Agricultural insect pests in Orthoptera

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Agricultural insect pests in Orthoptera

(Grass hopper, Locust, Crickets)

Usually median or large sized insects, Head hypognathous types, winged, brachypterous, or apterous. Antennae almost filiform, chewing mouthpart , Hind leg usually enlarged and modified for jumping, coxae small and some what separated, . Tarsi 3 or 4 segments rarely with or fewer than 3 segments. Forewings tegmina, narrow and straight, cerci usually short and almost unregimented. Specialized auditory and stimulatory organ developed. Prothorax enlarged metamorphosis gradual.

Key to the suborder

1--Antennae about as long as longer than body, many segmented, tympanal organs when present, on fore tibiae ------------------------------S. O.Ensifera

--- Antennae shorter, with than 30 segments, Tympanal organs when present at base of abdomen ----------------------------------------------------S. O. Caelifera


(Long Horned Insects)

Key to the super families.

1-- Tarsi 4--jointed, at least on middle and hind legs--Tittigonoidea

----Tarsi 3-jointed ------------------------------------------------Grylloidea

Superfamily: -- Grylloidea

Key to the families

--- Fore legs adapted for digging, ovipositor vestigial ---Gryllotapidae

--- Fore legs normal, ovipositor elongate --------------------Gryllidae

Fam. Gryllotalipidae.

Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa

Fam. Gryllidae

Liogryllus bimaculatus

Gryllus bimaculatus

Gryllus domesticus

Sub Order . Caelifera

(Short horned)

Represented in S .A. by one superfamil named acridoidea in which tarsi usually 3--jointed.

Key to the families

1-- With median dorsal elvated line on thepronotum,3 transsverse groove on the Pronotum ,fore wing narrow and margins straight ----------------. Acrididae.

---With out dorsal elvated line on the pronotum, 2 transverse grooves on the pronotum, fore wings with apical margin curved. ------ ---------Pyrgomorphidae .

Fam. Pyrgomorphidae.

Poekilocerus vittatus

Fam. Acrididae

Schistocerca gregaria

Anacridium aegyptium

Euprepocnemis plorans

Heteracris littoralis

Aiolopus thalassinus

Acrotylus insubricus

Sphingonotus savignyi


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