimson and gold in Autumn. Bark during Winter is also very attractive, smooth grey, flaking to cream and beige, very hardy tolerates most soils and positions.

Platanus x acerifolia $59.95/$150.00 (London Plane) Tall tree grows to 15m.h. x 10m.w. at 20 years. Large leaves with 3 to 5 coarsely toothed lobes that turn to various shades of golden-yellow to golden-bronze in Autumn.

Platinus x acerifolia ‘Bloodgood’ $59.95/$150.00 selected strain of London Plane, chosen for its uniform characteristics. Reported to be tolerant to heat, drought and to soil compaction.

Platanus x acerifolia (Liberty) $59.95/$150.00 Smaller growing cultivar than one of it’s parents the “London Plane” . Liberty shows greater resistance to mildew and has an improved bark and autumn colour.

Platinus orientalis $19.95/$150.00 (Oriental Plane) Grows to the same ht. as above but has deeply divided leaves, Autumn colour similar and barks peeling is a bit more interesting. A very popular street or specimen tree.

Popular deltoides x yunnanensis ‘Kawa’ $39.95-$129.95 Rust free variety, upright grower to 10m.h. x 2.5m.w. in 20 years. Broad heart shaped slender pointed, bright green leaves.

Popular ‘Tasman’ $39.95-$89.95 also rust free, rapid grower similar in ht. to above, rounder leaves turning golden brown in Autumn.

Popular x canadensis ‘Veronese’$39.95-$89.95 Rust resistant, narrow crowned variety. Good shape with a large heart shape leaf.


This group contains many varieties ranging from apricots to pears and plums. The family is very hardy growing and adapting to all soils and conditions.

Prunus mume ‘Rosebud’ $39.95-$89.95 (Flowering Apricot) Double pink Apricot, small tree 4m.h. x 4m.w. at 20 years, delicately perfumed, long flowering season, mid-Winter to mid Spring, round ovate leaf shape, green turning yellow in Autumn.

Prunus mume ‘Splendens’ $39.95-$89.95 (Flowering Apricot) Double crimson buds, upright shape, 4m.h. x 3m.w. at 20 years. Tightly packed double flowers with deep pink petals and yellow stamens. The long willowy, young branches become densely packed.

Prunus ‘Amanagawa’ $39.95-$89.95 (Flowering Cherry) Sometimes called the Lombardy Poplar Cherry the growth is very upright, grows 4m.h. x 2m.w. at 20 years. A small tree, large semi double soft pink flowers, medium fragrance. The young growth is coppery in colour.

Prunus campanulata $39.95-$89.95 (Flowering Taiwan Cherry) bell flowers are the feature of this cherry, small deep cyclamen red flowers, same ht. as above. Being the earliest Cherry to flower sometimes the frost can burn the buds.

Prunus cerasus ‘J.H.Veitch’ $39.95/$85.00 (Flowering Cherry)Upright spreading vase shape, 5m.h. x 4m.w. at 20 years, pretty pink double flowers, produced in abundance. The young Spring growth is bronze turning to green, Autumn tones are rustic orange.

Prunus ‘New Red’ $39.95/$85.00 (Flowering Cherry)Upright spreader, 5m.h. x 4m.w. at 20 years, the branches become covered by dense double deep purplish pink open blossom.

Prunus ‘Okame’ $39.95/$85.00 (Flowering Cherry) Small compact tree, produces horizontal lateral growth. Grows 2m.h. x 2m.w. at 20 years. Masses of small, rose pink single blooms, which tend to become a darker pink toward the centre. Small green leaves, yellow-orange red Autumn tones. Good for bonsai.

Prunus ‘Okumiyaki - Shirofugen’ $39.95/$85.00 (Flowering Cherry) A spreading tree, 3m.h. x 4m.w. at 20 years, the large double pink buds open to a flat very light pinkish white blossom and hangs on long drooping stems.

Prunus ‘Sekiyama - Kansan’ $39.95/$85.00 (Flowering Cherry) A similar size to above , more upright in shape, buds are deep purplish pink opening to large semi double bright pink flowers. Good Autumn colour.

Prunus ‘Shirotae - Mt. Fuji $39.95/$85.00 (Flowering Cherry) Origin - Japan, develops a wide spreading habit, grows to 4m.h. x 5m.w. at 20 years. The eyecatching double and semi double white flowers make this tree the most popular cultivar. Large leaves which turn to the yellow-orange-bronze colours.

Prunus ‘Tai Haku’ $39.95/$85.00 (Great White Cherry) Origin - Japan, upright spreading, grows to 6m.h. x 5m.w. at 20 years. Vig, fast grower, Large single flowers ,pure white and slightly drooping. Great Autumn tones, the largest flowers of all the

Prunus ‘Ukon’ $39.95/$85.00 (Flowering Cherry) strong upright tree, pale green flowers make this cultivar very unusual. same good Autumn tones.

Prunus x blireana $39.95-$89.95 (Flowering Plum) Origin - France, the hardiest of all prunus, the deep pink blossoms hang on the tree for a long time, light claret leaves start to unfold then turn bronze purple, bark deep purple.

Prunus cerasifera ‘Nigra’ $39.95-$89.95 (Flowering Plum) Upright rapid grower, 5m.h. x 4m.w. at 20 years. The flowers are small single pink, the tree is mainly grown for its rich dark blackish purple leaves.

New 2004 Prunus cerasifera ‘Oakville Crimson Spire’ $49.95-$129.95. Very unusual upright form of the nigra. Rich burgundy foliage colour right up until the end of Autumn. Very upright shape.

Prunus ‘Elvins’ $39.95-$89.95 (Flowering Plum) Origin - Victoria, an upright spreading small tree, m.h. x 3m.w. at 20 years, single white blossom smother this tree in Spring, in peak bloom the bosom has splashes of pink running through it.

Prunus Snow Fountains $95.00/$250.00 Miniature version of the beautiful weeping cherry. Hundreds of tiny single white blossoms enhance the beauty of this wonderful specimen. Ideal for a smaller garden.

Prunus ‘Cheal’s Weeping $95.00/$250.00 Prices vary as to ht. and age of grafted tree, Stiff pendulous habit, very dense double deep pink blossom hangs in pendent clusters.

Prunus ‘Shirotae’ Mt. Fuji $95.00/$250.00 Prices vary as to ht. and age of grafted specimen, develops a horizontal wide spreading habit, very eye catching white double and semi-double blossom hang in clusters.

Prunus subhirtella ‘Alba’ $95.00/$250.00 Prices vary as to ht. and age of grafted specimen, plae pink buds open to single white flowers and cascade off the very pendula branches.

Prunus subhirtella ‘Rubra’ $95.00/$250.00 Prices vary as to ht. and age of grafted specimen, similar to above in shape but with soft pink flowers.

Prunus mume ‘Pendula’ $140.00-$190.00 Very pendulous, the soft pink flowers look like raindrops appearing mid winter early spring when the tree is bare of leaves, a beautiful specimen tree.

New Varieties

Pyrus betulaefolia ‘Southworth’ Dancer $69.95/$149.95 Light birch like leaves, silvery new growth, yellow in autumn, small russet fruit. 8m.x 5m.

Pyrus betulaefolia x P. calleryana ‘Edgeworth’ $69.95/$129.95 Beautiful small tree, glossy green leaves throughout the year until they change into a deep burgundy wine glow in autumn.

Pyrus calleryana ‘Aristocrat’ $69.95/$149.95 This range of flowering pear is totally new to Australia, Autumn leaves change from a range of yellow through to red. White flowers are borne in Spring, the superior upright branching of this tree make it an ideal street tree. Requires very little if any pruning., very hardy in wet heavy soils. 10m. high x 6-8m.w at 10 years.

Pyrus calleryana ‘Glensform’ Chanticleer $69.95/$149.95 Narrow conical habit, silmilar in flower and leaf to the above but more upright and slender in habit. This tree is the most widely planted ornamental pear in the U.S.A.

Pyrus calleryana ‘Capital’ $69.95/$149.95 Most slender of all the new pears, 10m.high x 4m. wide. This is the smallest grower in the new batch. Suitable for confined spaces between buildings. Great Autumn colour.

Pyrus salicifolia ‘Pendula” $85.00/$165.00 (Silver Weeping Pear) ,Origin - the Black Sea region of Europe, a dense rounded tree with a casual habit that tends to produce long irregular, pendulous branches, grows to 4m.h. x 4m.w. at 20 years, creamy white flowers are produced in early Spring , mainly grown for its lovely silver foliage.

Pyrus ussuriensis $39.95/$250.00 (Manchurian Pear) Origin - North East Asia, pyramidal shape in early growth, small to medium sized tree, grows to 5m.h. x 3m.w. at 20 years. Clusters of small white flowers are produced in early Spring, small round green and yellow fruit, the main feature of this cultivat is the spectacular Autumn foliage which changes from purple-green to scarlet-orange.


Several species are available of this noble tree. Check with staff as to what varieties will be available this year.


A varied group of medium sized trees many flowering, some have a habit of suckering. Very hardy and rapid growing.

Robinia x ambigua ‘Decaisneana’ $59.95-$129.95 (Pink Wisteria Tree) Origin - France, an open rounded tree 10m.h. x 6m.w. at 20 years. The pea like florets are produced on hanging racemes, bright pink buds opening to a pastel pink flower.

Robinia pseudoacacia ‘Frisia’ $59.95/$150.00 Origin - The Netherlands, an upright growing habit to 8m.h. x 4m.w. at 20 years. Fast growing, large pinnate leaves are lovely golden green in spring turning intense yellow in Autumn.

Robinia pseudoacacia ‘ Umbraculifera’ Mop Head Acacia $85.00/$200.00

The most popular Robinia, this magnificent specimen tree is the product of a standard stem clipped up to 2metres and a graft applied at the top of the standard to make a lovely round head of soft delicate green.

SALIX (Willow)

Some varieties of this species are available each year, check with staff as to which is currently on order. Be careful with these trees near drains.

SORBUS (Rowan Berry or Mountain Ash)
Again limited varieties are available each year, check staff for details.

The lilac has been a popular cultivated small tree for centuries, the most recent cultivars compliment the already huge family. Hardy in frost and extreme cold, tolerant to shade but prefers a sunny spot. Lilacs are budded onto a privet understock and it is recommended to plant them 100mm deeper than the bud union, this stops suckering and makes the tree flower at an earlier age.

Syringa vulgaris ‘Belle de Nancy’ $39.95 Origin - France, medium shrub, 2m.h. x 2m.w. semi-double to double, deep mauve pink in bud opening to satin lilac-pink with a slight tinge of blue. Strong fragrance.

Syringa vulgaris ‘Charles Joly’ $39.95Origin - France, small to medium,2m.h. x 2m.w. double deep reddish-purple, the small cupped and curling petals show a slightly faded colour on some tips giving a two toned effect, strong fragrance.

Syringa vulgaris ‘Congo’ $39.95 Origin - France, medium to tall 3m.h. x 3m. w. single, buds are rich dark purple with a slight tinge of red, opening to purple, colour will fade as blooms ages, medium fragrance.

Syringa vulgaris ‘Katherine Havenmeyer’ $39.95 Origin - France, medium shrub 3m.h. x 2m.w. double, large flowers, buds are lavender-purple opening to a soft mauve pink, fading to a soft violet pink, Strong fragrance

Syringa vulgaris ‘ Madamme Lemoine’ $39.95 Origin - France, medium 3m.h. x 2m.w. double, lovely stark white , medium fragrance.

Syringa vulgaris ‘Mrs. Edward Harding’ $39.95 Origin - France, tall shrub 3m.h. x 2m.w. semi double, buds are dark reddish-purple, opening to a lighter centre giving the flower two tones, medium fragrance.

Syringa vulgaris ‘Olivier de Serres’ $39.95 Origin - France, tall grower 3m.h. x 2m.w. double, mauve buds, opening to pinkish-mauve-blue, faint perfume.

Syringa vulgaris ‘Sensation’ $39.95 Origin - The Netherlands, medium, 3m.h. x 2m.w. single, deep purple with each petal edged with white faint perfume.

Syringa vulgaris ‘Sweetheart’ $39.95 Origin - U.S.A. tall, 3m.h. x 2m.w.,double, with a dusty-pink bud opening to a lovely pale pastel pink. mild delicate fragrance.

Syringa vulgaris ‘Vulcan’ $39.95– Single Purple, sweet fragrance, 3m. x 2m.

$49.95/$150.00 Exclusive from Flemings Nurseries these wonderful cultivars grow to 7m.h. x 4m.w. at 20 years, delicate creamy white small flowers with a spicy fragrance droop in clusters. Late Spring early Summer for flowers, small glossy green leaves change to bright orange in Autumn

Tilia cordata ‘Frontyard’ $59.94/$175.00

Tilia cordata ‘Winter Orange’ $59.95/$175.00

Ulmus glabra ‘ Lutescens’ $59.95/$150.00 (Golden Elm) A distinctive specimen tree, upward and spreading shape with multiple branches, large tree, 15m.h. x 12m.w. at 20 years. The rough textured leaves are a pale lime-green in Spring, turning gold as summer approaches and intensifying during Autumn. Very poular variety.

Ulmus parvifolia ‘Todd’$59.95/$150.00 ( Chinese Elm ) Origin - Central China, graceful habit, grows 10m.h. x 10m.w. at 20 years, evergreen in warmer states, small leaves which turn good shades of orange-yellow in autumn. Bark exfoliates in irregular patches revealing beautiful mottled colours of grey, green, orange and brown.


Ulmus glabra ‘Camberdownii’ $120.00/$250.00 Origin - Scotland, strong pendulous branches form a rounded canopy, many pale green flowers are followed by conspicuous clusters of pale green seeds. Great specimen tree, hardy in all soils.


Zelcova serrata ‘Japanese Elm’ $49.95 -$129.95 Similar to the Chinese elm, growth is more upright. Lovely leaf colour, very straight stems with shiny bark.

Zelcova Kiwi Sunset $59.95-$149.95

Stunning new release, glowing golden foliage with wine red new tip growth in spring. Beautiful tree for a smaller garden. 6 metres high x 4 metres wide

Zelcova Musashino, $69.95-$149.95 New, upright tight narrow street tree, requires very little pruning,

Zelcova Wireless $69.95- $149.95 New low flat topped grower, ideal under power lines, this zelcova has an intense red autumn foliage.

New Release Designer Trees.
These new breed of standard trees are ideal for driveway specimens. They resemble the Mop Top Robinia’s in shape, all have different leaf colourings:
Acer platinoides Globosum $195.00

Catalpa bignonioides Nana $195.00

Fraxinus excelsior Nana $195.00

Prunus fruticosa Globosa $195.00
We highly recommend and stock Neutrog Seamungus when planting any new tree or shrub, ask us how it works!


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